Hotspot Shield Premium Usernames and Passwords For 2022

It is a popular VPN service with more than 650 million users and different servers in more than 80 countries. Hotspot Shield usernames and passwords 2022 list which is FREE claims to be the number 1 grossing application for productivity in the US App store (when we checked the source it was number 8 which is quite good).

Catapult hydra protocol is what makes this unique; it is used to maximize speed without affecting privacy. But, is it as fast as vendors claim? We put VPN through different tests to know about its services.

Our own research lab found:

  • It delivers fast speed.
  • Unblocks many streaming websites.
  • The client is a bit slow at times

It has the following strengths:

  • User-friendly applications.
  • P2P support – A plus for torrent lovers.
  • 24/7 live chat support – finally.

If we talk about privacy policy then we have some reservations regarding the security of its browser extension.

Hotspot Shield Account Features (Exclusive)

Hotspot Shield Premium Account Features

Is there a price?Yes, It is $2.90.
Guarantee protection45 days
Log and encrypted search historyOnly 50% of untraceable data
Hosts around the world3000 + in Europe, Australia, America and Asia
License limit5 devices
Kill switchYes
Trust score8/10
Customer servicesLive Chat representatives
Torrents and P2P DownloadingYes, ISP dependant

Hotspot Shield Streaming Capability

Yes, we were able to unblock streaming services that are quite popular among users; these include BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video globally. We ran into an issue as we got blocked on the first server but when we switched to a compatible server the problem was solved.

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Hotspot Shield VPN Infrastructure Performance Speeds

It is the fastest VPN in the market. Its Catapult Hydra Protocol is designed to fix problems in IPsec and OpenVPN protocol which reduces speeds.

The site claims that this shall:

  • Improvise connection speeds as compared to others.

Now, we began at a download speed of 75 Mbps.

With this, you can select a country, but not an individual server therefore, we were not able to test different servers within the US. Our download speed got 60 Mbps when we connected to a nearby server in the US.

In our virtual location UK, the average speed was 72 Mbps which is quite good especially due to location distance.

In Germany, speed was 65 Mbps. This is similar to what we saw in JustVPN.

In Hong Kong speed was 66 Mbps. This is also good as connection speeds tend to drop as distance increases from the servers.

Across the board, we found excellent connection speeds, as far as many VPNs we have connected not many delivered such good connections.

Connections were also stable and reliable over time and we did not experience any kind of speed loss connection drop during the tests.

The provider allows torrenting on all most all the servers and platforms. It masks the IP address and hides P2P activity from ISP. It shall deliver good download and upload speeds which is great yet ideal for P2P file sharing.

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On sites, help center users can find out help related to torrenting and see troubleshooting guides as well.

Can you trust Hotspot Shield Premium VPN – Is it safe?

To be honest it is a bit complicated but the application protects the security and privacy of the browser in a neat manner, during our test we have seen no IP or DNS leaks. You are in good company.

Our real IP address, as well as location, was hidden in the US.

It is used to keep our connection:

  • All are secure with robust encryption.
  • Leak protection.
  • Malware protection.

If you are a native app user then you shall be protected by an automatic kill switch which helps to keep the data safe even if the connection drops suddenly, but it is only available for windows.

The results were not good when we tested IP and DNS leaks with the chrome browser extension.

Though in US our both are location and IP address were not leaked still browser extension was leaking many DNS addresses to sites we made a visit to. This allows sites to know that are using a VPN.

2 issues you need to be aware of concerning its safety:

Back in 2017, CDT (Center for Democracy and Technology) made a complaint to FTC (Federal Trade Transmission).

They stated that it was misguiding users regarding the amount of data it shared with other advertisers.

Another issue was in 2018 when a security researcher discovered a bug that could cause it to leak out the user’s real country and name of the Wifi network.

Keep these issues in consideration though it provides users with strong encryption and many security features.

Hotspot Shield Search History and Logging Policies

Its headquarters are in the US, one of the founding members of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance.

With all this still, we were not impressed with its privacy policy.

But the good news is that it does not keep logs of user’s online activity through it collects other information. It logs the following:

  1. Network information.
  2. OS version.
  3. Model of the hardware.
  4. Unique mobile ID.
  5. Real IP address.

We do not like terms like network information.

