Are you a fan of PUBG? If the answer is Yes! Here is a lovely looking and beautiful PUBG PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds Theme Pack for Windows 10/11, which is free to download too.

PlayerUnknown's PUBG Theme for Windows 10 Free Download
PUBG Theme Pack For Windows 10/11 Download

We have exciting news for all the PUBG lovers out as of now, and you can choose the latest thrilling themes for Windows 10/11, an exclusive collection that features a fantasy of each gamer.

These themes are perfect for all the gamers and thrill-seekers and shall match with the personality of adventures. They are coming from more than 11 different backgrounds. They capture the essence of the renowned arcade battalion game player unknown’s battlegrounds.


What is PUBG Theme for Windows 10 About?

What is PUBG Theme for Windows 10

This skin is to adequately represent the famous game that has taken the world by storm recently. It brings fresh PUBG HD 4K wallpapers, desktop Icons, Cursors, and much more to bear your desktop back to life.

The themes can uplift the graphical user interface (GUI) to a new level. It carries a background that features characters with high-quality graphic designs as well as various backgrounds of the game.

The wallpapers are going to simulate a virtual environment for your desktop by providing you with a real feeling of being on the battlefield, everyone. So what are you waiting for let your display feature the blood bath, destruction and gore exclusive to a battle filed in the best quality? This 4K PUBG theme will blow you away with its color-rich visuals.

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PUBG Theme HD Wallpapers

PUBG Theme HD Wallpapers for Windows 10

Well, a theme is not complete without having beautiful-looking wallpapers for your desktop. Below are a handful of features this theme comes with to bring your dead desktop to life:

  • Wallpapers change automatically every 20 minutes.
  • The Windows color scheme also changes accordingly.

A little About PUBG Itself

PUBG Windows 10 Theme

The player unknown’s battleground is most likely called PUBG as this title does not roll off the tongue. It is an early access title on steam for computer PC. It is such an unfinished game that cannot be bought or played before the release.

The game is a take on the Battle Royale (or H1Z1: King of the Kill, or The Hunger Games) concept. In this, some people are released on an island and the last person that stands wins. For this, you need to find out different weapons, kill each person that you see, and avoid danger.

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It started life as a mod for Arma 2 in which Playerunknown himself created what he wanted to be the definitive Battle Royal experience. After this, he co-developed H1Z1: the king of the kill, similar in concept for the zombie survival game H1Z1 before moving towards blue hole Inc to work on PUBG.

Now every match pits around 100 people against one another, in which some can be in teams and others can carry out alone. The winners get their prestigious title of “winner winner, chicken dinner.” With the help of the in-game currency, they can purchase cosmetics items.

It carries a special zombie-focused mode as well, and it follows a similar pattern. Now, this simplicity is the key to the success of the game: Ted Forsyth, also known as PyrionFlax, told how important this is on Youtube both as a streamer as well as a player.

Essential Tips for Winning Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Download PUBG Windows 10 HD Theme

To win in PUBG, there are two main tactics:

  • You can go on a rampaging killing spree
  • Or hide away until the right time

The former is going to let you have more rewards at the end of the game, but it is negligible. Now depending on your playing style and the guns, you find define what tactic you are going to go for.

Everyone starts the match without any weapons and to find guns, ammo, first kit aids they need to scavenge in buildings. You shall be able to find an array of evidence if you are lucky, most of the time what players get is on a long-range rifle with a magnifying scope and one short-range weapon like a shotgun. All of this then allows you to choose if you want to hunt down other players and risk your life, or you want to hide and kill anyone who gets too close.

Hiding is seemed to be the best option no matter how good you are, the map that’s available forces players to traverse wide-open areas. When you are going through this and hunting down other players, then it is not uncommon to have someone turn the game from an unseen location. The challenge is to balance this threat with the reward of finishing another player, and above all, you must know how to shoot accurately.

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Plus, if you are hiding the, then you have more moments of safety as said before, the game can use a field of electricity to damage players that do not move to particular locations. Keep in mind that at this time, you’re in danger as well as other players will be doing the same thing that is rushing towards safe zones.

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If you are planning to hide in the entire game and only move at the last possible moment to the safe zone, then this is not quite the best tactic. The best is to hide away and use it to your advantage. Here is a new list of PUBG cheat codes for Android that you can use to earn extra points.

You must know where you are going to head soon, where you may find enemies, and where your strengths lie. Most players are attracted to a larger group of a building; if you find one road from the group of buildings towards the safe zone, then you can either use it to set up an ambush or altogether avoid it.

Alternative Theme Packs

Download PUBG Theme For Windows 10/11 (HD Wallpapers/Icons/Cursors)

I hope you enjoy your PUBG Theme Pack for Windows 10 with all-new wallpapers, Icons, and color schemes. Let us know in the comments below by taking a screenshot of your desktop setup.

Note: We have had a user test this theme on Windows 7 too and it worked. However, the color scheme was not working and the Icons hadn’t changed.

PUBG Windows 10/11 Theme Free Download

PUBG Theme For Windows 10 & 11
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