How to Hack a Facebook Password 2022 - Without Program/Software
How to Hack Facebook Account Password 2022 – How Hackers Steal your Password

Well, so you are interested to hack a Facebook account password? I am not the one to ask the reason for it. Every one of us has at least once thought of hacking a Facebook account for xyz reasons. In this article, we will be discussing the common tactics which are used by hackers, not actually how to hack a Facebook account password.

By the way, if you have some bad intentions you can continue reading this article, you might find some clues. This article will try to educate readers about some important stuff when it comes to hacking a Facebook account or any other social media account. The new method shared works without program or software.

Why you should not try to Hack a Facebook Account?

Firstly it is highly unlikely that you would ever be able to pull it off. Sorry to break your heart, but the fact that Facebook spends millions of dollars on improving its security. Secondly, it’s illegal and you don’t want to get your ass busted. It’s not easy like searching in google, and whichever software or website is enlisted first just give it the email of the target and you will get the password within minutes.

Sorry, it doesn’t work like that, there is no such tool that will get you the password like that. Just imagine if it was this easier then who would be using Facebook on planet earth? There is so much of personal data that we can’t even imagine a minor security breach in this platform. Even a breach that can be exploited by an expert hacker can lead to mistrust of the user for the company.

Some FAQs about Hacking FB Passwords

Well, we all know what level of security is provided by Facebook, definitely one of the most secure websites on the planet. But it would be really exaggerating to say that it can’t be hacked. As for as small tools and applications you will find on the internet are concerned, all of them are fake. Such apps usually require you to enter just the victim’s email. Such apps and tools have few things in common, such as:

  1. Easy to use interface, required inputs or either email id or Facebook id and a button named as “hack”
  2. All of such apps will take you to some survey or it will take you to some other traffic network.
  3. All of these apps are fake and they don’t work for sure.
  4. There is no such thing as a ‘Facebook Account Hacker‘ please do not visit such websites or apps because they do not exist.

Below is an example of one of these FAKE apps design to steal your own credentials.

Facebook Password Hacker Software 2021
An example of a Facebook Password Hacker (2022)

How to Hack a Facebook Account Password – Without Programs

Disclaimer: This is just an informational guide that shows you different methods used by Hackers to hack innocent people’s Facebook accounts. This is only for educational purposes and we will not be held responsible for any damage you cause.

Well, do you even know what does it mean to hack Facebook? Or what does hacking facebook actually mean? When usually we think of hacking, for us it is about getting the password of some target. But actually, it is much more complicated than that. There are several obstacles which you need to cross in order to gain access to the password.

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You need to understand the A to Z of the Facebook platform, how does it manage its databases, what scripts are being used, what sort of encryption is being used, what languages are used and how does it use cookies, etc. There is a big amount of expertise and knowledge is required to pull it off.

Only then you have a bit of chance that you might be able to find some vulnerability in the website. You will have to find code exploits in order to gain special access to the db or systems by utilizing the right payloads. The next thing you will need to do would be privilege escalation.

Let’s suppose you found a loophole that has allowed you to gain access to the emails and mobile numbers of a given user. Now you would like to escalate this access to other areas or data such as passwords. Once you have acquired access to the desired data, which is username and password in this case, then the next step would be to create a backdoor so that next time it becomes a lot easier to gain access. You would also need to remove your footsteps or blueprints so that no one could track you back and you don’t get caught.

Is it hard to Hack a Facebook Account?

Trust me if you are still reading this article it means you are a beginner and let me tell you that hacking Facebook is really a big deal and you can’t do it. Trust me even someone with high-level expertise on web pen-testing can’t even get close to Facebook databases. Now here is an important point, why would someone do this much hard work? Just to get access to passwords? But wait do you actually need to know so much of technology just to get access to someone’s passwords.

Yes, you and I only want to get access to one user’s account information or to be specific his/her password. We don’t need to gain access to the database or admin access. What if I tell you that a child next door can get the password if he wants to? This involves social engineering.

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Different Ways Used by Hackers to Steal your Facebook Password

Phishing – Making a Fake Website to Hack Facebook Passwords

Another popular way of hacking Facebook is by designing a phishing website. In this type of hacking, hackers design a webpage that is mostly a carbon copy of the underlying website. In our case Facebook. He makes the target believe that he is visiting actually Facebook, so the user enters his credentials, and the hacker gets the information within the blink of an eye. So to protect yourself, always look at the URL, enter your password only if it is an official URL i.e.

Social Engineering (Human Hacking) – Tricking you to give your Facebook Account

Well with the passage of time database and server security has reached new levels. The new types of encryptions have become almost impossible to decrypt. Just for instance consider 256-bit encryption. Do you know how much time it would take to decrypt hashes for 256bit? Forever.

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Yes, we know humans are too lazy to upgrade to the latest level of security. Just consider how many of us consider the possibility of hacking when deciding between WEP and WPA for our wifi password? Not many. But things are improving. But still, mostly humans remain stupid and ignorant. Most of the users don’t know how this stuff works. This carelessness can be exploited with a bit of hard work and tactics varying from case to case. By using social engineering tactics you can easily bypass the security of Facebook.

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Plain password grabbing – Website clones designed to hack your Facebook account easily

In this type of attack, the hacker creates a low-quality website that entrusts the victim. We know most users use the same password for all websites. So there is a high probability that he will use the same password. In order to protect yourself from such attacks always use a different password for each website.

You (Yourself) are the risk – We all make mistakes

Humans are the weak link when it comes to cybersecurity. Just imagine if you keep your account logged in you college lab? You can’t really blame Facebook for using your friend’s USB which was infected with a virus or Trojan. So social engineering is basically exploiting the trust of people. In which a person tries to obtain information from the user by betraying him.

You might send your friend a malicious link as well which will install the malware in his system and let you gain access to his personal information. Since your friend trusts you he won’t even suspect. You can also ask him for his sensitive information which can be used to gain access to the Facebook passwords, such as his birthday, his security question like in which city his mother was born?

Such information can easily be obtained if the person trusts you. Even if he/she doesn’t trust you, you can work around your way to obtain the required info socially. You can install some mobile application on his mobile by just asking him if you want to make a call, though it’s not purely social engineering.

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Final Words – Always be aware

Hackers are always finding new ways to social engineer or get you to hand them over your password. There was a data breach detected recently that affected 50 million people. They will find a new way that will most likely be caught by Facebook and the right mitigations will be put in place. The tips and methods shared about to let you hack facebook account without the program.

Hopefully, after reading this article you know what tricks are used by rogue people so that they know how to hack Facebook account passwords in 2022.

Some tips to keep yourself protected from such attacks:

The methods are the best ones and most popularly used by them. There are also other ways I.e. By using someone’s phone number, PC, smartphone, or even network. Never put your Facebook login details on any website or PC you don’t trust. Make sure you have an antivirus program installed. Have a look at our recommendations for Antivirus software for Windows 10/Windows 11.

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