How to Fake your Phone Number - Make It Appear Different

Now doctors, pranksters who wish to keep their privacy protected and that of their patients, private and government detectives, sales professionals or call companies for quality assurance tend to search for these ID services to maintain the right level of security and privacy to achieve their goals neatly. Today we will show you how to create and use a fake phone number.

A few features of this service make them attractive to various malicious actors who shall try to take benefit from spoofing in the worst way.


What is Call Spoofing? Is it Legal?

When a user makes a call and modifies the information deliberately, which is shown to the other person who receives it, thus hiding his identity, this specific person who is interested in protecting his information might choose a number that is shown to the receiver.

One can find various caller ID spoofing services by surfing the web. Some are available for mobile phone devices that operate with Ios and Android.

Our specialists say that spoofing is carried out due to different reasons which are legitimate to be performed. This activity is restricted within limits defined by the law. The person who conducts such action needs to be sure that he does not intend to hurt the end-user.

The spoofed call is illegal when the persons intend to cause damage by doing such actions. The Enterprise Network security says that it is, however, illegal to make such actions that aim to harm others, commit fraud and obtain some valuable stuff by questionable means.

10 Best Call Phone Number Spoofing Apps for Android/iOS

In this spoofing, it’s somehow disguised with numbers that are similar to that of the victim so that he answers it and falls into deception. Such campaigns are performed for various reasons, all of them malicious. Always be careful and follow your senses.

Follow through to know about these services that are gathered by the experts. These are used to provide different functions according to the need of the user that is from making such calls to more complex features like recordings, stats as well as ambient sound.

spoofTel App

How to make your phone number appear different

It offers the following features:

  • Ambient sound
  • Recording
  • Voice disguise
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These carry rates from .10cents per minute of call and .50cents for a single SMS. This can be operated both on desktops and mobile phone devices with iOS.

Visit SpoofTel Site

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SpoofCard – Just works

How to use someone elses phone number

This one is available for both ios and android powered smartphone devices. It carries the following features:

  • Recording
  • Direct to voicemail calls
  • Voice disguise
  • Sms messaging

Visit SpoofCard Site

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Spoof My Phone App

Spoof my phone app for android and ios

It is available for both android and ios. Now this one in addition to the standard spoofing ID services, offers a feature known as “group call option”. This feature allows more than one person to participate in it. This is very useful for specialists who indeed work with small groups of people.

Visit Spoof My Phone App Site

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Covert Calling App

Covert Calling App for Android and iOS

It offers the following features:

  • Call recording.
  • Ambient sound and voice disguise.
  • It offers a little demo of the online tool as well.

Visit Covert Calling Site

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Bluff My Call

How to change your number when you call someone

It offers the following features:

  • Caller ID and text messaging.

Advanced features like:

  • Contact editor.
  • Possibility to become a partner of a company as a distributor.

Visit Bluff My Call Site

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Itellas Communications

This one has its focus on business customers and the experts of enterprise network security. Comes with the following features:

  • Mobile and desktop use.
  • Voice notes.
  • Service usage statistics.

Caller ID Faker

In this, the user, by getting credits for payment application for the android device, can enjoy essential services that are limited to making spoofed calls only.

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Free Caller ID Spoofing App

Free Caller ID Spoofing App for Android and iOS

  • Group call.
  • Ambient sound effects.
  • Voice disguise.


It is used to provide the user with standard services and includes features like:

  • Purchase phone numbers or pre-recorded voice texts.

It is available for android in the US and Canada only.

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CrazyCall App

It services are limited to making spoofed calls. It has its availability in some areas around the globe. Moreover, it is present both for android and ios. In the past, it is said to be the most used method.

CrazyCall for iOS

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Disclaimer: This activity is illegal in various countries. Please check your law and regulations before using any of the apps above. We will not be held responsible for any damage you may cause.

How are you changing Phone Numbers during a call?

Did you want to prank or surprise any of your friends or family ever by giving them a call from a fake number? I hope after reading this tutorial with the 10 best call spoof apps for Android and iOS, you have been able to do so.

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