Fix Sedlauncher High Disk/CPU Usage Windows 10 & 11 (Guide)

It is a common saying that window updates are supposed to bring improvement towards the Windows operating system’s performance. But in a few cases, they bring issues that affect the user interface. Today we will show you how to fix Sedlauncher high disk and CPU usage problems.

When KB4023057 update patch got released, a lot of complaints got piled up from the users saying that it has caused their computer systems to slow down. A lot of space is occupied by sedlauncher.exe program.

It becomes frustrating when the sedlauncher.exe occupies much space on RAM as it leaves less memory for running other tasks like playing a video or opening a webpage. Therefore it becomes essential and vital to learn how to resolve the sedlauncher.exe high disk usage issue in Windows 10/11.

Some common error symptoms are:

  • sedlauncher 100 disk usage
  • High disk usage
  • sedlauncher high CPU usage


What is Sedlauncher (Sedlauncher.exe)?

Microsoft announced that the Windows ten update patch KB4023057 would be able to enhance and improve the service component’s reliability. A patch provides reliability improvement to the following versions of the Windows 10/11 operating system

  • 1507
  • 1511
  • 1607
  • 1703
  • 1709
  • 1803
  • 1903

The sedlauncher.exe programs are bundled and compiled with the update patch of KB4023057. This file makes sure that the update process for the operating system shall run very smoothly. Moreover, the users shall be able to install the latest version without worrying about any unexpected errors.

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What does Sedlauncher do?

The sedlauncher.exe is a component of the windows remediation service is used to protect and improve the speed of the update process there in windows 10. The program file, however, is signed digitally which means it is not a virus that will infect your operating system. There, on the other hand, you may still want to know how to decrease the CPU usage of sedlauncher.exe.

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How to Solve Sedlauncher High CPU Usage and Disk Usage in Windows 10/11

The sedlauncher.exe is a crucial component of the KB4023057 update patch which means it plays an essential and vital role in updating windows 10. Thus if you notice that too much CPU is being used by it, then you would want to disable it temporarily. A lot of people out there believe that the actual problem is caused by the KB4023057 components when trying to access the internet.

As mentioned above the sedlauncher.exe is a part of the windows remediation service thus if you want to learn how to decrease the CPU usage of sedlaucher.exe then you also need to learn how to switch off the Windows remediation service. Follow the post and learn how to.

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Method 1 – Turning off the Sedlauncher.exe through Service Utility

Disable the sedlauncher.exe by using the Windows service management tool. To do so, you need to follow the steps:

  • In the first step you need to open the run dialog box, and for this, you have to press Windows key + R on your keyboard
  • Now inside the run dialog box, you need to type service.msc without any quotes
  • As the service utility window is up, you need to scroll down and then find the windows remediation service
  • You need to click right on this and then select the properties option
  • Now you need to go to the general tab
  • You need to click on the drop-down list that is there beside the startup type and then from the menu choose disabled
  • Go to the service status section and click on stop
  • Now click on the OK button
  • Hit apply to save the particular changes made
  • It is important to note here that if you are experiencing WaaSMedic.exe high CPU usage issue, then you use the utility of the service to fix it as well. For this, you need to look for the Windows Update Midi Service and then use the same steps that you have followed to disable the Windows Remediation Service.
  • Now you need to restart your computer system and check if the sedlauncher.exe issue prevails.

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Method 2 – Forceably Disable sedlauncher.exe through Task Manager

You can also disable the sedlauncher.exe by ending it through the Task Manager. For this, you need to follow the steps:

  • In the first step, you need to go to the taskbar and then click right on the windows icon
  • Now you need to select a task manager from the options being provided
  • Once it is opened, you need to scroll down till you find the windows Remediation Service
  • Now click right on the windows remediation service and click on end task
  • Then restart your computer system to let the change take effect and then see if the windows shedlauncher.exe issue prevail or not

As you have disabled the windows remediation service and program files that include the shedlauncher.exe, Rempl.exe, Sedsvc.exe, and WaaSMedix.exe shall not function. Moreover, you shall notice improvement there in your computer’s performance.

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Method 3 – Restore your PC 

There are many great things about windows 10/11 that we have mentioned earlier in our articles and guides, but another is that it allows the users to bring their Operating System back to a functional, error-free version. It will enable you to use the previous restore points to resolve the sedlauncher.exe high disk usage issue. However, you do not need to worry about losing your data and files as this method shall only affect the system files. For this, you need to follow the steps:

  • In the first step, you need to press Windows Key + S on your keyboard
  • Then type restore (no quotes) there in the search box
  • Now from the results obtained you need to create a Restore Point
  • Click on the System Restore button
  • Now click next to begin
  • Look at the timestamps of the restore points. You need to choose an option where the issue did not exist
  • Now click on next to start the restore process of the system.
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Method 4 – Block Sedlauncher.exe through your Antivirus

You can also block sedlauncer.exe by using various anti-virus programs. It is however very true that the sedauncher.exe plays a crucial role in the KB4023057 update patch. But as the piece gets installed, it is good to disable the program file to prevent it from consuming too much CPU. One way to do this is by using your firewall or a third-party anti-virus. As the sedlauncher.exe will not be able to go through the firewall, therefore, it will not be able to run and use your CPU.

If however you have used the above methods and still the issue prevails then we recommend you to use Auslogics that once installed shall check your entire system. It shall look for junk files and speed-reducing items. By using different techniques, it can identify problems that prevail on Windows 10, and you shall be able to get rid of all the issues without the risk of damaging your OS.

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Another potential fix:

  • Go to task manager find “sedlauncher.exe”.
  • Right-click and select “open file location”.
  • Now delete all the contents of that folder.

Note: Please make a backup before trying anything so you can revert back to.

Have you fixed Sedlauncher?

In this tutorial, we have helped you solve sedlauncher.exe high disk usage issue that prevails there in Windows 10/11. To resolve this issue, we have highlighted four different methods to use the one that benefits you in the best way possible. I hope this page has helped you fix the high CPU usage caused by sedlauncher too!

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