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ProRat download 2021 is a Microsoft-based backdoor Trojan which is commonly known as Remote Administration Tool. It is used to collect personal information from users. It was founded on BonziBUDDY back in 2003. This one too with other Trojans uses:

Now what it does is that it opens a port on the system which allows the client to perform different operations there on the server. It comes both in the free and paid version. In the free version, it is not able to connect with users over Wide area networks (WANs) and only with Local Area Networks (LANs). It is known around the world for its server as it is not possible to remove it without anti-virus software which too is up to date.


ProRat Features

Download ProRat Free

  • Provides full control over files.
  • Drive formatting.
  • Comes with keylogging and screenshots feature.
  • Able to steal passwords.
  • Users can open or close the CD tray.
  • Able to hide the taskbar, start button and desktop.
  • Able to write on the screen.
  • Download as well as run files.
  • Have access to the webcam.
  • Movement of the cursor.
  • View information related to the system.
  • Steal private information.
  • Password is used to protect your bound server from being used by anyone out there.

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How ProRat Works

  • At first, it creates a server which is undetected by anti-virus and firewall software.
  • The server can run in the background stealthily.
  • Once created, it is sent to the victim.
  • As it runs in the victim’s system, it hands over control to the attacker.
  • The software runs entirely including rootkit in windows.
  • Such features include.”
  • I am removing as well as disabling the restore points.
  • They are killing the security software.
  • I am displaying fake error messages to misguide victims.

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How to Use ProRat (Tutorial)

How to use ProRat (Tutorial)

First, get the basics!

Today we use computer systems as well as smartphone devices for our everyday use and many confidential tasks due to this; we must take all the necessary precautions to protect our devices from spyware and viruses. One of the most common ones is RAT; this is being used by criminals to access user’s computer or mobile devices to spy on them. This is called ratting.

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Now RATs are downloaded with programs invisibly requested by you; this can be a game as well as sent to the user as an email attachment. These could perform actions which are similar to legitimate software’s.

These are quite difficult to detect as:

  • They do not show in the list of programs or tasks the user is using.
  • Users cannot notice that they are affecting the performance of their device.

They are taking much control over webcams in recent times, and a result the images and videos are then used for blackmailing purposes.

Here is the video tutorial:

Hacking PC with ProRat

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Why ProRat is so effective

ProRat 1.9/2.1 Download

  • Users can be spied and recorded from their webcam. These are designed in a way to perform such a task without activating the indicator light lets the user be unaware of what is happening.
  • Users can have their online behaviour monitored like the websites they visit, to whom they email and what they are typing.
  • It can have access to all private and confidential information like bank account details and social security details.
  • It is used as part of a botnet with a purpose to distribute viruses and other malware.
  • Users can have their system drives formatted.
  • Users are at risk of getting their system files deleted, downloaded and even altered.

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How to Stay Safe or Remove ProRat

  • When not using it is necessary to cover your web camera, whether it is a clip-on device or in-built.
  • Users need to avoid suspicious torrent and website downloading. Such downloads are against the law and a significant entry for cyber-attacks.
  • Be careful in opening attachments in email even if they are from people you know.
  • Be careful about what links you open in emails; this might be phishing.
  • When you are prompted only then download updates to programs and applications, they often include security fixes.
  • Users do not need to download programs or any applications that are not coming from trusted sources; these can contain RATs or even other malware.
  • Be sure to have updated yet effective anti-virus or antispyware software and firewall running whenever your computer system or smartphone device is turned on.
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Disclaimer: Please use this tool in environments where you have authorisation/permission to do so. We will not be held responsible for any damages you may cause by using this software.

ProRat Free Download (2022 Latest) – v1.9/2.1 for Windows 10/8/7

Above we have explained all about this fantastic remote administration tool. We have provided ProRat download in version 1.9 and 2.1, which are the latest as we write. We have also shared a tutorial that shows you how to use ProRat. More information about this tool can be found at its official Malware Wikia Page.

Update request: As an alternative for Android, you can use AndroRAT which offers similar remote-access functions.

ProRat Free Download 2022

ProRat Free Download (Windows RAT Software)
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