Facebook Data Leak Download 2022 - Huge Leaked Database

This is a breach of security that results in unlawful destruction, alteration, loss, access to personal files and unauthorized disclosure. These occur both for accidental and deliberate reasons which means that it is more than only losing your personal data. You can now download the Facebook data leak which includes passwords and a whole database.

It includes the following:

  • Access by any third party.
  • Loss of personal data available.
  • Systems with data being stolen away and much more.

To put it in short this is a security incident that has an effect on confidentiality, integrity as well as the availability of personal data. If it’s accessed by someone else then this has a bad effect on the individuals.


About the Facebook Data Breach 

  1. Name along with contact details of a data protection officer.
  2. Consequences of a personal breach.
  3. Description of measures to be taken on how to deal with the break and measures to mitigate any adverse effects.
  4. Private videos have leaked.

Now, make sure to provide individuals with clear advice on how they can protect themselves, this can include:

  • Forcing passcode reset.
  • Advise them to use passwords that are both strong and unique.
  • Telling them to look for any suspicious activities on their account or phishing emails.

Facebook Data Leak Consequences

Now all users who faced this issue were urged to take action against it. A digital privacy group is getting ready to take this to Irish courts for the EU citizens who have been affected badly.

The application denied the wrongdoing claiming that it has been scrapped from the information available on the website.

The Director of Digital Rights Ireland warned the other giants that their moves can be the start of a Domino Effect.

Moreover, it also claimed that the popular application was not able to protect its user and notify all the ones who got affected.

For the first time, it was discovered and fixed back in 2019 but was made available online for free.

DRI said that those who took part in the legal action can be offered a compensation of $12000 if it would be successful.

A digital privacy expert at ProPrivacy told the BBC that:

“If successful this could well set a precedent and open the door to further class action down the line”

After this, the commission announced to launch an investigation for this.

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Now, this shall see whether any part of the GDPR or Data Protection Act 2018 was being by the social platform or not, if yes then it would face a fine of up to 4% of its turnover.

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Searching the massive data leak

Search Facebook Database

In recent times more than 500 million Facebook users’ data was leaked online once again and for the Irish users, the consequences can be far-reaching, from increased risk of identity fraud to spam calls which can be annoying.

This was an older leak that has surfaced again. The platform claimed that the problem was fixed but it was out once again. Once data goes out it becomes difficult for the app to control what will happen to it and who shall have access to it.

Facebook-linked phone numbers have been in circulation for quite some time among security theft circles.

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This included the following:

  • IDs, names, locations, email addresses, birth dates and numbers.

The last point is what is concerning as it is used for two-factor authentication services or passcode resets for their accounts online.

All numbers that appeared in the list had many spam calls mostly from the US.

Valuable information databases like the one leaked from this platform shall not be shared right away as ones who shall have it would make money out of it as much as possible, but it was made available for free online exposing many users to spammers, scammers and security thefts.

Reports said that all this was available on a hacking site and forum making it accessible to those who even have basic skills.

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Are your details leaked in the database?

Check your data

Copy of database which circulated online can be downloaded but keep in mind that it is 500 GB in size.

But for now, many tools are available which can be used, the best one is HaveIBeenPwned.com. For now, it has been updated to include the Facebook breach and allows users to for their numbers in spite of just emails. For this, all you need to do is add in your number with the country code there in the search box.

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For example, if your number is 086 000 0000, enter 353860000000. Hit the “pwned?” option and your number shall appear in the database if you have been affected by the leak.

Facebook Password List

All the users need to be is a bit vigilant when they give out their personal details.  The data which comes out of the affected individuals is used to target some fraud activities as well as scams. Make sure to look out for any unusual activities which occur on your system and then take our required measures. Most of these have been scraped, you can use Ultimate Facebook Scraper for such tasks too.

Conclusion: Facebook Leaked Database Download

FB Data Leak Download

Trust us, no one wants to have their personal information available on an index or site online. This is why online security is recommended and you should change your appearance. Above is the famous Facebook data breach that you can download with 533 million records.

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