Google Dorks List 2021 - Important New Cheat Sheet (Latest)

Today Google is a blessing for all of us but we cannot miss the fact that it is an awful search engine which does not avoid its basic duty of crawling websites. However, there are many Google Hacking techniques and the most popular one is Google Dorks List 2021 also knows as Google Dorking.

This is a big Google Hacking Database that has many extensions and URLs that you can enter in its a search engine that searches for vulnerable servers, sites and web hosts. This is how Google works. It crawls into the websites and when users enter related inquiries it demonstrates their outcome in its list of items page.

Google to crawl into the website pages uses the Google bot, which is capable to crawl into each website page unless and until it is told not to.

Now webmasters who are not in the like to let Google crawl into some of the directories or web pages can get it specified either by putting a noindex Meta tag in the required web pages or through their websites robots.txt. Do keep one thing in mind that if all of this is not done quickly then Google will index those directories or pages that are at a risk to leak away from your sensitive or private data.

Although these things occur rarely such mistakes happen and once they are exploited the hackers can use them to hack any website they want. For this, they just to type in a smart Google search query and they’re done.

If somehow you are new in the world of hacking, then you will rarely have a chance to find such exploits. However, you can use Google Dorks to find vulnerabilities existing on the website.

What are Google Dorks and Google Hacking?

Google dork is also known as Google hacking or Google Dorking. It is considered a precious resource for security researchers. For a normal user, google is just a normal search engine that is used to find information related to text, images, news, videos and much more but in the world of InfoSec, it is considered a very useful hacking tool.

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How Google Dorks List are Used in Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

Google Dorks for SQL Injection

No one can hack sites by using Google directly but as it comes with the best web crawling capabilities it can index anything within your website, including private information. To put in short you will be giving out a lot of information regarding your usernames, passwords, web technologies, general vulnerabilities without knowing it

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To put in short Google Dork is some sort of practice in which you use Google to find vulnerable servers and web apps through native Google search engine capabilities. Google can index all the information that is available on any website out there unless and until you block particular resources from your website using the robot.txt file. To put it in a logical sense, after a certain time any person in the world out there will be capable to get that information if they what they are searching or looking for

Note: You need to keep one thing in your mind that once this information becomes available for everyone and is encouraged to be used by Google on a legal basis then it can be used against you and harm your online existence.

Do remember that google almost knows everything; who you are and when you are performing such kind of query. Therefore it is recommended that you use it with good intentions either you are using it for personal reasons or looking for ways to defend any website against vulnerability.

Some webmasters expose out their private information but this does not give you the right to take advantage of that or exploit it. You will be marked as a cybercriminal if you do so. It is quite easy to track down the browsing IP even if you are using a VPN service. Be aware of a few things that Google is capable to block your connection if you are connecting from a single static IP. To prevent automated queries, it shall ask you for captcha challenges.

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Google Dorks List 2021 – Google Hacking Database (Download)

How to use Google Dorks

Below is the file which has all the new Google Dorks that you can use for your Google hacking techniques.

2021 Google Dorks List Download

Google Dorks List for SQL Injection and Ethical Hacking (Download)

Below we have put together a special file that includes Google Dorks for Hacking. These can be used for finding SQL Injection and other activities. I would recommend you first to watch this SQL injection hacking tutorial.

Download Google Dorks List for SQL Injection

Note: The above files can also be downloaded as a PDF.

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Various people have been asking us to provide them with Google Dorks for Credit Card Details, they can use these search dorks to find credit card numbers that may have been made available online on a website. We have specifically crafted these unique search terms for you to help you find only relevant details as accurately as possible.

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Download Google Dorks For Credit Card Details

Google Dorks List Features

By any means, you should never underestimate the power of Google search. It comes with the best web crawlers. To filter out the required information it provides many smart search operators and options. This is all that makes Google Dork super powerful. If you use this in the right way then it can help you find Footholds –Queries that can help hackers to gain a foothold into the webserver.

  • Such links are used to demonstrate Google’s awesome ability to profile web servers.
  • Such files contain usernames but no passwords still Google can find usernames on a website.
  • It comes with Google’s collection of websites sharing private directories. The files in here will vary from sensitive to uber-secret.
  • Such files carry no usernames or passwords but do have interesting stuff
  • Such pages carry firewall logs, honeypot logs, network information, IDS logs, in short, all the fun stuff
  • These are login pages for different services. Consider these as the front door of a website’s private functions.
  • This carries printers, video cameras, and all sorts of cool things that are found on the web with Google.
  • These searches can locate vulnerable servers. These searches are often generated from different security advisory posts, and in many cases are products or version-specific.
  • Hundreds of vulnerable files that Google can find on website files containing passwords.
  • Such searches reveal servers with specific vulnerabilities. These are found in different ways than the searches found in the Vulnerable Files section.

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How to Use Google Dorks?

Let’s start Google Dorking!

  • First of all download the file from above.
  • Then choose a dork that you would like to search for.
  • Now open and in the search bar paste that code.
  • After that press enter or hit the search icon and it will show you the results.

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Do you use Google Dorks List for Hacking?

In this guide, we have highlighted for you the smart Google search query and Google Dorks list 2021. Use it wisely and with good intentions. As we have all learned that Google Dorks from Google Hacking Database can help you in finding vulnerable servers, websites and PCs easily, will you be using them for security purposes?

Note: We have provided you with the Google Dorks List file that you can download and save on your computer.

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