Are you someone that works within the InfoSec or Ethical Hacking industry? Do you use the terminal a lot? If all the answers are yes, then you will love our Hacker theme pack for Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows 7, which is available for you to download for free.

Hacker Theme for Windows 10/11 Free Download (2022 Latest)

This theme comes with high-quality HD, Ultra HD Hacker wallpapers, new system sounds, color schemes, which are included in this Hacker theme. You will get everything related to hacking in one package and will just have to install one file, and that is it.

Let’s give your desktop the futuristic look it deserves!


About Hacker Theme Pack

There is no other theme pack out there that will satisfy your needs better than ours. It has been specially developed for hackers that are looking for exploits, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses in networks and servers around the globe. However, it is created to suit Black Hat Hackers, White Hat Hackers, and even Grey Hat Hackers and can also be tweaked to your liking of design.

It has amazing artwork from various designers that represent the hacker culture with the help of classic green text along with programming references too. It is an excellent source of motivation for those who are looking to become a Hacker in the future as this theme pack changes your desktop environment.

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Features of Hacker Theme Pack

Hacker Theme Pack for Windows 10/8/7

Slideshow Wallpapers

Futuristic Hacker Theme for Windows 10 Download

This is a full theme pack that comes with 30 HD and 4K Wallpapers that come in various resolutions, including 1920 X 1080, 3840 X 2160, and 4096 X 2160. These are designed to fit any size of LCD or monitor screen and will look beautiful on any aspect ratio, including 4:3, 6:19, and others. The wallpapers have a green base to them to resemble the hacking societies.

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Wallpapers for your Theme

This theme comes with its own custom set of HD wallpapers. However, I am giving you an extra 12, which you can add to the slideshow, so you don’t get bored quickly.

Download Hacker Theme Pack Wallpapers

Custom System Sounds

This theme also comes with custom system sounds when you click, grab, or delete a file. These all add up to make your previously boring desktop a new life. You get a very subtle Matrix-like sound when you right-click or receive an error on your desktop.

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Custom Desktop Icons (Hyper-Realistic)

Hacker Wallpapers for Windows 10 Theme Pack

All of the Icons will be replaced by the theme pack, which comes with its unique desktop icons to add an extra touch. You can also install alternative Icon packs too. This includes new Icons for:

  • My Computer
  • Recycle Bin
  • Start Menu
  • Network
  • Control Panel

Download Hyper-Realistic HD Icons

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Animated Cursors

You get a set of 15 custom animated cursors that are inspired by The Matrix. These are specially designed, so they fit in with the color scheme and background theme. They come to life once you move and can be configured to your own needs even better to represent this iconic theme.

Download Hacker Matrix Cursors for Windows

Theme Review

I decided to give this theme a go on my laptop. I was stunned by the visuals, green text, and binary colors that represented everything around hacking, IT Security, and the programming culture. It had indeed brought my dull screen to life.

What would I change?

  • I would change the cursors as they do not look too much realistic and are animated a lot.
  • The wallpapers could do with a full redesign, adding a much more retro and cyberpunk theme too would add a nice touch, that is my opinion.

Theme Compatibility

  1. Windows 10 Pro/Home/Enterprise
  2. Windows 7 Home/Enterprise/Ultimate
  3. Windows 8 Home/Enterprise/Ultimate

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How to Install the theme

How to Install Hacker Theme for Windows

  • You will first; need to download the theme pack by pressing the button below.
  • Locate the folder where the file was downloaded.
  • Now click on on the Hackerthemewindows.themepack, and it will be installed for you.

Best desktop setup wins a place here:

Share your installations in the comments below, and the one that stands out the most to me will be added here.

Image Credits: Pixa Bay.

Hacker Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows 7 Theme Pack Download 2022

Have fun showing off your new Hacker theme for Windows 10/11/7 with eye-opening visuals to your friends or even family!

Download Hacker Theme Pack for Windows 10/11

Download Hacker Theme Pack for Windows 7

Hacker Theme Pack for Windows 10/11/7 Download
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