If you want to learn how to change MAC address on Android mobiles, then this tutorial is your best choice. There are various reasons why you would want to do this. However, we offer you two different methods, one that requires “no root” and another that does require “root access”.

How to Change MAC Address on Android Device (No-Root Methods)

MAC or Media Access Control address is a 12 character unique identifier that is assigned to a specific piece of hardware like the network adaptor of the WiFi device. To put it in simple words, the MAC address is used to identify the user’s Android phone there on the internet or the local network.


Why should you change your MAC Address on Android?

  • The first one on the list is privacy. Anyone out there on your local Ethernet network can quickly peek in and see your MAC address with the help of simple and easy tools. This gave hackers a chance to keep track of your devices as well as on you too. This is a threat, especially if you are on a public WiFi network like airports, hotels, or any coffee shops out there that carry free WiFi these days.
  • If your MAC address is publicly revealed, then it can be used by the hacker to impersonate you. On most of the networks, the access is restricted based on the IP address; thus, when you go offline, the hacker can use your MAC address and access the system as you.
  • If you somehow want access towards a network that limits access based on MAC address, then you can change the MAC address on the device that you want to access as well as access the system.
  • Internet service providers use MAC addresses to identify as well as to authenticate your internet connection. If your network stops working, then you need to get a new one, the system may not work as the new network carries a unique MAC address. In this case, despite contacting your ISP then need to change the new network card’s MAC address to your old network card’s MAC address and start using it instantly.

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How to Find your Current MAC Address in Android Settings?

Now we assume that an individual who has landed on this page through google search must be aware of the MAC address location on his device. If somehow you are unaware and do not know how to find the MAC address of your device, then you can find it under settings> about the phone. For this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • If you have a Samsung device then you need to open the device settings then go to about phone or the plot,> status and then you shall see the WiFi MAC address
  • If you have a Oneplus device, then you need to go to settings, then click on system > about phone > status and then see the WiFi MAC address.

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How to Change your MAC Address on Android (No Root Required)

To change the MAC address on an android phone device, you can you two ways:

  1. Without the root access
  2. With the root access


  • Using the Terminal
  • Using ChameleMAC

Both methods are easy to follow.

Check if your Android mobile is rooted first:

Have you heard about the term root before? We highly doubt root availability on your android phone device. If you are sure that you rooted your device even then as a precautionary measure, you need to verify it once more. To check root availability, you need to download the root checker application there from the Google Playstore

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Change Android MAC Address no root

The app comes in free with essential functions. Once you have downloaded and installed the app. You need to open it and click on “verify root,” you shall be able to see your root status there.

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How to change Android MAC address without Root Access (Easy Way)

If you do not have root access, then you do not need to worry at all, as it is still possible to change the MAC address. For this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • To get to know about the MAC address of your phone, you need to go to settings > WiFi & internet. Here you need to click on the WiFi option to view the list of all the available WiFi networks. Select the network to which your device is connected to. Then on the next page, you shall be able to see the MAC address of your device under the network details. Now depending upon the display size on your smartphone device, you might need to click on the advanced options to see it. Now, as a precaution, you can write the MAC address down on a piece of paper or somewhere safe in case you want to revert to it later.

Change MAC Address on Android Without Root

  • After this, you need to download an application by the name of the android terminal emulator from the Playstore.
  • Once downloaded, you need to open it up and type the “Ip link show.”
  • From the list just find your interface name. let’s assume that the interface name is “wlan0” then you need to type in this command there in the Terminal to change the MAC address:

“IP link set wlan0 XX:XX:XX:YY:YY: YY’ where you have to replace ‘wlan0’ with your interface name and ‘XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY’ with the new MAC address you want to change to.

  • You need to do and verify if the MAC address has been appropriately changed.

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Your limits in changing MAC Addresses

  • It works almost on all the devices with the MediaTek processors.
  • The change that you see is temporary. If you restart your smartphone device, then your MAC address will go back to the original one.

How to change MAC address with root access (App Method)

Keep in mind that this method works only on the rooted android device plus for this method to work, you need to have with you the BusyBox. You can get it on your rooted android phone with the help of the Busybox application.

How to change MAC Address with root access app

For this, you need to open Busybox, click on install, and you are good to go.

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ChameleMAC – MAC Address Changer App for Android (Requires Root!)

For those who do not know, ChameleMAC is an application that works with root access, and you cannot find it on the Google Playstore as it indeed violates some of the guidelines. Google is not able to host such applications that allow users to change the MAC address. Thus you need to install it from the APK. Moreover, the app works only if you carry a device that is powered by a MediaTek chip.

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Download ChameleMAC APK for Android (Latest)

  • You need to download and install the APK application and then launch it.
  • You need to grant root permissions when asked upon.

Download ChameleMAC APK Latest Version

  • There is nothing much to the application. You shall be able to see a text input field with two buttons there below it. One of the buttons says Generate random MAC, and the other says Apply new MAC.
  • You need to input the new MAC address there in the text field and click on Apply new MAC or click on the generate Random MAC button if you want to have access to a random MAC address.
  • The confirmation box that comes up, you need to click on change to change the MAC address.

Now the best part about this method is that it changes the MAC address permanently unless and until you manually change it back to what it was.

Download ChameleMAC APK for Android

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How to Change Android MAC Address using the Terminal

This method requires the use of a Terminal. Thus you need to download it. Now assume that you have both the terminal windows, ROOT, and Busybox there on your device then you need to follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you need to open the terminal window application and type the comments: su and click on enter.
  • Till now, if you have not given access to the application, then it shall prompt you for root access. Hit allow.
  • To know regarding the current network interface, then you need to type in IP link shown and click on enter if we assume the interface name to be etho.
  • Then enter the command busybox IP link show etho and click on enter. The current MAC address shall be displayed. This is just for the information.
  • Type the following command to change MAC address and hit enter’ BusyBox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:YY:YY: YY ‘. Change ‘XX:XX:XX:YY:YY: YY’ with any MAC address you desire, I would pick a random MAC address change If I was you.

How to change MAC Address with ChameleMAC APK

You have successfully changed the MAC address. To check the same, you need to use the command busybox uplink show the. You shall be able to see the new MAC address that you have entered.

Keep in mind that the MAC address that you have changed through this method is permanent, and it does not change if you restart the device.

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Change MAC Address on Android TV Box

I had been requested by a reader to provide a method to change MAC addresses on Android TV Box. Well, it’s a surprise! The method is the same for TV boxes too as they are running the same versions of Android that are run on mobiles with only a few tweaks and settings to the launcher and nothing extra.

What are your views on changing a MAC Address?

Would you change your Android phone’s MAC address? This all depends on your circumstances and if you want to stay anonymous on a network and not be traced back. This is the only primary reason why someone would want to know how to change their MAC address on Android with our without root.

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