Want to learn some new WhatsApp tricks? Well, the latest one we have for you is how to Crash WhatsApp 2022; this includes a WhatsApp Crash Message, which hangs the app entirely!

How to Crash Someones Whatsapp 2022 | Hang WhatsApp App [Working]

Today we live in a world of internet and technology where WhatsApp plays its role equally. Whatsapp had made it much easier for us to chat with friends and family around the world. Lately, it has introduced many new yet exciting features such as voice calls, sharing of personal documents as well as video calling. Many people today seem to enjoy the Whatsapp video calling. It has now come with an innovation that is known as the WhatsApp bomber application.

If you love to annoy your best friend, then WhatsApp bomber application is all that you need to have installed on your device. Such a claim is designed in a way to send spam messages to your friend’s phone that can be used as a prank. You can use the WhatsApp bomber application to irritate your friends to the fullest as today, almost everyone out there has WhatsApp application installed in their smartphone devices. Follow through the article to get to know more about the WhatsApp bomber application.

Note: This is only a WhatsApp crash message copy and paste which does not need any kind of app to be installed.


How to Crash Someones WhatsApp 2021 – Hang WhatsApp App [Android/iOS]

How to Hang WhatsApp App Android and iPhone

If you wish to use the WhatsApp web method to prank your friends, then you must have Microsoft.net framework 4.0 installed there on your system. As soon as you have them, you can begin with the following procedure:

  • In the first step, you need to download and install the Auto-Spam Bot 2.0
  • Once it gets downloaded, you need to click on it and open it.
  • After this, you shall be able to see a text box.
  • Then select the sending speed.
  • Once done you need to open Whatsapp web on your computer system
  • You need to select the Chat to whom you want to send unlimited messages.
  • Once done, you need to click on Start and open the Chat.
  • You need to click on the Type a Message field, and then it will start sending unlimited messages to your friends.
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Best WhatsApp Crash Message for Android and iPhone [New]

Best WhatsApp Crash Message

  • In the first step, you need to download and install it on your smartphone device
  • Then you need to launch it and set the level of bombing
  • Once done you need to click on copy bomb to clipboard
  • After this, you need to open the WhatsApp application
  • Once done you need to send the copied text message to the Chat you wish to bomb
  • Now when your friend sees the message, then his or her phone shall be crashed for some time.

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What to Know Before Sending a WhatsApp Crash Message

When you are using the WhatsApp bomber application on your smartphone device, then there are some essential things that you need to keep in mind. The Precautions are as followed:

  • The user always needs to select a level between 1-3 if he does not have a high-end phone. However, if he chooses a higher level on a low-end device, then his phone will likely crash down
  • After you have sent a message to your friend you must clear the chat history or else your phone will get hanged
  • If you run the WhatsApp bomber application in the background, then it shall cause some severe issues thus refrain from doing something like this
  • After every use, the user can clear up the demand for his safety.

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How to Recover from a WhatsApp Crash/Hang Message?

Once your smartphone device has been bombed with the WhatsApp bombing application, then you can take certain steps to recover it back. After the spam message is sent to the victim, then the sender’s devices may freeze, and the victim’s device shall also freeze. You need to take the following steps to recover your WhatsApp application

  • In the first step, you need to go to the settings
  • Then application > WhatsApp > then click on force close
  • After this, you need to open the WhatsApp application
  • Once there you do need to read any of the messages just to the menu options and select delete all chats options
  • Once done your problem shall be solved
  • If you still face the same issue then you need to go to settings > apps > WhatsApp and then clear data
  • Once done, you need to register to number again and use it.
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Note: One thing must be kept in mind that when the user sends in the spam bomb to any of the victims out there, then he should keep a backup as by doing this the user can get all his messages back from the backup when they register their name again in the WhatsApp application.

The WhatsApp bomber application is widely being used these days by many people around the world to have fun with their friends but does keep in mind that it may freeze the victim’s device for almost 5 minutes depending upon the phone’s performance and level of the bombing.

Disclaimer: Do keep in your mind that we are not recommending you to spam anyone out there. All of this is for educational purposes and should not be used to harm anyone.

Many users have requested that their own browser or phone hang while they copy and paste it from our site. To overcome this I have now uploaded this text as a text file that you can use:

WhatsApp Crash Message 2022 Download

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How are you Crashing your Friends WhatsApp?

So this was how you could crash WhatsApp by sending a WhatsApp Crash Message to a friend or someone. Are there any other methods that you are using to hang WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments below.

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