How to Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading 2022 - 4 Methods

One of the most popular contents hosting platforms alongside Netflix is Youtube. It carries millions of videos and images, and many are being added daily. It sees a regular content update from both the established media houses and monthly users.

Nothing is perfect. Various users have reported issues with this platform, and today we are addressing the most common one, which is how to fix YouTube comments not loading 2022 on multiple browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. Some users also reported that it only works for them in Incognito mode too which we will also address below, stay tuned!


YouTube Basics

This is a viral video-sharing platform that is deemed to be the second-largest engine behind the Google search. It got founded back in 2005, and since then, billions of videos have been uploaded and shared since then. It includes all from Hollywood movie trailers to amateur vlogs.

This platform is a driver by two kinds of users:

  1. The video creators are people who carry their channels and upload videos on them.
  2. The video viewers are people who tend to watch all these videos, interact with them and subscribe to these channels.

Now some of the users have reported in recent times that their Youtube comments are not loading and they can see nothing other than pined comments for a particular channel. We know this is an annoying error. Follow through to see how you can resolve such an issue.

There is no reason why you are witnessing such an error. However, it is seen that this is an error on the part of the development team where they broke a feature accidentally to implement a new one.

Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading (Google Chrome/Firefox)

Fixing YouTube Comments not Loading in Chrome

Disable All Proxy Connections

Youtube also has errors when accessed via a proxy network, just like other apps. Thus if you carry a premium VPN service enabled on your system, then the proxy interface that the VPN is using might have been the reason behind this error.

What you can do is disable all the proxies and VPN applications for the time being and then open it again; hopefully, you shall see your issue resolved.

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Wait for the Official Fix – Check YouTube Status

Keep in mind that the developer team is working day and night to improve user experience; this error is just part of the new features which they are trying to implement. If this is the reason behind comments not loading, then there is nothing that can be done to fix it immediately.

Just wait for a day or two, and the changes shall be reverted to original settings.

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Clear Browsing Data (Cache, Cookies and History)

Most of the applications and websites store data locally on their devices, to load them faster next time you launch them. Now mismatched cache data or missing data can cause various errors, and this is one of them. To solve this, you can clear all data of google chrome such as cookies, cached images and files.

To precise data of Chrome:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl +Shift +Delete in a new tab to open the clear browsing data dialogue box.
  • Then from the time range drop-down menu, select what you wish to delete.
  • After this hit on the clear data button.

YouTube Comment History Not Loading

Note: The keyboard shortcut works for other browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

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Disable misbehaving extensions (one at a time)

As you install an extension and after witnesses this error then a broken extension might be the reason behind this error.

To know regarding the misbehaving apps as culprits behind the error, you need to:

  • Open the webpage on which you had the error using Incognito browsing mode.
  • To open this browser, you can you the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + N in the chrome tab.
  • Try loading Youtube in this new model. If your browser is usually working, then this means there is some broken extension on your device that is causing such a problem.

YouTube Comments Loading in Incognito Mode

  • Bu default, the extensions in this mode are disabled, which means you can infer that the comments are not loading due to some broken expansion in the browser, which does not appear in the incognito mode.

Alternatively, you can also check the official status using a website checker such as Is It Down Right Now to see if it’s not only you with the issues.

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Are your YouTube comments now loading as expected?

Today we talked about a prevalent issue which you can now learn to fix YouTube comments not loading in Chrome or Firefox. We have also highlighted a solution for people who were not able to see the comments history. You should also try alternative streaming apps or use a video downloader mobile app that may show different results if you play in formats such as MP4 and above.

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