How to Fix (Aw Snap) Error in Google Chrome Permanently 2022

Over recent time many users have been reporting about “Aw, Snap! Page with STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error code” This tutorial will show you 4 steps on how to fix Aw, Snap Something Went Wrong in Chrome.

This occurs when you try to open various sites at the same time. The report below discovers that users often see this kind of error when they update to Chrome v81, 74 and 78.

This is an internet browser released by Google in 2008. It carries the following features:

  • It can sync with Google services and accounts.
  • Automatic translation and spell-check of the web pages.
  • Comes with an integrated address bar or search bar known as Omni box.

It can manage system resources quite differently as compared to another browser. It is a V8 JavaScript engine that got developed from scratch at Google and proved to improvise your experience on websites and apps that are scripted heavily. To put the long story short, it makes the things you do on the internet quite faster.

Once it gets installed the browser is configured to download automatically and install all the updates, then they become available.

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Seeing Aw, Snap Error in Incognito Mode too

Aw, Snap Chrome Browser Error on Every Page (Fix)

It offers a private browsing option known as Incognito Mode. It allows users to browse in an isolated sandbox web session. It provides users with temporary control over their browsing history and session identity because when you exit it, the logins and history are deleted. Keep in mind that this does not guarantee anonymity.

To open a new browser in this, you need to press Ctrl + Shift + N (Windows and Linux) or Command +Shift + N (macOS X).

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4 Ways on How to Fix Aw, Snap Something Went Wrong in Chrome

Method 1: Try the necessary fixes first

  • Refresh your page several times.
  • Try troubleshooting issues by enabling or disabling extensions.
  • Reset your browser to default settings.
  • You can create a new user profile.
  • Re-install the browser.

To get rid of this issue, many users out there have re-installed windows ten thinking that it would solve this but failed to fix the underlying problem. What you can do is check to see various reports that are shared chrome thread by users on it and as well as on Reddit.

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The main reason behind the concern is that we are not clear what reason is causing chrome or windows update. In spite, Google in recent times has also rolled out the latest v83, but the same issue seems to prevail on it as well.

Method 2: Renaming the Chrome.exe file

You can temporarily fix this issue by a solution that has been shared by a user on Google support which seems to work.

For this:

  • On your system, you need to go to the following folder:

C:\Program File (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application

Chrome Aw Snap Nothing Works

  • In here you need to rename the chrome.exe file to anything you want such as it could be Chromebook.

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Method 3: Installing Tampermonkey

An alternate method has worked for many users.

For this:

  • You need to install Tampermonkey.
  • Then visit chrome://extensions.
  • After this, you need to find the extension and remove it from the chrome browser.


Google Chrome Aw Snap Keeps Displaying

Some bugs have been seen in the Chrome browser. Users are witnessing a few errors whenever they try to open different sites.

The problem seems to occur in Chrome version 81.0.4044.92. The reason behind this remains unclear.

The user to solve this has also re-installed windows ten but no luck as they continue to witness the same error while using the web browser.

For a temporary fix you can try:

  • Refresh the page many times before the issue starts to appear again.

Some detailed reports are as followed:

Google Chrome Aw, Snap Somethign Went Wrong on Every Page

Many other users have reported the same errors and bugs reports on the official page of Google support. Stories related to STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH are more excellent in number. The reason behind it is again unknown.

Aw Snap Virus in Chrome

If we talk about the solution, then Google is yet to acknowledge it surfacing the chrome browser plus it is not clear whether the culprit behind this particular issue or the google chrome update is to be blamed or not.

Reports are yet to be escalated to the concerned department.

Source: Google Support.

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NOTE: Some people have been reporting (Aw, Snap) as a Virus, it’s not, and you should not panic.

Conclusion: Still experiencing Chrome Aw Snap?

At this point, I would like advice to uninstall and re-install completely! This tutorial shares four different methods which you can follow to fix aw, snap something went wrong on every page in Chrome.

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