Download Termux for Windows 10 and Windows 11 (Latest)

This is an OS simulation application that provides you with all the different levels of knowledge in order to have access to Linux command lines straight from your desktop and laptops. Keep in mind that it is not a native application and is accessible on the user desktop with help from any Android app. Termux for PC can now be downloaded for free and is compatible with the new Windows 11 release from Microsoft along with Windows 10.

Over time it has got a lot of support and development which makes it one of the highest usable apps even on the system through emulation. Therefore, when it is being used on the PC, users are engaged in emulation. For now, it can be accessed on PC and has more than 10 million installations.

Note: The packaged version below works without an emulator.


About Termux App for PC

What is Termux for PC

In the initial stages, it is offered as lightweight terminal emulation and can be expanded with help of its Linux package collection into a powerful tool for remote management.

With this:

  • You can enjoy zsh and bash files.
  • Edit your files with help of vim and nano.
  • Have access to servers over ssh.
  • With gcc and clang you can compile code.
  • Python console can be used as a pocket calculator.
  • See projects with subversion and git.
  • You can run all text-based games with help of frotz.

It provides users an easy yet safe way to have access to remove the Linux servers through an SSH client which is reliable and any function can be achieved by the modern Linux. This is seemed to be a flexible app with which users of windows can have access to enhance their workflow with help of command-line access and install app and plug-ins with help of an integrated Debian-Ubuntu GNU/Linux APT package management system. You should follow our guide to keeping your Android phone secure and change security settings.

Why use Termux on Windows

One can take advantage of:

  1. Bash and XSH shells.
  2. Nano and vim file editing.
  3. Clang and GCC code compiling.
  4. Full python console.
  5. GIT and SVN management.

It supports:

  1. Keyboard text entry.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Full mouse support.
  4. Simple games which are text-based.

Install this with Bluestacks and NoxPlayer which are the best OS, emulators. Over time both of these have received a lot of development and are able to run not only the static apps but other multi-media apps and video games rich in 3D. Simply install these, load the latest version of its APK package which shall initialize the application there within the sandbox.

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It comes in free and can be used on any system out there which is able to run android emulation software.

When we talk about ultra-mobile computing we suggest you PocketCHIP or Raspberry Pi that too on-screen other than tablet or phone. These solutions are able to provide users with a pure Linux environment that is as open source as the hardware allows and make no assumptions at all on how we expect to work.

Most of the time we only have our mobile phones, as many apps are available today many feel overkill for simpler yet easy tasks especially knowing how can be done in the simple terminal. We are not the only ones who feel like this, this is the reason the Termux project came into being

This is a terminal emulator and Linux environment application designed for the Android device plus you are also not required to root your device.

This is able to automatically get a minimal base system. Moreover, additional packages are present using package manager, the same we do with Debian, Fedora and others.

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How To Install Termux on Windows 10 and Windows 11

Termux Installation for Windows

One can get this through different sources listed below for only Android >= 7, for 5 and 6 support was dropped in 2020 at v.85. On old builds can be found.

With different signature keys, APK files of various sources are signed. The application along with its plug-ins use the same ShareUserId com.termux, therefore, all their APKs installed on the device need to be signed with the same key in order to work together thus it is needed to be installed from the same source. Make sure to not attempt them together. The Android package manager also does not allow the installation of APKs having different signatures else you shall get errors such as

Error #1:
“App not installed, failed to install due to unknown error”
Error #2:
“INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE, INSTALL_FAILED_SHARED_USER_INCOMPATIBLE, signatures do not match previously installed version, etc.”

All this with help of root or custom ROMs can be bypassed.

Now, if you intend to get it from some other source then in such a case you need to uninstall any or all existing Termux or its plug-in app first from the device and then get new APKs from the same new source.

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Use F-Droid Store

Termux from F-Droid

From this, you can get the application and keep in mind that you do not need to download this to install Termux. This can be directly installed from the site.

It takes some time around a week or more for the updates to be available once given out by Github. Its releases are both built and published by F-Droid as soon as the new Github release is detected. Maintainers of Termux or not involved or have any control on building and publishing of this application on F-Droid, they also do not have any access to the APK signing keys of F-Droid releases therefore we are not allowed to release APK on Github by ourselves that would be compatible with its releases.

The universal APK was released which works on the architect’s support. The installation size of APK and Bootstrap shall be around 190 MB.

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How To Remove Termux (Complete Uninstall)

Uninstall Termux

Now there is always a point of going back and uninstalling the application if they do not want it or want to switch to another install source. Some might also wish or have a thought to back it up before the uninstallation process.

For this, you need to first uninstall any and all the present Termux or its plug-in app APKs which are listed down in Termux App and Plug-ins.

Head to Android settings, click on applications, look for those applications. As an alternate, you can also use the search feature if you have it on your phone and then search for Termux.

If you have not installed plug-ins then we recommend that you go through the list of applications in the settings and make sure to double-check.

Termux Alternatives we recommend

  1. Download DroidJack for Android and PC.
  2. Download and Install Fern Wifi Cracker.
  3. ARChon Android Emulator for Linux.

Termux Download Free for PC – #1 Hacking Emulator

This is one of the best and only hacking emulators for Android that actually works. It gives you a fully-fledged Linux terminal on a smartphone. We have now shared Termux download for PC Windows 10 or Windows 11, the choice depends on your installed operating system at the time. We have tested compatibility and it is working as expected.

Setup size: 29 MB.

Termux Download for Windows (Latest Version)

Termux for PC - #1 Linux and Hacker Emulator
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