How to open Apple Pages Document Format in Windows 10/11 2022

Let’s show you how to open Apple Mac .Pages files in Windows 10/11. Any of the documents of the page are saved in the form of pages format by default with a file extension that is .pages. We will also show you how to print .Pages file in Windows and how to convert them to Word or PDF formats online.

The pages application is seemed to be the Mac Word processor that which is the alternative to Microsoft Office in Windows but is much similar to the Microsoft Word there on the other side of things.

This is usually invisible to all the Mac users out there but if you somehow sent in a pages file to someone on a windows computer then this .pages file becomes visible plus the file format is unreadable by most of the windows applications and Microsoft Office by default. At first, you may seem that windows cannot use this file but in reality that is not the case.

Well, you guys are lucky as there are tricks through which you can open the .pages format from the Microsoft application in windows that include word and also includes convincing your computer system that the pages file in not the format of the page but is a zip file (like a zip archive).

Now all of this is done with the help of a simple file extension modification there from the windows file system and as this is not an ideal solution (a better way includes to simply re-saving the page file so that it can be compatible with the word from the get-go), the best part is that it does work.

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How to open Apple Pages Document Format in Windows 10 & 11

How to Open Apple Pages File Online

To follow this way you need to be sure to save the pages file at a place where they can be easily accessible to windows explorer and then follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you need to make a copy of the .pages file in case you miss out things
  • Then you need to click right on the .pages file and click on rename
  • After this, you need to delete the .pages extension and replace it .zip extension. To save this extension change click the enter key
  • Once done you need to open these new names .zip file so that it is able to open as well as access the format of the page’s contents there in the Microsoft word, office or even word pad.
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Now you need to keep one thing in your mind that you need to have file extensions to be visible there in the windows so that it is able to change the extension properly of the pages document. They might need to be made visible first by the folder options > view > uncheck “hide the extensions for the file types that are known” moreover you can ignore any of the file extension warning change warnings safely.

This is very easy and it even works when you do not any other option to either convert the file from pages towards .doc or to re-save in the form of a compatible file ahead of time.

Small Note: There can be a few formatting issues with the help of this approach if the pages doc is complex, so it is best to use it as a last resort when you do not have any other option but to work with the file from the windows. This shall not work to open a .pages file if it is protected by password, in such a situation the file needs to be unlocked at first.

This is a good solution to modify the file extension for pages documents that are found in the community of Microsoft. Moreover, you can try this the next time you know you are struggling in windows to work with a pages formatted file created from Mac. It is much easier than returning to a Mac in order to change the saved file.

Another option that can be considered is using iCloud as the carries a web-based version of the pages application that can be loaded on any web browser on any computer system or PC whether it is PC, Mac or even Linux. The only downside to this is that it requires an Apple ID login (anyone can create a one for free at any time) the plus side to this is that it is versatile and you can export from the pages directly to a compatible format like Microsoft office and word DOC /DOCX file formats.

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Convert Apple Pages File to Google Docs, Microsoft Word or PDF Online

Users look for ways to convert the .pages to Google docs but unfortunately, the Google docs do not accept the .pages file unless and until it is converted. You can try and upload it but the doc’s application shall suggest using the solution provided below.

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Using an online file converter is the easiest way to open .pages file there in Google doc or Microsoft word as well as edit them.

We recommend you choose the cloud converter that is a trusted application by Google docs. It is also able to batch convert pages towards word, PDF or even Docx. For this you need to follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you need to go to the cloud converter website
  • Then click on select files and choose the .pages files from your computer system
  • After this, you need to select the wanted format for your file. We recommend you to choose the Document > Docx. If you do not need to edit the final file then you can choose PDF as well
  • Then click on the start conversation
  • Now, wait and then download all your files or file. That is it you now have a .pages format in the desired and choose the format:

Converting Pages File Format Online in Word and Google Docs

Convert Pages File to Word and PDF [Online]

How to Print .pages Document/File in Windows 10/11

This is a very common question asked in our comments “how do you print .pages files in Windows?” Well, here is how:

  • Download the .pages file or save it to your PC locally in a place you remember.
  • Locate the file and right-click on the file and rename it to a “.zip” format.
  • Open or extract the .zip file you have just created and you should be able to print it in Windows.

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Last Words

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial on how to open Mac .Pages file in Windows 10/11 and convert them to Word or PDF files online without installing any software. I hope you liked the added bonus of knowing how to print Pages files in Windows too!

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