Wifite Free Download 2022 - The Best Tool for Cracking WPA/WEP Keys

As we live in a technological world where we are surrounded by different tools that intend to make our lives easier, Wifite Free Download for Windows 10, 8, 7 and Kali Linux is yet another tool that is designed to attack various WEP and WPA networks that are encrypted at the same time. It is customizable to be automated with a few arguments only, and the best is that it can be trusted to run without any supervision.

It is considered as one of the best tools to script into part of a toolkit for the assessments of wifi security. Moreover, it is a very handy wifi WEP key cracker. Wifite WEP and WPA cracking is classed as one of the best WiF hacking tools available in Kali Linux.

One of the most significant changes from version 1 is support for “reaver” that a wifi protected setup (WPS) attack tool. Moreover, reaver can compromise the PIN and PSK for different routers that are enabled with WPS, usually within a few hours. The latest version is Wifite2 which was rewritten from scratch with a better code structure and faster password guessing.

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Wifite Features and Options

Wifite Free Download for Windows 10

  • It can sort out targets by signal strength in dB; the cracks do not access the point first
  • It can de-authenticate clients automatically of the hidden networks to reveal SSIDs
  • It carries different filters to specify what to attack like WPA / WEP or even both, above specific signal strengths. Channels and many more
  • It comes with customizable settings like packets/sec, timeouts and many others
  • It comes with anonymous features due to which it can change MAC towards random address before attacking, once the attack is completed it turns back to its original position
  • All the captured WPA handshakes are backed up towards wifite.py’s current directory
  • The smart de-authentication feature cycles between the broadcast de-auths and clients.
  • With Ctrl + C stop any attack you want with different options to continue, then move on towards the next target, skip to cracking, or you can exit
  • It displays session summary at exit plus shows all the broken keys (if any)
  • All the passwords are saved to cracked.txt.

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How to Install and Use WIfite for Cracking WPA and WEP Passwords

Possibilities are limited only to our imaginations when it comes to the world of wifi hacking. For increased efficiency, skilled hackers usually combine attacks. Moreover, they are also able to judge which attack is best to use, given a particular situation. Follow through the article to get to know the different attacks that you can use against any wifi-enabled router or AP.

To Install:

To get started, you need to follow the steps below:

  • As a first step, you need to install the wifite on your computer system.
  • Download the ZIP file from below and extract it.
  • Run the setup, however, you will need Python for it.

To Use:

  • It is a command-line interface.
  • It will ask you for the network SSID or Access Point name which you need to provide.
  • It will then ask you to specify a word list if you want as an optional layer of attack.

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How to scan for WiFi points using Wifite

If you wish to study for the nearby access points and their features (encryption method and if the WPS is enabled or not) you need to run wifite.py –I >wlan interface here *NOT IN MONITOR*> in any case if you did not understand this command then you can use wifite.py.

Now keep in mind that we recommend you to spoof your MAC address by using the –mac flag towards the program or mac changer. All of this is only for your security.

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Following are the three types of targets that you will be able to find:

  1. WEP protected routers
  2. WPA or WPA 2 protected routers
  3. Open routers

Now within these categories, you will be able to find a feature that is known as WPS enabled. It uses a pin of 8 digits to add devices to a wifi network without the need to insert in long passwords.

Attack WiFi Networks using WEP Encryption

Download Wifite For Free Ubuntu Kali Linux

WEP is considered an old way of protecting the wifi passwords; thus, you are lucky if you find one. It takes in less time. It is automated very easily in Wifite, plus it uses different methods or attacks against routers to get the password. To crack WEP, you hardly need 10 to 20 minutes or even a bit longer.

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Attack WiFi Networks using WPS

Now for the fun part, let’s talk about some WPS cracking. 2 kinds of attacks can be done on routers that are equipped with WPS:

  • WPS PIN brute force that works online and the PIN guesses are sent in towards the routers
  • WPS Pixie attack that works offline and does not flood the router with WPS PIN attempts

One of the disadvantages of the WPS PIN attack is that there are a few routers that have onboard anti-brute force mechanisms, and it shall not accept your efforts after a few tries. We only follow this route if the pixie attack fails, and there is no anti-brute force mechanism you shall be informed by wifite if it detects one.

The best attack that we have seen on the wifi points is the WPS Pixie attack. In many cases, just within a few seconds, you can get the wifi password. In some cases, it can also take up to 30 minutes. We have personally never seen it go beyond 30 seconds or a minute

Note: keep one thing in your mind that if wifite gets stuck at “waiting for a beacon from xx:xx:xx: xx, then to move to a different target press Ctrl + C.

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Download Wifite Free for Windows 10/8/7 and Linux 2022

So this was Wifite free download for Linux and Windows PCs. It is a pretty handy tool for trying to crack WEP and WPA network passwords.

Download Wifite Free for Windows 10/8/7 and Kali Linux

Latest Version: Wifite2 is the latest rewrite of this tool, it has been completely built again with new features for faster password finding.

Download Wifite2 Latest Version Free

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