How To Use AndroRAT App for Android Mobile Hacking

Today smartphones have a lot of control over our tech needs and have totally taken over systems and moved businesses’ needs on the go. Along with this, it has raised concerns and threats to user privacy and private information. It is used to share messages and other stuff which is at risk if data gets in the wrong hands. Most breaches happen because of sophisticated Android remote administration tools, one of them which is AndroRAT! Learn how to use it on your PC, without root and on Kali Linux.

So for this follow through to know how a phone can be hacked without touching it from a remote location. Today security thefts are trained in performing all kinds of creepy things such as spying chats, hearing calls, social networks, or even spying via mic and video.

Security researchers can learners can know how things can be hacked as a parent you can have a check and balance over your kids as well.

Why Android Hacking is in demand

Adoption to Android has been soared since 2008 and for now, is the most common mobile OS.

Android is successful due to being an open software that provides developers a good insight into its inner workings. A robust set of applications as well as extensions to android translates towards android on various kinds of hardware.

For now, it captures more than 80% of market shares for the mobile OS which is expected to be around 90% by 2022.

The exact same openness appeals to mobile developers as well as is attractive to security thefts. Of course, while many security thefts enjoy simply experimenting with the software and hardware there are going to be attackers who exploit vulnerabilities.

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How To Use AndroRAT App for Android (Complete Tutorial)

How To Use AndroRAT App


  1. Find one target device, this can be your test phone.
  2. A Dynamic IP address.
  3. Download Androrat APK new version.
  4. Download Java.

Below is how to fully use AndroRAT after you have installed it:

  1. Download “Java” from the “Oracle site”.
  2. Once done install it.
  3. Download “Androrat”.
  4. Before you open this, you need to have a dynamic IP/hostname. For this go to to get a free one. As Signed up, click the “add host” option, put in a name, and “save host”.
  5. As a dynamic host is created.
  6. Once these are set up, open the router’s settings, for this access gateway IP by going to start > run > type cmd.
  7. In the command prompt window type “ipconfig”, press “enter”. You shall see all network IP including gateway IP, copy and paste this in the browser.
  8. As you enter this, the browser shall prompt up for username and passcode, under the router we can find the router’s user and pass. If you cannot find it here then give try to admin and password which is the default.
  9. You shall be on the router setting page once the username and password have been entered. Open a file named “Androrat Binder” and in the host, field enter “1992X” and give any name you want. Now, if you want it to run in stealth mode then you need to tick the hidden box and hit the “go button” to generate an APK.
  10. Close “Androrat Binder” and spread the APK towards the victim via conventional means. Use social engineering techniques.
  11. After this, you need to open the “Java GUI program”. As soon as someone out there installs the APK which you have sent shall appear in the client window. If you want to perform a particular task, click on the victim and you shall be able to see client actions.
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Why AndroRAT is dangerous

Dangers of AndroRAT

Many users who use hacking apps carry no ill intent, security thefts can use these to find and exploit security flaws in android software.

A secure software development lifecycle can be used by the organizations and developers with the purpose to minimize the risk of exposure to exploits through which private information of customers is leaked or other assets are stolen or threatened.

Data in movement

Now all mobile phones even ones running Android as an OS are susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks and other exploits which are able to hack into communication that are not secured over public wife networks and many other wireless communication systems. When user signals are hijacked, the thefts are able to legitimate web services, intercept calls, text messages, steal data, or text messages.

Unofficial App Stores

Applications that can’t be trusted usually cause headaches because of security protocols. Make sure that your application store of choice for android apps takes many security precautions and comes with quite a strong security review program. Sideloading is a process in which apps are installed without the need for an app store. Now, such a method needs to be handled carefully because of the lack of foundational security measures.

Trojan messages

SMS Trojans are at times included by the malicious applications which come in the form of a compromised app. This kind of application is able to access mobiles calls and messages. This allows sending messages with malicious links to all in the address book. Such links are used by thefts to distribute computer worms and many other malicious messages to fee-based services thus incurring fees on the user’s behalf.

3 Ways to Protect Android Devices from AndroRAT Infection

Stay Protected from AndroRAT

#1 – Transport Layer Security

OWASP states that if encryption is insufficient then this would be quite a big problem for various applications. With TLS one is able to encrypt all the internet traffic of different types in order to generate and exchange session keys. This is used to protect data against network spying attacks and many man in the middle attacks.

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#2 – Use only official APK files – No Mods

Make sure to use applications from the official google play store as this is the best way.  The best thing about Google Play is that it uses better security checks than other third-party websites among which many carry malicious applications. When you get an app make sure to check permissions before installing and have a lookout for applications that are able to send in messages to all your contacts when not required.

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#3 – Do not use SMS Pay Methods

Make sure to set your android phone to limit the ability of applications to spend your money automatically. Keep in mind that if an app asks for payment through SMS then these are red flags and need to be avoided.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is to be only used for educational and informational purposes. We will not be held responsible for any damages you may cause with this knowledge.

Conclusion – Did our AndroRAT Tutorial work for you?

AndroRAT Tutorial for Kali Linux

AndroRAT is highly popular because of its stealth feature that allows you to create a payload and upload yourself. It is a great equivalent to Zanti which is also easy to operate. Our guide has detailed steps on how to use AndroRAT on a PC with Kali Linux. Do let us know which step was most challenging for you to make work or follow so we can make them easier in the future.

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