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tPacketCapture APK free download does the entire packet capturing without using any root permissions. It indeed uses the Von service that is provided by the Android Operating System. The captured data is saved mostly in the form of a PCAP file format there in the external storage. If you wish to have a more detailed analysis, then you need to transfer your file to your computer system and then use the software that handles PCAP format like Aircrack-ng.


What is tPacketCapture APK?

Tpacket is an android app with the help of which users can capture data packets from that place any network without needing to rotate the device to do so. If somehow you are a network administrator, you may want to capture the traffic from various devices that are connected to it. It is mostly done for prior purposes, like checking the security. Hacking operating systems like Kali NetHunter have such tools already installed.

tPacketCapture Changelog and Updates

V2.0.1 (Latest)

  • It can fix crash on startup, which had annoyed many of the users who had this App installed.


  • It provides support for Android 5.0(Lollipop).
  • It can fix an issue that does not switch the toggle button whenever you stop the process of capturing the packets.
  • It is also able to fix an issue that the file list is not updated when you stop the capture.


  • This Version can increase the speed of capturing.
  • V1.6
    It can fix an issue for Android 4.4(KitKat).


  • It allows users to modify the layouts.
  • tPacketCapture Pro was released.


  • This Version was able to fix an issue that the PCAP file does not found when the data is transferred to your computer system.

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Why tPacketCapture is Unique

  • It is used to capture data packets from a network without using any root permissions.
  • It can use the VPN service that is provided by Android.
  • With this, the captured files are stored externally in PCAP format files.
  • It allows you to hijack sessions, which can also be done via the FaceNiff App.

tPacketCapture System Requirements

  • Android Version Required: you need a 4.0 and higher versions of Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Required Storage Space: for this you need almost 1 MB or more
  • Internet connection: It can be a local network too.
  • App ID:
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How to Install tPacketCapture App

  • In the first step, you need to download one of the APK files, or you can also try the Version from Google Play.
  • After this, you need to move the .apk application file towards your android smartphone device or tablet and then install it. If somehow you are using it on your mobile, then you need to install the apk tapping on it.
  • Then finally, you need to launch the tpacket application and have fun with it.

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How to Use tPacketCapture for Capturing Packets on a Network

Download tPacket Capture APK for Android

If you want to capture data packets from a wifi network, then for this, you can use the tPacketCapture application. It comes in total free and is used to allow the users to capture this specific information and then store it on the device in the PCAP format. The best thing about this is that for this, it is not just that you have a rooted device.

It is effortless in operating. Once you have given the required permissions, you need to click on the button to capture and begin working. Keep in mind that when you want to stop the application, then you need to deploy the system task tray and stop the process.

Free or Pro?

Now keep in mind that the pro version includes an application filtering feature. The application filtering is used to capture only the specific application communication.

This is similar to port filtration offered by tools like Wireshark and Nmap that allow you to collect traffic from specific channels.

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Download tPacketCapture APK For Android v2.0.2 (No Root)

So this was tPacketCapture APK download for Android, one of the most advanced and freely available packet capture tools that do NOT require you to have a rooted phone.

tPacketCapture APK Free Download [Google Play]

Download tPacketCapture APK for Android
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