Hydra Bot Commands List 2022 (Complete Hydra Bot Guide)

With the Hydra bot, we can easily add songs on the music channel of the Discord server. It provides users with many functions like adding songs in queue, adding playlists from different platforms like Youtube, Spotify, and others. Due to the complex features, it provides you need to know the Hydra Bot Commands list which we share below in PDF and also show you how to use it with a full guide.

It offers unique features which are similar to music players and even more like play, pause, resume, next, back, clear, jump, shuffle, and much more. Do all this on the discord server.


How To Use Hydra Bot on your Discord server

How To Use Hydra Bot on your Discord server

This can be done by inviting the bot from its official site. Follow the steps below to add and use Hydra in the discord server.

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Hit “invite button”, present at the side of the support button.
  3. After this select server to which you want to add and hit “continue”.
  4. Read all permissions and continue with the authorize button.
  5. Next, you need to complete the captcha.
  6. Once done you shall be re-directed to its dashboard.

In the dashboard, we are able to customize prefix, change language, create DJ role, set in the voice channel, set non DJ limits, set configuration and announcement settings. Use Hydra commands for all the reasons mentioned above.

  • Head towards the discord server in which you have invited and you shall find the message in General Text Channel.
  • Use @hydra command to check if a bot is active and online.

After this Hydra bot is added to the discord server successfully. You shall see its icon in the right sidebar.

We suggest that you join a support community group of octave bots if you are facing any kind of problem with the bot and ask for help in the community.

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How To Get Hydra Bot To Play any Music

Play Music with Hydra Bot

This shall create a separate text channel which shall be reserved for interaction with it. With this, no one from outside can spam its commands over another text channel. The best thing is that you can play your favorite song just by entering the song title in the channel.

Once the request channel is created the commands shall not respond till the bot is called into the specific tech channel.

Create Song Requests

  • In the general text channel type the following command:
  • After this, a new text channel titled “Hydra Song Requests” shall be created.

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How To Request Your Favorite Songs via Hydra Bot in a channel

Request Songs via Hydra Bot

  • You need to join a voice channel, for this, you need to click on channels with a speaker icon.
  • Join it and it shall show voice connected at the bottom.
  • Type name of the song in the song request channel to play it.
  • Write names of all the songs to make a queue automatically.
  • To control the queue you can use emotes. We can also pause, resume, skip, loop, unloop, shuffle, add to favorite as well as cancel songs in the queue.
  • Next, you can now use different commands with keywords such as next, pause, resume, and others to control the queue. Following are some command keywords that can be used in the server:
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Everyday Commands To Know

help, lyrics, ping, play, playlist, premiumstatus, queue, search, songinfo, voteskip

Commands for DJ lovers

clear, leave, loop, move, pause, remove, replay, resume, seek, shuffle, skip, stop

Admin Commands for Management

announce, ban, cleanup, fix, language, limit, playlists, prefix, requester, setdj, setup, setvc, unban

Hydra Bot Commands Full List (Updated Table)

Below is a file that contains all the hydra bot commands combined in a neat table that you can search and save. Let us know of any other that we don’t know and we may consider adding them to the list to benefit users.

Download Hydra Bot Commands List (PDF)

Setting Up Discord Bot on your server (Permissions you need to know)

Hydra Bot Permissions

For this a discord bot needs to be there on the required server and you are also connected with any voice channel in that particular server.

  • Join “voice channel”, for this you need to click on the channel having speaker icon over it.
  • Join the voice channel which shall be shown connected at the bottom.
  • Play your favorite music. For this, you can use the “.play” command followed by name or link of the song from Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify or others.
“.play Justin Bieber”

“.play Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran”
  • Use “.queue” command to view songs in queue.

Other commands to play songs can also be used.

Hydra- How to Remove Song

For this two main commands can be used:


.remove range  

How to play Spotify Playlist and Songs in Hydra Bot

For this, you simply need to add a Spotify playlist link in front of “.play” command:

.play [Insery Spotify URL here]

Stop loop for your playlist:

.loop off

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Hydra Bot Errors Occurring or Not Playing Music

Hydra Bot Error Occured

At times it faces different issues like might not respond and maybe offline. This is usually seen due to a complete discord server outage, in such case you need to check on the discord status page. Some users also experience audio issues when sharing content with others.

Moreover, be sure that you have given enough permission to it, these can be checked in the setting tab.

If still after applying the steps above it did not work then check to see if you have not changed the hydra bot default prefix.

Youtube has sent in C&D letters in recent times to Groovy and Rhythm Bot. there are possibilities that Octave Bot might be next on the list as it provides support to Youtube as a platform.

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Hydra Bot Premium vs Free Version (Compared)

Hydra service comes in free but running it costs a lot of time, effort and resources which costs money. This is where Hydra Premium comes in hand and offers users some good features which can spice up their listening experience on discord.

This can be done easily by subscribing to one of Server Premium subscriptions. This shall give you access to certain upgrades through which users can activate server premium features of their favorite discord servers.

Such servers have access to different features like global volume control, customized music loudness which you are playing for all.

You shall also be able to set up radio stations, as it allows disabling automated leaving behavior on inactivity. To cut the long story short you can now play music 24/7.

If you are not in any mood to queue songs then don’t worry just enable AutoPlay and let it decide what to play next.

If you play with audio effects then nothing shall seem to be boring, with this you can apply different audio filters while playing music in discord server including bass boost and nightcore.

As for now, you have this running as a radio station you may want to add some more to the discord server for being able to play music over different channels, for now, 4 hydras can be added to the server.

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Save Playlists to visit later

When you are selecting a user premium subscription you shall get access to unlimited saved playlists with unlimited tracks and the best thing is that these can be shared easily with friends and family. Extensive commands shall help you to easily manage them once saved.

When subscribing you can select between monthly and yearly payment schedules, if you choose yearly then you shall get this free for 2 months.

Images these upgrades just as slots and these can be applied on any discord server you want. When applying, the members get access to all server premium features which are mentioned above. Apply upgrades on the server page by choosing discord server and hitting “upgrade”.

Now the server has been upgraded and can be downgraded in some days, by this it is going to lose its premium status but you can hit the “invite” button to invite hydra premium bots.


Hydra Bot is the most popular music bot for a reason and it is because of its playback and other admin features. We have put together a full Hydra Bot Commands List for you including prefixes. Most importantly, we also showed you how to use it, request songs and also fix common errors.

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