DroidVPN Premium Account Usernames and Passwords 2022

This provider is based in the Philippines which caters to Android users. In recent times they have launched their PC version and for now, the developers tend to work on Linux as well as Mac clients along with Android. Many users utilize their free trial offering but the limit on performance and bandwidth is a big downside. This is where you can use our DroidVPN premium account usernames and passwords without any costs.

About DroidVPN Premium Accounts

The target audiences are mostly users of android who keep on looking for free VPNs all due to browsing purposes. If you want something like this then it definitely delivers. If we talk about 7 server locations and only one connection then it seems to be a modest offer but it comes in free and works well.

Why use DroidVPN

Why Choose DroidVPN Premium Accounts

  • Torrenting.
  • Downloads.
  • Security and privacy.
  • Online streaming.
  • Netflix and Hulu.

It works on:

It works on Android, iPhone and Windows.

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DroidVPN Premium Account Features

DroidVPN Premium Account Features

It supports both windows and android and we had our luck with both. PC client needs no installation but you should know where you have downloaded it as there would be no icon on the desktop.

For settings, there are many tabs where users can switch between TCP, UDP, ICMP and HTTP, check the server list as well as view the live connection log.

Though it is designed in a good way and has an easy-to-use interface and the performance is sub-par. The connection however drops at points and at this point no notifications are seen. So, we shall continue browsing without any protection without any knowing that VPN dropped out.

We tried troubleshooting but could not solve the issue. Many times the clients reported that servers were overloaded. Moreover, users have also been reporting issues with UDP but we have tried each protocol with the same outcome. Through email, their support is available therefore immediate help was not available.

From the Google Play and APK download from the developer’s site, you can find the android version. Moreover, it needs permission to access your IAPs, application history and device, pictures, files, media, wifi connection, call information and device ID.

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Now we saw that the android version worked much better and was smooth than PC, we saw no disconnections or any other hiccups.

It offers users stuff that others don’t offer like it can tunnel traffic via ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). It works on rooted devices on android. Elsewise, it defaults to OpenVPN protocols like UDP. This being said ICMP is enough to commit to a paid plan.

Android version has many settings for VPN connection, UDP, TCP, HTTP, proxy and many other things. The only drawback was that we were not able to find any kill switch.

It carries a toggle to auto-reconnect in the case when your connection drops out.

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DroidVPN Premium Account Advantages

  • Good speed on mobile.
  • Works great on Android.
  • The paid service comes at a modest price.
  • Provides free service.

DroidVPN Premium Account Disadvantages

  • Carries no live support.
  • It doesn’t accept any anonymous payment.
  • Keeps all connection logs.
  • Carries no cross-platform support.
  • It might monitor as well as filter traffic.
  • It does not condone any illegal torrenting.
  • The PC client is a work in progress.
  • On this, no simultaneous connections are allowed.

DroidVPN Premium Plans and Pricing

It provides users with a free VPN service plus carries 4 different paid plans which are as followed:

  • $4.99 if you are paying monthly.
  • $12.99 for quarterly payments.
  • $23.95 for semi-annual renewals.
  • $35.88 for annual subscriptions and renewals.

The premium packs carry unlimited bandwidth, have access to all the servers as well as unlimited server patches. P2P is allowed but keep in mind that the provider does not condone any copyright infringement. If you have Torrenting on your mind then do read about their ToS. They are very similar to what CyberGhost premium packages offer.

The best thing is that it comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee which comes with restricting bandwidth limitations.

Now if we talk about the free plan then it has 200 MB bandwidth per day and lets users use two free servers that too in France and the USA. We suggest that you first give a try to the free plan.

The sign-up process is quite straightforward but you need to give your mail and activate the account. Payment is accepted through:

  • Perfect Money.
  • PayPal.
  • Google Play in-app purchases.

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DroidVPN DNS Leak Tests

We saw the Android version to be good in the performance tests. Our connection speed was slowed down to less than a third which is above the average result.

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Moreover, it did not leak our DNS, WebRTC, or IPv6.

Speed was never an issue with this. The bad news was it failed to bypass Netflix VPN guards.

The good thing, it was a good fit if the problem is related to local censorship affecting popular services such as Spotify, Skype and Youtube.

DroidVPN Privacy and Security Policies

DroidVPN Logging and Privacy Tests

We are not big fans of its privacy policy and ToS as its logs the connection and store it.

The provider says that it filters out the content that users access on the internet if it is harmful. All this brings up problems like censorship which users wish to bypass with help of a VPN.

If there is any warrant then it shall give your data such as payment details to law enforcement so you are suggested to not engage in any illegal torrenting. But it offers users with many servers marked as P2P for some legal sharing of files.

Now, the provider does not disclose any technology which is no good sign. When providers of VPN deploy solid encryption then they put in the middle and front, with you shall get ad slogans, anonymous browsing plus it is easy to use and carries a fast connection.

We suggest you do this if you occasionally use VPN and for things that do not require any watertight security. It works well on mobile devices but disconnects and lags on PC so we would not suggest their PC version.

The price is reasonable but as it allows only one connection per account and has a limited refunding policy we suggest that you give a try to their free version.

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DroidVPN Account Quick FAQs

Premium VPN Account Faqs

Are the accounts created using a generator?

No, these are all manually created by us on our expenses. You should avoid accounts created with generators as they are fake and do NOT work.

My account has stopped working, how do I get a new one?

Most of the time other users online change the passwords. Just bookmark this page and come to get a newer login from the list.

DroidVPN Free Premium Accounts List 2021/2022

VPN services are a great way to secure your digital life. This is because they add an additional layer of encryption and protection between you and your ISP provider. This is why we have shared DroidVPN premium accounts list for you to secure your devices.

Here is the full list in the table, cheers!

Account UsernameAccount Password
[email protected]S56BvNtQ
[email protected]SitesDrawerAtrium7
[email protected]XdyM5MKF
[email protected]PanicsPittedJabs8
[email protected]OffedVotersCloths3
[email protected]GarterBaitedAbaft2
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