How to Check Gmail Login History - Who has last logged in

Are you worried about your Gmail account being hacked? You shouldn’t! This article shows you how to check your login activity in Gmail and spot suspicious activity in your email account. We will also be discussing how to check last account activity in Gmail.

Today everyone is a common user of Google Mail. It is one of Google’s free and very popular webmail clients. There are times when you wish to view the history of your Gmail account especially when you are informed regarding a suspicious activity going on your account.

Now sometimes we log in to our Gmail account through our tablet, smartphone device or any other shared computer somewhere so what happens is that Google sends in an alert to the particular device or account that you have specified for such a security specification.

Our normal response to this is YES and then we continue doing our work but if this kind of alert comes at a time when we are not using our Gmail then what we do is we start digging into the security logs to find out regarding this matter.


What are Gmail Login Alerts?

The alerts that we witness only provide only one data point – one login data, one browser, and one location. If your email for some reason has been compromised then this is not to be considered as a one-time situation but it is something that is being gone around quite a few times.

There might be chances that someone has been keeping an eye on your Gmail activity or even sending away malicious emails vie your name. well, let’s follow through the article to let know how we can keep track of your Gmail history in a comprehensive and effective way.

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Why you should check Last Account Activity in Gmail

Now, first things first if you want to detect these unauthorized users then you must know who these authorized users are. To put everything in a simple manner keep in mind that Gmail does not track users rather it tracks sessions and such sessions are identified by the device, IP address is used for access and the software of the browser.

Likewise, you need to know regarding which devices are being used to access your account, the IP account from which it is being accessed, the browser used to perform this activity and the exact date on which you have logged into your Gmail account

After this, you need to check the login history to figure out where and when your account has been logged in and used. By doing such things you shall be able to track down all the unauthorized access points and prevent such activities to happen again in the near future.

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How to Check Gmail Last Login History

If you wish to view the login history of your Gmail account then you need to follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you need to login into your Gmail account
  • Then click on the Details button from the bottom right of your dashboard
  • This will open up a new tab with all the information related to your account activity
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How to Check Gmail Last Account Activity

  • Now the tables that you witness list down the browser that you have used, the country of origin as well as the time and date of your login
  • From in here, you can choose to sign out as well from all the active web sessions if somehow you notice any foreign activity being carried away
  • Moreover, you can also see other details related to every login just by clicking on the show details link that lies next to the browser tag

How to view last login in Gmail

There are other ways as well to see your login history. For this you need to follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you need to visit the recent security events page
  • Here you shall be able to see any new logins from all the unauthorized locations. Just flag them

You must keep one thing in your mind if you are using another device like an iPhone that has a 3G network then the address shall be different from that of your office or home computer system. As soon as you get to know about both the addresses then you shall be able to indicate which of the logins were from unauthorized sources.

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How to Detect Suspicious Logins in Gmail

Now at times, you may notice suspicious logins which explain “wait a minute, I never logged in from Pocatello, Idaho!! I have never been to Idaho!”

Now before you make a quick decision regarding you have been hacked just wait and check to see if you have been using a VPN to cover your web browsing tracks. Now VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

They are used to spoof the IP tracking mechanism of the internet to make your computer system appear to be at someplace else. It may get a little tricky for you if you have a VPN running to make heads or tails of your session logs.

Keep in mind that this is not an argument that we are making here for not running the VPN. To go in a little depth VPNs are used to add security to your online sessions. Still, you need to be aware when you are using them as they carry a history of complicating efforts in order to interpret security logs.

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Why Check Gmail Account Last Login

As Google is a cloud-based email service therefore it cannot just automatically block unauthorized IP addresses and devices from logging into an account. They would however block the legitimate users each time they used a different device or changed their smartphone devices. The only thing they do it flag down all the suspicious events like mystery logins to gain your attention.

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Many of us do not carry the habit to change our passwords frequently thus if we have a check on our Gmail history then like this we get to know regarding any suspicious activities going our email. All of this does not take much of your time.

Moreover if you a habit of changing your password regularly even then you won’t be able to if someone has a keylogger on your computer system or any other way of finding your password. Someone out there has definitely had physical access towards your machine and is taking a lot of advantage if you have an unauthorized legitimate login, but from times and dates when you knew you were not in Gmail.

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You must have a check on your Gmail login history as this is the best way to keep a check on your Gmail account plus it is safe and convenient as well. You can also report for devices that should not have any access to your account. The best part about this is that Gmail flags down all the new access points. You are going to receive a new notification at a quick instant so that you can take quick action and keep yourself all secured.

How to Secure your Gmail Login from Hacking

Google Account Device History

For more security you can also perform the following steps:

  • In the first step, you can set up a recovery phone number and email if you don’t have it already. Like this, you can keep control of any hacked account. This, however, is very easy to set up and google itself is going to guide you all the way through it
  • The other way is to set up two-step verification on your Gmail account. This adds an extra step towards the login process. In this you can use other things besides your user and password, you can ask Google to send a message to your device, google send away a prompt to your device. Although these things are a bit annoying they make it impossible for someone to hack into your Gmail account. You can set this up in the following way:
  • In the first step, you need to go to your google account
  • Then click on security there in the left navigation panel
  • After signing in you need to click on 2 step verification
  • Click on it
  • In the end, follow all the steps being provided on the screen.

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How are you checking your Last Gmail Account Logins?

So this was how to check login activity on Gmail and last account activity on Gmail. We have also added some security tips for making your Google Mail extra safe. You can also find some useful information in the Gmail Help page.

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