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Nmap APK Download for Android is known as a network mapper is an open-source utility that is used for security auditing and network discovery. It comes in totally free. Different systems and network administrators find Nmap to be very useful for performing tasks like network inventory, managing service upgrade schedules as well as monitoring the service or host uptime.

It uses the raw IP packets in novel ways in order to determine which hosts are there on the network, what services are being offered by the hosts they are running on which operating system, the type of packet filters or firewalls that are in use and many other useful characteristics.

It got designed primarily with the purpose to scan large networks but fine against single hosts. Nmap is able to work on the entire different computer OS. Moreover, official binary packages are there for Linux, Windows and MAC OS X.

In addition to the classic command-line Nmap executive, the Nmap suite comes with an advanced Graphic User Interface and results in viewer (Zen map), a flexible data transfer, redirection as well as debugging tool (Ncat), a utility there for comparing the results of the scan (Ndiff) and a packet generation and response analysis tool (Nping).

By Linux journal, Info world, Linux questions.Org, and Codetalker Digest it was named as the security product of the year. It got featured in almost twelve features that include Die hard 4, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Matrix Reloaded and the Bourne Ultimatum.

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Nmap Features for Android

Download Nmap Android App Free

  • Support for various filtration configurations

It is very flexible. It is able to support many advanced techniques in order to map out networks that are filled with IP filters, firewalls, routers, and other obstacles. This includes many other port scanning mechanisms both UDP and TCP, OS detection, version detection, ping sweeps and many more.

  • Ability to scan complex networks

It is a very powerful tool that is used to scan huge networks of hundreds and thousands of machines.

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  • Supports Linux, MAC OS and Android

It is able to support many different Operating systems like Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, IRIX, Mac OS X, HP-UX, NetBSD, Sun OS, Amiga and many more.

  • Easy to use for newbies
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Nmap is used to offer a rich set of advanced features for power users; you can begin simply as Nmap –v –A targethost. To suit your preference both GUI and traditional command-line versions are present. Who does not want to compile Nmap from the source for them binaries are available.

  • Free to Download and Install

The main purpose of the Nmap Project is to help the internet get more secured and provide the auditors, administrators, and hackers with an advanced tool in order to explore their networks. It comes in totally free for download moreover it also comes with a full source code that the users can modify and redistribute under the license terms.

  • Well documented

The effort has been put into comprehensive as well as up-to-date man pages, tutorials, white papers, and even the whole book. The users can find them in various languages.

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  • Supported and kept up-to-date

As Nmap comes with zero security; it is supported by a vibrant community of users and developers. The interactions mostly occur on the Nmap mailing lists. Reports related to any bugs and questions need to be sent to the Nmap dev list but only after reading all the guidelines very popular. We recommend you to subscribe to the low-traffic Nmap hackers announcement list. Nmap can be founded on Facebook and Twitter as well. You can join the #nmap channel on EFNet or Freenote for real-time chat.

  • Acclaimed and award-wining

It has won many different awards that include information security product of the year that was by the Linux journal, Info work, and Codetalker Digest. It also got featured in many different magazine articles, several movies, different books, and one comic book series as well.

  • Popular among communities

It has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It gets downloaded by thousands of users every day. Moreover, it is included with several Operating systems like Debian Linux, Red hat Linux, Gentoo, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and many more. It is also seen at the top ten of the programs at the Freshmeat.Net repository out of 30 thousand. This all is very useful and important as it gives Nmap its vibrant development as well as user support communities.

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What’s new in Nmap 7.0

Nmap APK 7.0 APK Free Download

Nmap 7 – comes with an Improved and redesigned NSE Functionality

Nmap scripting engines carry 171 new scripts plus 20 libraries. Its example includes firewall-bypass, supermicro-ipmi-conf, oracle-brute-stealth and ssl-heartbleed. NSE is powerful as scripts are able to take on core functions like host discovery (dns-ip6-arpa-scan), version scanning (like-version, snmp-info) as well as remote procedure call (RPC) service fingerprinting (rpc-grind).

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Nmap 7 – comes with better IPv6 support, people are starting to use IPv6?

The IPv6 carries a vastly larger address space as compared to IPv4 that making comprehensive network scanning harder but possible. In the Nmap 6, all the IPv6 improvements were introduced whereas Nmap 7 is now offering full IPv6 support for the CIDR-style address ranges, parallel reverse-DNS, idle scan, and much more NSE script coverage.

Nmap 7 – comes with fast network scanning saving you time

The new Nsock engines provide a performance boost to the BSD systems as well as Windows, the target reordering is used to prevent a bad edge case on multi-homed systems as well as NSE tweaks lead towards much faster version detection scans.

Nmap 7 – comes with a Better TLS and SSL scanning capabilities

The ssl-enum-ciphers got totally revamped in order to perform fast analysis of the TLS deployment problems, version scanning probes got tweaked in order to detect the latest TLS handshake versions fastly.

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Update: New files have been uploaded for 2022.

Download Nmap APK For Android 2022 – #1 Audit Tool

So, this was Nmap APK Free Download for Android, this is a great tool for performing various port checks and seeing if they are open or closed on a host or server.

Download Nmap APK For Android

For Windows:

Download Nmap for Windows 10/8/7

Nmap for Android Free Download
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