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Shark For Root is an Android application for smartphones and tablets. The application allows us to intercept data traffic that is sent and received over a Wi-Fi network. We will be providing you with the Short for Root Apk Free Download.

For this purpose, the administrators of certain Wi-Fi must know exactly what kind of information is being sent and what kind of information they are going to receive. For this, they can make use of tools of the likes of shark for root that is capable to intercept the traffic of all devices connected to a wireless network.

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What is Shark for Root?

The app Shark for Root only works on rooted devices and is based on tcpdump. It is the command-line tool and its main function is to analyze the traffic being sent over a network. It can read and intercept the data packets that the different devices sent and receive.

We should not remind you that the shark tool application must be used in those cases in which, for security reasons, you need to intercept the data transferred over a network and after warning the users. Otherwise, it is considered a violation of the user’s privacy. It can be used to steal login credentials and passwords for different services like Facebook and email providers.

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How to Use Shark for Root App

Shark for Root is an android version of Wireshark that is for security experts and hackers. It is a traffic sniffer that works on Wi-Fi, 3G and From tethered mode.

Now, how a user can use the shark tool application? Follow the steps to know:

Shark for Root APK Latest Version

  • In the first step enter the parameters (default parameter: -vv –s 0) and then tap on the start button. Entire packet (verbose capture), is given by the default parameters. If you want to stop capturing packets, tap on the stop button.

Install shark reader app on your system to view the captured packets

  • Shark for root, capturing packets
  • Shark for root stopped capturing
  • Shark view (view captured packets)

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Shark for Root App Top Features

The shark for root application is developed to sniff packets that are going through an android phone. All the credits go toex87 over at XDA developers for creating such an application. The shark for root as discussed earlier requires root and is based on tcpdump.

  • To support the shark for root we require an app called wireless tether for root and if you are a lucky CM user, you have built-in portable wireless. Moreover, if you need to download wireless tether for root then scan the barcode
  • Now, we will begin to start by creating an open hot spot on your phone
  • When you open the app, this is the screen that is going to greet you. So, at this moment you are going to hit the menu button, then go to setup and change the SSID to something that looks official. The picture is displayed below
  • Now, click on the green Wi-Fi button from before + start tetheringShark for Root Android APK Download
  • Now, browse to the wireless and networks, then head for tethering and portable hotspots and enable portable Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Then go the portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings and go to configure Wi-Fi hotspot, set SSID as something that looks official and makes sure that the security is set to open (it should be by default, still check anyway to make sure)
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We have our open Wi-Fi now and need to sniff the packets that go through it. This is very easy. For this, open shark for root and click on the start button. Once done and finished click on the stop button.

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Shark for Root Apk – Application Requirements and Additional Information

These are as followed:

  • The minimum operating system required for this is Android 1.6, Pie, Marshmallow and Nougat.
  • Installation of the application by means of APK file actually requires the activation of the “unknown sources”, options within the Settings > Applications.

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Download Shark for Root Android APK Latest Version (2022)

I hope you enjoyed reading about Shark for Root Apk Download. This Android app is a complete suite of hacking tools for WiFi networks. I was aimed at security professionals and ethical hackers. This is the latest version from the developer which is free to get.

Shark for Root Android APK Download

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