Well, we all use the internet but we pay for it, right? How about getting free internet access by hacking your ISP? Today you will learn to Hack ISP and change your MAC address with the MAC Spoofing method. We will also show you the method to hack PPPoE username and password.

Did you know that you can get Internet for Free? Yeah, you read it right. Just assume that you are using the internet and suddenly your data or internet package is finished. In other words, you are completely disconnected from the biggest network of the world called the Internet. This guide includes steps on hacking PPPoE router and server. Now you can easily get free internet through a very easy method. This amazing method is called MAC Spoofing.

How to get free internet with MAC Spoofing Attack
How to Hack ISP and Get Free Internet Access in 2022 (PPPoE Hacking)


What is a MAC Address Spoofing Attack?

A technique or method through which you can change a factory-assigned MAC (Media Access Control) Address of a network on a networked device is called MAC Spoofing. Those MAC addresses cannot be changed which are really hard or complexly coded on a Network Interface Controller (NIC).

There are many tools over the internet which allows you to change your MAC address. In other words, these tools make the Operating System (OS) believe that the MAC address of a user’s choosing is held by the NIC. This process of camouflaging the MAC address is called MAC Spoofing.

Wherever there are some tools available over the internet through which you can use to change the MAC address default or direct connection with the NIC. In other words, MAC spoofing means editing or totally changing single or multiple computer identities for some sort of reason.

I have good news for the users who are totally new with this simple technique of MAC Spoofing and using it to hack your ISP for totally free access to the internet and to bypass the login page of your ISP.

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My Experience with MAC Spoofing

I have a very good experience with this simple and awesome technique of MAC spoofing. I have used this technique several times and I don’t want to brag about it because I used this technique for unlimited data in 2014. It is kind of safe for a little instance but I wouldn’t recommend you to do it over and over again.

It is really true that in 2014 I used this technique to gain access to unlimited data and I want you to believe that after 5 years this technique still works. I am not using this small hacking technique for accessing unlimited data at this time. The reason behind this is that I have bought a very high-speed network connection which is better and suitable for me.

Note: This was done on a controlled network that I had permission to do so on to see if this attack method works.

How does MAC Spoofing Work?

Now you must have this small and simple question running in your mind. Well, it is very easy to answer this question. MAC spoofing is a method that allows you to vary or change the Physical Address (PA) of your computer or router due to which you access the network or internet.

By the use of this method, you gain access to someone else’s MAC Address and you can access that user’s internet behind his/her back. You don’t even have to pay the bill or any other expense it is totally free. But there are many different issues that we are going to discuss later on.

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Now we are going to discuss the procedure of MAC Spoofing. It is a very simple process or procedure. You just have to search for someone else’s MAC Address using the same network in which you are connected. After that, you can access the internet of the user by changing your MAC Address to theirs.

With this method, you can also bypass your ISP login page even if they require personal information (username and password). But I want to tell you that this isn’t going to work for the PPPoE Connections the one that I am using now.

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Extra Tip:

I have an extra tip for you and that is if you are using a lower speed connection which is bought by you. You can easily gain access to someone else’s faster connection by changing your MAC Address with his.

How to Find your MAC Address?

The first step in MAC Spoofing is to find someone else’s MAC Address. There are several clients over the internet or on the same network to which you are connected. You have to target a client which has a fast network connection and according to your needs.

The next thing you have to do is to unplug your Ethernet wire or cable from the router and plug it directly with your laptop or computer Ethernet port. The reason for doing this step is because the direct connection is very crucial when using the router with different devices connected.

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Once you have performed this step, now you are ready to search for all of the connected clients. You can also view their IP address as well as their physical addresses (which is required by us).

You will need software to search for a whole list of clients. There are different software available on the internet. The one I have personally used and prefer is the Netcut because it is very easy to understand and use. You can also use the Wireshark but it is not as good as the Netcut.

How to Find MAC Address using Netcut

The first thing you have to do is download the netcut and install it on your Computer or Laptop. This software can only be installed for the Windows system only.

The total size of the downloaded file of this software is only 3 MegaBytes (3MB). Once it is downloaded you have to install this software. It is very simple to install this software you just have to click on the Next button.

How to find mac address using netcut

After installing this software all you have to do double click on the icon of this application and simply run it. Then you have to choose your adapter which is going to be your Ethernet Adapter by using Netcut or any other software which you are using then the software will find the clients who are connected or available on the particular network. Boom! You found someone else’s Physical Address.

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MAC Address Finding with Netcut

How to Change your MAC Address and Get Free Internet Access

Once you have performed the previous steps then the next step is really easy to perform. You can change your MAC Address in just a few clicks if you are using the software which I recommended then you can perform it very easily.

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Steps of Changing MAC Address using Netcut:

Step 1: Changing Mac Address in Netcut

Once Netcut has finished scanning the whole network then it will display a whole list of users that are connected over that particular network. You can choose any of the users you want and then all you have to do is just click on the button “Change MAC”.

After that, your adapter will reset by itself only once. But I would recommend you to restart your adapter manually by just disabling it and then enabling it again.

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Steps of changing MAC Address Manually:

If you want to change your MAC Address manually all you do is select and copy one of the MAC Addresses that you find on the Netcut. I am going to do these manual steps on my PC using Windows 10 but it is the same for another version of Windows.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps for changing the MAC address manually:

Free Internet Access Trick

  • First of all, you have to click on the arrow over the right corner of your desktop.
  • Then you have to select “Open Network and Sharing Center.”
  • Then go to the Change Adapter Options.
  • After that right-click on the Ethernet Port’s adapter.
  • Then click on Properties.
  • After that choose Configure option.
  • Then move over to the Advanced tab.
  • Now you have to look for the “Locally Administrated Address” or “Local Address”.
  • By default, the value will be “Not Present”.
  • All you have to do is check the upper circle, and paste the MAC Address that you found on the Netcut.

Change Mac Address Manually

The name of the properties highlighted in the above image can vary with different motherboard manufacturers. So I can’t tell you what are the motherboard properties of your computer.

Now you have changed your MAC Address to someone else’s MAC Address. So now you can freely use the internet without even paying any bills now the other user is going to pay his/her bill and you are going to use his/her internet.

Disclaimer: Please only use this method on networks you have permission to do so on. We will not be responsible for anything you do. This is for educational purposes only.

Upgrade your connection medium:

I would also advise you to upgrade from copper to fiber and also use a stronger WiFi band I.e. 5 GHz to increase speed. Also, monitor the changes that you do along by constantly performing speed tests.

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Conclusion – Did you get Free Internet from the ISP?

So, that was the simple and top guide for Getting Free Internet by using MAC Spoofing Attack. I want to be honest with you, I have used this technique and I would also like to warn you that it is a totally illegal thing. You can also Hack WiFi Passwords for free internet.

If you are just trying or want to learn about hacking then this is a perfect guide for you and you can try these simple steps and perform MAC Spoofing. This guide also includes details about PPPoE/PPoE Freenet. I would advise to always keep your router secure to stay away from such attacks.

Shaheer is the founder of SecuredYou. He is a cybersecurity freak and loves anything related to Computers and Technology. Apart from being a tech geek, he loves listening to music and going to the gym.


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