ExpressVPN Premium Accounts and Passwords (2021 List)

In 2021 ExpressVPN has muscled its way ahead of virtual private networks providing users with good speed. It has marked popularity due to good security and being reliable. If you are a newbie then you shall find its interface to be quite easy plus its multi-platform compatibility expands itself to many customers. All this satisfied why we need to pay $6.67 per month. However, you can use ExpressVPN’s free premium accounts and passwords provided by us so you don’t have to!

ExpressVPN Premium Account Connection Speeds

We tested this in 3 days with help of both wireless and ethernet connections. In the US the speed varies by provider and state. Keep in mind that results depend on how fast your net connection is. This is the reason we have more interest in the amount of speed loss which is around half or even more for most.

We were a bit disappointed to see a speed loss of 50% in 2020 in comparison with 4% in 2019. Keep in mind that it is still a speed demon. In our 2020 tests the non-VPN averages to be 200 Mbps whereas the overall global average was 90Mbps. On the European connection speeds averaged around 122Mbps between Paris, Frankfurt and Paris. This is similar to the speeds we recorded in SuperVPN.

In Australia, the speed was 106Mbps which was more as compared to that in the UK at 86Mbps. The UK has more scores topping out of 160Mbps in the single test as compared to Australia’s score of 140Mbps. In Singapore it was 90Mbps. In the US it was only 73Mbps which in our expectation was 146Mbps in a single test round.

Now, after doubling back to check gear out results came out to be consistent with other websites that automated speed testing we trust. We also reached out to ExpressVPN and got to know that the in-house tests were seeing speeds between 300 and 165Mbps using OpenVPN protocol, these results were way above our own.

The company claims an improvement in speed as its transitions it OpenVPN infrastructure to the light way which is an in-house protocol based on Wireguard which for now is in development.

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Encryption and Security Benefits

ExpressVPN Free Account Security

Its head-quarter is in the British Virgin Islands which is a good and friendly country all because of the lack of surveillance sharing agreements with many countries around the globe. Even though this is a territory of the UK, it is a separate legal jurisdiction to the UK with no data retention laws at all whose high court is averse to extranational business records requests.

It comes with standard encryption which is AES-256 and provides support to Perfect forward Secrecy now if you do not know then in simple terms it can change encryption keys frequently in order to avoid compromises on security. It also comes with a kill switch feature with which prevents a leak of data outside in case the connection fails.

Its lengthy privacy policy keeps logs of personally-identifying user data. Like many, it collected data related to maintenance including total data transferred, server location choices, which applications have been installed and the time of server connection. Now to improvise diagnostics you can also and in the company crash reports.

The clear way to prove that it does not keep any logs is to get its servers seized by the authorities. This is exactly what happened back in 2016. In all that even the authorities came out with empty hands and from that time till now it has a no logs reputation.

Back in 2019, it did not store anything on hard drives. Now, this is not something which is offered by all the VPNs like NordVPN as security response moved to full RAM-disk use following this year’s breach. This being said around 3% of its server fleet are virtual servers but the company states that these come with certain limitations and many had their hardware at risk like in Turkey.

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DNS Leak and IP Leak Tests

DNS Leak and IP Test

During the test, we saw no IP address, DNS, or any other data leaks. But we still recommend you to be cautious as ProPrivacy reviewers saw IPv6 leak both on macOS and Windows during the test. This leak did not come out as a surprise though WebRTC which is a technology built into many browsers that helps voice and video app run it seemed to be having some data leak issues even if VPN is being used.

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This kind of leak compromises identity, as well as a location but, can be avoided. Its browser add-ons plug most of the gaps and you can get them all for free through a user-friendly walk-through of the company by disabling the WebRTC. The best thing is that we ourselves can test for IPv6 and be independent of its website by going to one of the most popular IPv6 leak tests given out by a competitor VPN, Private Internet Access all for free.

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Premium VPN Account vs Free Account – The Differences

  1. Works smoothly.
  2. Easy to navigate interface.
  3. Supports Mac, Windows, Linus, Android, iOS, and others.
  4. Comes free for 3 months with a 1-year subscription plan.
  5. Simultaneous connections are 5.

It is a good choice for all the newbies due to its clean, easy to use and one-click connection. It has almost all the same configurations as other VPNs but is friendlier towards the privacy-minded beginners. Customer service is 24/7 which includes live chat, email as well as a crop of tutorial videos,

Its setup is a bit cinch on both mobile and desktop plus does not work on all the OS either mobile or desktop but 9 router brands, e-readers ad even 10 media consoles. Moreover, it does not impose any data caps, provides unlimited torrenting and server switching. The best thing is that we faced no issue while accessing Netflix. With this run 5 devices at the same time on a single subscription.

Premium Account vs Free Account

It carries a slightly different price as compared to others but still by seeing all features it is worth it. It is priced around $6.67 per month for the annual package, this also includes free for 3 months. It comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. You can pay with help of your Credit Card, PayPal, or even through Bitcoin.

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ExpressVPN Premium Account Usernames and Passwords

ExpressVPN is one of the top VPN providers around the world that provide exceptional security and anonymity. This is why we have provided premium ExpressVPN accounts for you to use to be more secure. You can use the list below in the table format to sign in and enjoy locked features without extra costs.

[email protected]GuavaPramSikhs1
[email protected]NaiveCopiesCoal5
[email protected]7mySN5zX
[email protected]SirsDotageClose3
[email protected]SeraphBagelThaws7
[email protected]PannedCutoffReads5
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