Are you scared that someone is stalking your profile? Well, your worry should stop now! This article explains how to see who viewed my profile on Instagram, which answers your much-asked question of “Can I see who viewed my profile on Instagram?

Check To See Who Viewed My Profile on Instagram 2022 (Guide)

If you are an avid Instagram user and carry a public profile, then the thought that who has viewed your Instagram profile may have raised in your head. There is ultimately no harm in getting to know that who out there has been impressed by your creativity and is checking you out constantly on this popular social network site.

It is though a bit naïve to think that all the Instagram users follow the like-and-follow process. Many out there only prefer to just have a random check on the profile without even following the particular account.

Now, this is very much true in the case of the famous brands out there. If you are the kind of person who has some love and affection for NatGeo but does not want your feed to be filled with their photos and it ultimately makes sense not to follow them at all and inspire you can just visit their profile every once in a week to see if their recent posts.

Now how can you track such profile visitors who indeed don’t care to follow? Does Instagram let you see that who has viewed your profile? Let’s find out together.


Can I See Who Viewed My Profile on Instagram? Here’s the truth:

If you the one who gets a lot of curiosity, then get ready to be disappointed as Instagram, unfortunately, does not let you know about who has visited your Instagram profile. For now, it does not carry an in-app function to track down who has visited your profile.

If you carry a business account, then you can see the number of visitors you had in the past seven days or how many users exactly have seen your posts in their feed. For when it comes down to the names of the visitors, then the answer is NO.

Instagram, just like Facebook, is tight-lipped about this one particular question due to privacy reasons. To put it in simple words that Instagram carries the data but is not ready to share it with you.

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Yes, it means gone are the days when you used to work or Orkut and were able to see that who has walked into viewing your profile very quickly.

How to See Who Viewed My Profile On Instagram

Use Third-Part Apps to check who is stalking you online

As the in-app function is out of the picture, then what about the third-party applications? If you make a quick search on Google, then you will see many online tolls as well as third-party applications for both Ios and Android that claim to provide such a function. Moreover, Playstore search reveals many hundred applications named accordingly. Now the question is that either of these apps work? Well, the answer is NO!

Can I See Who Viewed My Profile on Instagram

Now many of these applications seem to be fake. They usually pick up the random names from Instagram and then display the same to you. Some of them are even to pay you some money if you wish to see more than five titles.

They are now going through the reviews of users their on Playstore paint the same picture. They pick out all the names randomly and scramble them up when you check next. The worst part is that an ad shall pop up every few minutes.

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How to See Who Stalks You On Instagram

Now the reason behind why these applications are not able to track down the profile of the visitor is straightforward. The Instagram API does not share information like this with third-party applications. There are some apps that kind of reveal who has unfollowed you but asking for the name of the profile visitor is just too much to ask for.

Moreover, you do not know that hoe these apps are going to handle your data. Seeing how functional these applications are, we bet they are not even secured. If, in the past, you have given access to such requests, then immediately revoke the entrance also if you are not using them anymore or have uninstalled them from your smartphone device.

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Keep an eye on your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the best way to keep track of all your visitors as the stories that are posted on public accounts are accessible to everyone unless they are blocked from viewing it.

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For this, all you need to do is open up a story and swipe up. Then click on the eyeball and see who has visited your profile. This also includes the people who have not followed your Instagram account.

If there is someone creepy, then you can block them from viewing your Instagram story, or you can also switch to a private account to keep your data private. For now, checking the Instagram stories manually is the only way to do so though it is very annoying.

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According to the world population clock, there are over 7.8 billion people in the world. A decent number is always online on social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This has lead to people exposing their private lives way too much on such platforms. It is always good to know how to see who viewed your profile on Instagram and if anyone stalks you.

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