How to Remove YourPhone.exe from Windows 10 Forever

The Your Phone App for Windows 10 make you connect to your iOS iPhone or Android phone with the help of your Windows 10 device. In this tutorial, you will learn how to remove YourPhone.exe from Windows 10. It is said by Microsoft that “depending on the kind of mobile phone you have,” the phone app can let you do the following things:

  • It allows you to link your phone and computer system to unlock a variety of cross-device experiences (both for iphone and android)
  • It will enable you to see recent photos from your phone on your computer system (for android only)
  • It allows you to view and send text messages from your computer system (for android only)

Some other additional and unique features are planned for the future releases of yourphone application.

All of this has thus not changed since 2018 as we checked the functionality with iphone 8 and were only able to see text messages and pictures on our windows ten device. There was no telegram or WhatsApp integration. There was certainly no chance to make calls or even do remote management. So it was indeed useless. By default, the yourphone application is installed since windows 1803, but as long as you do not run the wizard, it will not appear in the taskbar, and you will not be able to notice it.

Moreover, if you go to the applications of windows 10 then over there you shall see the phone app icon. This icon helps you connect your phone with Windows 10 and then receive a notification right there on the desktop. If you see yourphone.exe there in the task manager, then don’t worry, it is not a virus and will not harm your phone or computer system.

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What is YourPhone.exe, and should you remove it?

Remove YourPhone.exe from Windows 10

As the application yourphone.exe has to keep sending notifications there from the phone towards the desktop, so the process needs to keep running all the time. You can continue from where you left on your phone if you are going to use this for Microsoft app. You would get a much better experience if you keep linking applications, but for this, you have to use the same Microsoft account both on the phone and computer system.

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The process, however, keeps on working in the background and at times shows up in the task manager as well. Moreover it there ever comes a time that you do not require the program anymore there are always ways to get rid of it.

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How to Easily Remove YourPhone.exe from Windows 10 Forever (Tutorial) – 2021 Edition

There are many ways to get rid of yourphone.exe program, but the best way out there to disable it is to stop it from running in the background. For this, you need to follow the steps:

  • In the first step, you need to go to settings
  • Then you need to go to privacy
  • Then go to background applications
  • Now you need to find yourphone use there in the list and then select for advanced options
  • Now you can turn off the option for background applications.

Remove the YourPhone.exe App

How to Remove Your Phone App in Windows 10

You can also remove the yourphone.exe program from windows 10. For this, you need to follow the steps:

  • In the first step, you need to click right on the start button that is present in the corner
  • Then you need to select windows power shell (administrator)
  • Now when there you need to type the following command:

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone – AllUsers | RemoveAppxpackage

  • This program will help you to remove your phone app from windows 10

The yourphone.exe program is not any malware program though it is a critical and crucial app that comes preinstalled in windows. Still, if you to be sure enough, then you can scan the entire system with good antivirus software.

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Do you need to remove YourPhone.exe?

Many questions come in the mind of the users whenever they try or are willing to try in applications and programs. Similar is the case with yourphone.exe program; the users have the questions of whether the program must be removed in the first place or not.

Well, no, you are not required to, especially if you have a computer system with multiple user accounts, then it is kind to ask the other users whether they use the application or not. Microsoft has introduced a simple app by the name of yourphone. It runs there in the background and uses less memory or CPU. It, however, does not have any impact on your computer system’s performance.

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If you delete YourPhone.exe accidentally, it can always be installed again

Uninstall Your Phone App

Sometimes it happens that apps get uninstalled by mistake well you don’t need to worry there are still ways to get them back. Well, if by error yourphone.exe program gets uninstalled then you can install it again from the windows store. For this, you need to follow the steps:

  • In the first step, you need to click on the start button
  • Then you need to type yourphone
  • Then you need to click on install app
  • There you go the yourphone application will be installed in no time, and you can enjoy all the benefits.

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Are you have issues removing YourPhone App?

In this guide, we have talked about the Your Phone App (Yourphone.exe) application that you can install on your computer system and get all the notifications from your phone. This application makes your life much more comfortable as you do not have to check your phone again and again. We have mentioned in a few things for your ease. However, if you don’t need it, you can always remove yourphone.exe from Windows 10.

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