Learn To Hack Into a Blocked School Computer - Play Games

Many students are bored at studying because their computer is blocked and has very limited access in classrooms. This is due to security but some students who are studying a technical unit such as programming or cyber security need more access, agree? This is why we have put together a tutorial that explains to you how simple it is to hack into a school computer that is blocked to play games, install additional software or browse the web freely.

You shall not be able to hack into the system if your school uses Chromebook until you load Windows on it which involves taking it apart. This will also not work if the system has the following:

  1. Your systems BIOS is locked down.
  2. If connected to a domain.
  3. If it has any antivirus solutions installed.

There are various examples such as a popular one that went from schools and colleges was the WhatsApp crash code or the text bomb this was a text that crashed the app for the person it was sent to. It was great for fun and only temporary. Recently a teen hacked a whole school district to play a video.

3 Ways on How To Hack School Computers 2021 (Play Games or Gain Administrator)

Method #1: Get hold of Command Prompt

  • On the school system press and hold the power button till the system turns off. Once done, press to turn it on again.
  • Wait for the startup screen in many cases the system alerts that it was not shut down properly and provide you with some options to be selected from arrow keys.
  • You need to choose “start windows normally” and hit “enter”.
  • Restart it again, the system shall reboot and you shall again at the startup screen.
  • You need to look out for the “startup repair” screen, if this carries repair options like “launch startup repair” on it then go to the next step.
  • If it has standard options then you need to select “start windows normally” once again, restart it through the power button. Repeat this till you are at the “startup repair” screen.
  • Next, choose “launch startup repair (recommended), this shall prompt the startup repair sequence to start running.
  • When prompted click on “cancel”, wait for around 10 minutes and then proceed.

Unblock CMD Access

  • After this you need to click on the “View problem details” drop-down box there at the bottom left corner of the error message, you shall see drop-down notes list.
  • Open the “notepad” and head down to the “if the online privacy statement is not available” option, hit the link.
  • As the notepad opens you need to perform the following:
  • In the top left corner, click “file”.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on “open”.
  • From windows that appear, double-click on “computer”.
  • Next, double-click on the system hard drive.
  • Then double click on the windows folder.
  • Go down and double-click on the “System32 folder”.
  • After this change, the type of file you can see hit on the “file type” drop-down box and click on “all files”.
  • Now you need to change the utility manager with the command prompt doing this shall give you access to the command prompt even when blocked.
  • You need to find the shortcut “Utilman” there in the U section files.
  • Right-click on this and then hit “resume”.
  • Type “Utilman1”, hit “enter”.
  • Find the “cmd” file.
  • Right-click on this and click on “copy”.
  • Paste it in the copied file by pressing “Ctrl + V”.
  • Click right on this file, rename it to “Utilman” and hit “enter”.
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Access System Utilities

  • Close the “open” window and notepad, hit “cancel” then click “X” there on the top right corner.
  • Exit all the remaining windows by clicking on “X”, hit “yes” when prompted.

You can now proceed with making a new administrator account. We also recommend making yourself familiar with our CMD hacking code list.

Method #2: Administrator access is vital

Admin Access on School Network

  1. You would be at the login screen as soon as your system finishes with the restart
  2. Click the “utility manager” option which is a dial-shape icon and arrow present on the bottom left side; this shall open command prompt windows as we have replaced it with it.
  3. Now you need to create a new user, as the command prompt opens:
  4. Type “net user name /add” (replace “name” with preferred username).
  5. Hit “enter”.
  6. After this type “net localgroup administrators name/add” (replace “name” with preferred username just created).
  7. Hit “enter”.
  8. Restart system.
  9. Select the “new user”, click the “sign-in” option. Password is not needed as you did not create one.
  10. Windows shall take some time to set it up (if windows 7 then skip this step).
  11. As now you own an account that has admin privileges thus can use system services as well as programs without any restrictions.

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Method #3: Using Recovery Mode for Admin Access on macOS

Hacking macOS laptops in school

First, you need to check the macOS version the older ones shall be OS X and Mac OS X.

  1. For this, you require OS X 10.7 Lion or later. To check this, hit the apple button > about this Mac.
  2. After this disconnect from the internet, this is much needed as it shall record software’s which attempt to record your attempts. As many of these kinds of software notify the other device, doing this shall prevent most of this software.

Some of the software might inform the school that they have lost the connection though this can apply to shutting down as well. In case anyone investigates just tell them that your system stopped responding and you had to reboot it.

  1. Restart Mac, for this click “apple logo” and then hit “restart”. Depending upon the settings you might need confirmation to perform this.
  2. Next, boot mac into the recovery mode, for this during startup hold “Command+R”. Now, this is used to boot Mac into the recovery mode from where one can format the disk, reinstall macOS as well as change the password, this shall take more than the usual time. If you boot to an options screen with a time machine, disk utility screen, and reinstall safari then go to the next step, repeat the process if you see the normal screen.
  3. After this open terminal, click on “utilities” and then click on “terminal”.
  4. Change the password, for an admin account, need to be on it already, type “reset password”, select the admin account and change the passcode.
  5. Reboot Mac like normal.
  6. After this log into the administrator account; for this just select the account you changed the passcode and enter a password.
  7. Open passwords; for this, you need to click on the Apple logo > system preferences > select accounts (or users). After this select the account > click lock and then use it to change privileges to give your account admin.
  8. After this log out of this, you need to sign out by clicking on the apple menu > logout.
  9. Sign in to the account like you normally do and must have administrator privileges. All this means that it can be used as any other Mac.
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Disclaimer: If the school authority finds out, then you can either get detention or face expulsion or even face jail. We do not promote such behavior and this is shared only for educational and informational purposes. We will not be held responsible for any damage you cause to any systems by reading this page.

Final Statement

Hacking is always regarded as a harsh and dangerous topic. But it’s NOT! It is the future and it’s the backbone of cyber security. If you have great skills and know some programming languages then you have an advantage over others. We have shared a simple tutorial that teaches you the knowledge to know how to hack into school computers for various reasons including Play games such as Roblox or gain administrator access.

Shaheer is the founder of SecuredYou. He is a cybersecurity freak and loves anything related to Computers and Technology. Apart from being a tech geek, he loves listening to music and going to the gym.



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