How to Change Reddit Username 2022 - 2 Working Methods

Isn’t it annoying when you can’t change your username for a site online? Well, worry, not anymore! Here is how to change your Reddit Username. With any website that you log in, you tend to change your display name after some time. The truth is that this is the prime agenda of many Reddit users. This is the reason why we received this question “Is It Possible to Change Reddit Account Username?” Yes, it is! But some limitations are discussed below.

On Reddit, changing the username is considered to be a big topic. There are many different subreddits regarding this. Almost everyone looks out for ways to improve their display name and URL, which are talked about too.


Why Change your Reddit Username?

Now why people tend to change their username on Reddit? One of the main reasons is the misrepresentation of the user. If you have created an account back like some 10 years ago, then your name might be securedyou21 then after you enter into the teenage such ideas are great to have some fun.

Why we choose non-appropriate username URLs because it’s fun to do so, but like all the trending names, it loses its meanings and gets boring as well.

We hope that you have not done much on Reddit with your username, as whatever you read on Reddit is, by all means, accurate. There is no way in which you can change your username. For it to be changed, you need to create another account, which means you have to delete your current account; this is known as deactivating your account on Reddit. Once this is done, there is certainly no going back.

Deactivating does not mean that you are deleting your account; it only removes your username and access towards your account. Posts and comments made by you can still be seen. However, you cannot go back and use that account. You can try signing in with the same name as well as password, but it shall not work for you as there may be another user with the same name on the site. This is a very common problem.

You cannot change your display name, but this does not affect anything else. Once you post anything, your actual username can be seen. If, however, you want a trendy name or something that is non-appropriate, like just for fun, then we recommend you do it with your display name.

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According to what we have described above, it is indeed very crucial to choose your Reddit URL username as it cannot be changed afterward. Follow through the article to get to know how you can come up with a good display name.

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How to Change Reddit Username (100% Working)

Change Reddit Username, URL and Display Name

Reddit does not carry a profile page like Twitter or Facebook; thus, the username is all that you have. You need to pick up a good username for representing yourself as it cannot be changed. It is even a thing on Reddit as well. Here is how you can make sure your Facebook profile is secure so no one can hijack it!

If you want to find an excellent yet suitable name for yourself, then you need to be sure that why and how you are going to use Reddit if you to be known in the world of Reddit that you need to choose a conspicuous name that is memorable and very easy to read.

To represent a commercial corporation, then your username needs to have the name of your business. If you sync this name with your other social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, then you may surprise some of the users on Reddit. The same goes for some other formal establishments.

If you are looking for attracting attention, then you need to choose a username that is random and is unrelated to your interests. This is how you can keep a shallow profile.

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Reddit Username Generators – Are they any good?

AI may be beneficial if you are looking for suggestions regarding your Reddit username. On the internet, you can find many such useful generators. They are in fact very good as you are given hundreds of new ideas of names to display. If you want to stand out then I recommend you try it.

SpinXO – A great choice

The first one on the list is SpinXO. It is prevalent. It uses almost six pieces of information regarding you to come up with a catchy name for your account. This username requests your character, name, hobbies, things that you like, prior words as well as letters or numbers.

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You need to write down the information there in the boxes and then tap on the spin button. It is going to come up with many different names, almost up to 50, based on the information that you have provided.

It, however, does not carry a specific name generator for Reddit, but you can select the nickname option and continue. Some examples of names generated by SpinXO are as followed:

  • Stardistore
  • Unlimistars7
  • Securedyou54
  • YouSecuredRocker1
  • Thehackerboys1
  • Coolboyrocks1
  • Thegodtalker

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Reddit Display Name Generators – Create Compelling Display Names using

Another name generator to make it to the list is This is similar to spin-XO. It asks you for some necessary information, but it is different than spin-XO. It asks regarding your first, middle, and last name, gender, year of birth, two adjectives describing you, location, occupation, and anything that you like.

Once you have provided the information, you need to click on “write me some username,” and it shall do the magic by creating a name for you. It looks like bait to get all the required information.

We have a website by the name of It is, in reality, a Reddit name generator as well. Once you open, the site is going to come with many alternative names for you. If, however, you do not like them, then you can look for other names just by clicking on the randomize button.

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Change Reddit URL and display name: Changing your URL will also alter your account display name and URL too. The reason behind this is that the username is changed, and the Reddit database is updated to reflect changes.

Have you changed your Reddit Username?

This article has everything you need to know on how to change Reddit username in 2022. Though it cannot be altered at any cost due to the Reddit policies, there are still ways in which you can select a unique username name at the time you begin your Reddit journey. We have provided for you some name generators that can be used for this purpose.

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