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Wfuzz is a tool that is designed for brute-forcing web application passwords. It is used to find resources that are not linked like the servlets, directories, scripts, and much more. The brute force POST and GET parameters are used for checking various kinds of injections like XSS, SQL, LDP, and much more. The brute force tool is used to create settings (user or password), fuzzing, etc.

The need to create such a tool is that Wfuzz Free Download can facilitate the task in web application assessments. It comes with a simple concept that is easy to understand and Implement. It comes with a word list and a cheat sheet that is very useful when you get stuck.

It works by replacing the reference to the fuzz keyword by a value provided by the payload. The payload is considered as a source of data in the Wfuzz password cracker. The various payloads are as followed:

  • Hexrand: This is used to define a Hexa random list·
  • Range: This is used to describe a numeric range between 1-30·
  • Names: This is used to create potential user name combinations like john. Doe·      Hexrange: This is used to define a random Hexa range·
  • File: This is used to read from a file·
  • List: This is used to describe a list of object (1-2-3-4)

Such a concept allows any input to get injected in any field of an HTTP request, which will enable it to perform painful web security attacks in various web application components that include files, headers, directories, and much more.

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What is Wfuzz?

  • Wfuzz tool is capable enough to help you secure your web apps by finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in them. Plugins support such a vulnerability scanner
  • Wfuzz tool comes with a modular framework and makes it very easy for the newest of Python developers to contribute. Plugin building is both comfortable and straightforward; it usually takes a few minutes.
  • Wfuzz is used to expose a simple language interface towards the previous HTTP responses or requests which are performed using this or other tools like Burp. This, however, allows the user to perform both semi-automatic and manual tests with full context and understanding of actions without depending upon a web app scanner underlying implementation.

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Wfuzz Features

  • It supports SOCK
  • It can provide time delays between requests
  • Comes with authentication support (NTLM, Basic)
  • All parameters brute-forcing (POST and GET)
  • Comes with Multiple encoders per payload
  • Comes with Payload combinations with iterators
  • Offers Baseline request (to filter results against)
  • Various Brute force HTTP methods
  • Different proxy support (each request through a different proxy)
  • Able to do ahead scan (faster for resource discovery)
  • Dictionaries are tailored for known applications like Web logic, I planet, Tomcat, Domino, Oracle 9i, Vignette, Cold fusion, and many more (Many dictionaries are from Dark raver’s Dirb,
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Wfuzz Latest Changelog and Updates

• It has added Head method scanning
• It has included fuzzing in HTTP methods
• A follow HTTP redirect option has been added
• It now comes with a plugin framework that allows executing actions on response contents or when the conditions meet
• Multiple filtering like a show, hide, regex, filter expression has been added
• Come with the option to pause and resume
• You shall now see the delay between the requests.

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Wfuzz Encoders

Encoders are used to convert information from one format to another. Following is the list of some encoders:

  • sha1
  • md5
  • double_urlencode
  • utf8
  • utf8_binary
  • HTML
  • HTML decimal
  • random_uppercase
  • urlencode
  • binary_ascii
  • base64
  • double_nibble_hex
  • uri_hex

Wfuzz Iterators

An iterator allows the user to process every element within the container when isolating from the internal structure of the container. The iterator can be created by combing the iterables. These are as followed:

  • Zip
  • Product
  • Chain

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Fuzzing Paths and Files in Wfuzz – Cheat SheetW

Wfuzz tool can also be used to look for hidden content, like directories and files which are present within the web server, allowing it to find for further attack vectors. It is important to note here that the success of such a task usually depends upon the dictionaries that are used

However, due to the lack of platforms, default installations, known resources like log files, administrative directories, a large number of resources are located in a predictable location. Thus, brute-forcing such content becomes a straightforward task for all

Wfuzz has some dictionaries, more extensive and up to date open source word list is as followed:

  • The seclists
  • The fuzzdb

Follow is an example of Wfuzz looking for standard files:

$ wfuzz -w wordlist/general/common.txt

Wfuzz Fuzzing Proxies

  • If you are willing to use a proxy, then you can use the –p parameter.

$ wfuzz -z file,wordlist/general/common.txt -p localhost:8080

  • Other than the essential HTTP proxies, the tool can support proxies that use the SOCK4 and SOXK5 protocols.

$ wfuzz -z file,wordlist/general/common.txt -p localhost:2222:SOCKS5

You can also use Wfuzz to set authentication headers by using –basic or ntlm or digest command lines.

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If you are in need to fuzz a resource that is from a protected website, then you can also use –basicuser: pass command line.

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Brute Forcing Applications using Wfuzz

Now, as we have discussed above that wfuzz is a brute force tool, let’s put some light on the brute force attack.

We are living in a world where cybercrime is becoming the favorite activity of many people out there. So what does a brute force attack do? Well, it is an activity that involves many attempts to try different password combinations to break into any website. Such an effort is also made by hackers that make use of bots that they have installed in other computer systems to boost the computing power that is required to run these kinds of attacks.

In other words, we can say that the brute force attack is the simplest way to gain access to a server, site, or anything that is protected by a password. Different combinations of passwords and usernames are used again and again unless and until the goal is achieved.

Behind the brute force, attack lays the motive of hackers. Their main aim is to gain illegal access to a targeted website and utilize it in either executing another kind of attack or stealing data of prior importance or simply shutting it down. In some cases, it is also seen that the hacker infects the targeted website with dangerous scripts for long-term objectives without even touching a thing and leaving no traces. The best way to prevent this at a smaller scale is to run frequent scans.

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Using Wfuzz to protect yourself against brute-force attacks

  • The password that you are going to use must have a long length.
  • The password that you are going to use must be difficult and complicated as secure passwords open doors for the brute force attacks to happen
  • You need to limit your login attempts
  • You need to modify the .htaccess file
  • You are recommended to use captcha, as it prevents bots from executing automated scripts used in the brute force attack
  • You must do the two-factor authentication as it provides extra security

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Download Wfuzz Free Latest Version – Web App Hacking Tool

On this page, we have discussed everything regarding Wfuzz download in the latest version, which is one of the best password cracking tools. For better understanding, we have explained for you its features. You can use this tool to locate for directories and shared files. To find more information, read Wfuzz documentation.

Download Wfuzz Free – Web Application Password Brute Force Tool

Wfuzz Download (Web App Password Hacking Tool)
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