Well, If you were searching for Google Chrome old version for Windows 10 & 11, stop searching this is it! This page will explain step-by-step how to downgrade Google Chrome for Windows 10, 11 and 7.

One of the best yet fastest browsers in today’s era is Google Chrome. It has promised to release new modern versions for its browser within every six weeks along with the addition of new elements. The team of Google Chrome provides with the modern-day applied sciences, performance tweaks to their browser for each latest release. Certainly, there is a reason in which we would like to downgrade our Google Chrome. Follow through the article to know more about it.

In recent times the most widely used and popular browser without any doubt is Google Chrome. Many of us do not know that it comes in 4 different versions. Yes, you read that correctly don’t need to go back: D. We mostly use the stable version that is the end product of more than one test that runs on other types of browsers i.e. Beta, Dev and Canary.

Now whenever a new update needs to be validated then, first of all, it rolls out these versions of the browser and then when all the bugs are fixed and the update gets stable, it gets rolled out for the Chrome browser that is used by hundreds of thousands.

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How to Downgrade Google Chrome In Windows 10/11 – Older Version Download

Here’s how you can downgrade Chrome to an older version.

Google Chrome Beta Version

Downgrade Google Chrome to old version

The beta variant of Google Chrome is a step before the release of the update for a steady build. This, as a result, caters to millions of users of Chrome. Beta version comes in with stability and carries little buds that hamper its efficiency to the bit that is constant before the replace is rolled out towards a stable build.

The ultimate stage to test update is the beta version; it gets the final tweaks in the consumer interface and gets verified for bugs before it is released to the wider viewers on the stable version.

By using google the chrome beta browser gets an update per week and also receives a foremost update after every six weeks approximately.

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Google Chrome Developer Version

As discussed above that Google chrome comes in 4 different versions, Dev is one of them however it is a step below the Beta one. This is fairly more unstable and is widely used by developers to scan out important alterations towards the browser that can and will possibly not be able to stable it or make it the beta version.

Such a variant of Google Chrome is extra prone to blunders, extension compatibility disorders, crashes and much more. This is all because the Dev variant continues to be in its earlier stages with many Trojan horse fixes popping up and pending the repair.

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Google Chrome Stable Version

The stable variant of Google Chrome is what most of us use. It is something that pops up when we search “download Google Chrome”, “Google Chrome” or any other identical keyword that suits our search

This is being utilized by most of the users of Chrome and is a result of vast check out in various models of the browser that makes it be the most stable and secure variant of Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome Canary

The most unstable of all the variants is canary. You can update it through Google’s servers automatically along with the trendy chrome development code. This is widely used by builders who test compatibility problems. Many of the updates that you see here will never make it to the stable constructed.

Canary can run alongside your stable version of Google Chrome and that too independently and will not poke in with the functions of the laptop.

Note: You need to keep one thing in mind that before you downgrade to an older version of chrome you need to back up your chrome files in a separate folder and export the bookmarks as well. Moreover, if you do not know then you can export the bookmarks as well like plug-ins.

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Google Chrome Offline Installer Version

Many people have requested us to on how to downgrade the offline installer of Chrome. As this is an offline version that you have downloaded and installed, there is no way of downgrading it. You will have to download the MSI/EXE of the previous version and start again. This will ensure a few things:

  • Your install will be fresh and free of errors
  • Chrome will load and open properly
  • The CPU Usage and Memory Usage will not be very high.
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Here’s how to downgrade Chrome to Old Version:

You can downgrade Google chrome by following the steps below

  • In the first step, you need to close google chrome if it is opened
  • Then you need to uninstall the current version of google chrome
  • Here you will see 4 different versions, download the older version you requireGoogle Chrome Old Version Download
  • Now restart your computer system
  • After this download the previously installed version
  • Turn off the Google Chrome automatic updates.

Download Google Chrome Old Version

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Which Version of Chrome are you using?

In this guide, we have highlighted for you how you can downgrade Google Chrome in Windows 10/11. We have also provided you with older versions of Chrome to download. I would recommend having a look at our comparison of Web browser privacy.

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