If you are using the free version then it’s worse as it shares the following information:

  • Wireless carrier.
  • MAC address.
  • Unique advertising IS.
  • City-level location.

The information it collects is enough to identify someone as an individual.

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Hotspot Shield VPN Router and Smartphone support

It is compatible with many devices and apps offered by macOS, Android, Smart TVs, and Windows.

It also has manual installation guides for setup on routers and Linux. Installing it on the router means that users can use this with other devices enabled by wifi which mostly do not support VPNs such as games consoles.

It also provides a browser extension for Google Chrome.

An automatic kill switch is only offered by windows app whereas others lack it,

With this users can connect up to 5 simultaneous devices.

Anchorfree VPN Adaptor – What is it?

Few users see that it installs software on their hardware known as the Anchorfree HSS VPN Adaptor. This driver is used to support as well as stabilize connections.

The apps are user-friendly and straight-forwards. Its interface is easy and simple.

With a single click connect to the server.

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By clicking on the sphere in the top-right corner one can select the server location manually.

If you click on a new location you can connect to a server immediately.

While being connected to it, one can also have access to the virtual location by clicking on the current location.

Every time you connect with it, you shall be able to see

  • Current map location.
  • Session length.
  • Data were downloaded and uploaded during the session.

You can open settings from the top-left corner.

Hotspot Shield VPN Account FAQs

Hotspot Shield Premium Account Help and FAQ

Is it easy to use on any device?

Yes, it is and it brings the following to:

  1. It is easy to install.
  2. The site is easy to navigate.
  3. Apps are user-friendly.
  4. Download it free without making an account.
  5. Easy to use for all.

Do you actually have to pay a price for premium usernames?

It carries 4 premium subscriptions plans all have the same features but differ in length and cost,

On longer plans, they provide discounts that are economically friendly.

They also have a free version that works well but with limited data, streaming, and server locations.

Give it a try using a 7-day free trial.

Pay through:

  • Major credit cards.
  • Anonymous gift cards.
  • Major brand gifts are also accepted.

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Can I use a premium account generator?

Hotspot Shield VPN Premium Account Generator

No, those are fake and do NOT work. Such programs only spread malware, spyware, or adware for their own gains. We strongly advise you to use the credentials provided by us in the table below.

Does Hotspot Shield Premium Account work in China?

We are not sure to say as China is in the improvising to detect and block VPNs every day.

For this users report mixed results as some are able to use it while another cant.

It comes with 4 different subscriptions where each plan carries the same features.

With a longer subscription plan, users shall get good value for money. The 3-year plan is quite good on the pocket whereas the monthly package costs more.

The price is good with this but you can also find cheaper options in the market.

It also carries a free version which has the following limitations:

  • Carries ads.
  • Only gives access to virtual location.
  • With no access to streaming content, you shall run into a paywall.
  • Limitation of 500 MB per day.

Though premium service is not free, take advantage of a 7-day free trial to give it a try.

Do they have customer services to reach if a problem arises?

Its help center includes FAQs, searchable help databases, and specific troubleshooting guides.

A good 24/7 help customer service that is responsive and gets in touch within minutes. It has a 24/7 and 365 responsive chat service which is very helpful. Within few minutes we were assisted by a friendly representative.

Many common issues are solved using this; you can also submit a support ticket via the website.

Alternative: CyberGhost VPN Premium Account (100% Free).

Hotspot Shield Premium Account Username and Password 2022 – Working List

Hotspot Shield Username and Password

It has a good user experience overall with native applications but we have concerns regarding the lack of advanced settings in non-windows versions of the app.

Hotspot Shield premium accounts impress people with their lightning-fast speeds and good customer service but for now, it does not compete with top VPNs. There are concerns regarding privacy, security, and anonymity. It also got blocked from popular streaming websites.

Get them from the table below:

[email protected]DebutsAlderSequin4
[email protected]SeekerIsabelPyrex1
[email protected]TehranAntisFuss2
[email protected]EthanVentsYalta2
[email protected]AIckyResetsCrow5
[email protected]tollsWithalTzars2
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