How To Create WhatsApp Account with a Free USA Number 2022

Today among all the social media platforms WhatsApp has gained a lot of popularity and is a widely used application among users. For many uses, we begin our day by checking WhatsApp. It carries the best features: secure, easy to use and fast. In all app stores, it is the most downloaded application. Moreover, it has a record for having the most active users in a day for an app.

All of us know about its features and services but do we know about its tricks? If no, then follow through to know how you can make a WhatsApp account with a USA phone number. The method we are going to explain is authentic and works 100%. Use this to prank your close ones.


Why use a USA Phone Number With WhatsApp

Doing all this makes your one safe from all the unwanted calls from scammers plus hides your identity.

If you wish to chit chat with any person to whom you do not want to disclose your actual number then this trick is a good plus as your use, the application from a virtual number your actual one is not revealed.

Along with this, you can:

  1. Show off to all friends and relatives.
  2. Works on both iOS and Android.
  3. Create a number starting with +1.
  4. Doesn’t cost a single penny.

This is a legal one-click method that is quite simple but keep in mind that for this you need to be living in another country first.

  • More privacy.
  • Makes identity personal.
  • No one can be traced down.
  • You get to have an international one.

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4 Verified Methods for Creating Free US Number to use with WhatsApp

#1: Using American or Canadian Numbers Officially

American or Canadian Number

This is a fast method to make a WhatsApp account with the UK, US, or Canada dials. Simply bypass the WhatsApp verification process using this.

  1. First, you need to download and install “2ndLine”.
  2. Once done, create an account by using the sign-up option using email and password.
  3. After signup, you shall be redirected to a page where you need to enter the country code. We suggest “201”. Now, if you have a certain area code provide that else select no specific code and click on “next”.
  4. From the list select the one you desire, then copy and paste it on your application.
  5. Open WhatsApp and use the number which you noted down and hit the “verify button”.
  6. If an OTP is sent then it can be seen on 2ndLine App, at times OTP does not get right into the WhatsApp application. For this wait for some time and don’t lose patience unless and until the “Call Me” option is enabled. Once you see this, hit on it to hear OTP.

Keep in mind that these are disposable therefore does not quote us on account of banning issues. Use this for entertainment reasons only.

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#2: Groove IP App – We recommend

Groove IP App

For this, you need to use “GROOVE IP” which is a third-party application. This is used to create virtual-based numbers all for free. Using this one can make calls and send SMS as well. If you need these features then you need to put in some money.

  1. From the play store or app store download the Groove IP application.
  2. Once done, sign-up with an email address.
  3. Fill in all details and complete registration.
  4. After this, you shall be prompted to specify the code area. If you have a specific provide one else just select “no specific code” and click on “next”. From the list select mobile numbers.
  5. Write this down, open the application and hit the “verify” option.
  6. Wait for some time till the “call me option” is enabled. Once this is done, click to hear OTP.
  7. You shall get a call from the bot to your mobile with a verification code.
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That’s it.

#3:  Text+ Mobile App – Reliable and fast

Text Plus

In this, we use different apps but have a lot more benefits over Groove IP. With this customize your virtual number.

  • Download this application from PlayStore or store the app.
  • Install it on your phone.
  • Click “create account” which appears on the splash screen.
  • Enter details such as email and mobile.
  • Once signed up, open it and sign in with your credentials.
  • Click on “account menu”, choose “tap” to get a free US number.
  • You shall be prompted to a dialog box asking for location and number, either keep it default or change to get one from the selected location.
  • You shall now have a new number based on the selected location.
  • Make a note of it, don’t lose it!
  • Open “WhatsApp”.
  • Paste this, hit “next” to get the verification code.
  • You shall get SMS in text plus app. Enter code and start rocking.

We hope this trick would work for you.

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#4: Use Numero eSIM Service

Numero eSim Service

This is a VoIP application on Google Playstore which provides users with a virtual number that can be used to make internet calling and send and receive SMS based on the plan. As it supports various combinations, one can handle and locate from these countries very easily.

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6 Best Tools To Get Free US Number Verification on WhatsApp (+1)

Free USA Number Tools for WhatsApp

Primo – Great reliability

This is only designed for android users but there is hope that Apple would be a part of it quite soon. Simply install and run it and then register. Provide a real number for verification reasons, after this, you shall get a fake ID, use this to access the application. With the help of this tool, create an account and use it as you wish.

At the end of the screen, you shall be able to see all the available and unassigned lists which are free for this and shall be used for signup. You need to have Primo on your phone to be able to use all the services. This can be used to make free calls, texts and much more.

Nextiva – Phenomenal coverage

This is a good and one of the largest virtual number providers if you need one. With this one can manage virtual ones from the system, phone, laptop and tablet.

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If you wish to keep on using this, just connect your local number to it and make HD calls and calls to other locations.


This is a tool that is used to provide virtual numbers to those who have a small startup company or business. It is not completely free but does have a discount offer. The best thing is that it lets you manage the business from home communicate with the preferred device. From one phone one can handle both personal and business calls.

Google Voice – Premium support

Google Voice

For those who do not know we all have a service for getting such numbers. As we have google on our device we can use Google voice. Many users are not aware of the fact that this is a great asset for many verification processes.

People are not aware of google voice and what benefits it offers. It needs to be integrated with G-suite to have a disposable number. Use this for both personal and business use.

It has many features; you won’t be able to enjoy paid business benefits if you use it for personal purposes. Now it is all free but you need to pay $10 per month for other reasons if you use it for personal use.

E-voice – Digital conversations

This is yet another phone business company which gives such a service to be able to cover all the international calls. It is there for the UK. It comes with different plans and rates all depending on what you need.


If you wish to make your business grow then this option is best for you. They provide users with the best plans by masking your actual number or giving you a virtual one. It has many features; call tools, sharing fees, SIP connections, and appropriate hours are set for business, and much more.

It provides us with the option to put our original ID on local carriers if we are not in the mood to port. With the features, both real and virtual numbers cab work with this. It carries reasonable prices.

At times what happens is that iPhone or even an Android smartphone device doesn’t allow the person to verify other such IDs on the phone that easily. Using certain sites and apps one is able to bypass the verification code on their phone device.


WhatsApp is the most popular end-to-end encrypted chat app on the web. It has a very rigorous signup and verification process that it does via your mobile number. We have provided you ways to get a free US number for WhatsApp verification 2022 and a list of apps that can help you get a USA phone number too. These have been tested by our team and are great as the codes come in instantly.

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