How To Download and Install Andrax Without Root (Tutorial)

Today everyone owns a smartphone device and spends most of their time on it due to which we have the possibility to camouflage in the middle of everyone quite easily. The processor architecture of many Android phones is ARM which is a modern and robust architecture superior to the rest. Tools like Andrax help us fully unlock the potential of our devices. This is why we are teaching you how to download, install and use Andrax on Termux without root.

Touch screens have given us the chance to run tools with agility and take advantage of their graphical interface. With the help of smartphones we can be anywhere we want. This tool is also CLI-based so may require some Unix knowledge. We have also provided you with an Andrax tutorial PDF file that you can save locally and read on the go.


What is Andrax and what it is used for

If we talk about Termux then it is not our enemy it is only an application that allows installation of many Linux packages with help of the Debian environment running on the Android device natively. It has similarities with ANDRAX in terms of development and also shares many libs and GNU or Linux resources.

Keep in mind that Termux is not a penetration testing platform but is software that is used to bring basic tools which are found in the Debian environment. Penetration tests are not just basic; these are advanced techniques that have involvement in advanced tools and environments with the purpose to conduct good tests.

So, in Termux install as many tools as you want but keep in mind that it would be difficult to both optimize and configure them to take 100% of the required potential for penetration testing. Moreover, it also runs without root privileges thus making it difficult to use the advanced tools. ANDRAX also promotes the use of 900 plus advanced tools for different purposes including security theft, cracking and penetration testing.

Andrax vs Kali NetHunter (Compared)

ANDRAX and NetHunter should never be compared with each other, talking technically as the first one is a penetration testing platform for this and another one is only a Debian emulator running chroot and is an operating system. They are two different platforms and concepts.

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How To Install Andrax on Termux without a rooted device

Install Andrax on Termux

Note: We shall be using Magisk to do it

For this:

  • Visit ANDRAX download page.
  • Select “option/installer”.
  • APK, then enable the “unknown sources”. Make sure to keep yourself connected and allow to access files.
  • You need to install the package or application
Install-min, 1,4,11
  • Once done, allow it superuser rights (Magisk) and proceed with Andrax install (Core Files).
  • Now you can also unpack core through Busybox or Termux install.
$ pkg install busybox
$ busybox tar -xvJf sydl.r1.tar.xz -C /data/

Fix Andrax SELinux Error Fix

Fix Andrax Not Working

It is used to provide some more security for resources in the system, providing Mandatory Access Control (MAC) / Discretionary Access Control (DAC). It operates in the following 3 modes:

  1. Enforced: In this, the actions contrary to the police get both blocked and logged.
  2. Permissive: In this actions are only logged.
  3. Disabled: In this SELinux is disabled.

You shall end up with certain problems such as not being able to install the core on the first glimpse. Try installing it automatically through the application or even manually through busybox but keep in mind that you shall end up with the same message “INSTALL ANDRAX CORE”.

To be honest this was a never-ending nightmare for all and plus a lot of time was lost. Different attempts were made, different versions of Andrax, manual installation we made through the recovery terminal and through Termux, permission adjustments and much more but unfortunately nothing worked and it won’t start. We even tried re-installing and re-downloading it but it was not worth anything.

The owner of its directory who is also a system user was not able to access it in “Recovery Mode” but did it through Termux which was quite strange. We made wrong conclusions due to it and took the wrong way. As a last idea, we looked into the logcat and found ourselves to be lucky. We saw a line through which we came to know what the issue was:

adb –s ENUST10002uu43y Shell –t logcat
Chtype=1200 audit(0.0:86): avc: denied {ioctl} for path=”socket:[1200]” dev=”sockfs” ino=17610 ioctlcmd=6541 scontext=u:r:shaheer tcontext=u:r:system_server:s0 tclass=unix_stream_socket permissive=0

An SELinux violation, ANDRAX which is an untrusted application was not given access to ioctrl permission on system_server (unix_stream_socket). SockFS – pseudo filesystem which manages the pipe or socket syscalls.

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We totally forgot about that as it did not occur to us as android security might be the reason, especially having in mind custom ROM, rooted phone through Magisk and much more. It was rarely mentioned on the formal documentation and public threads to put it to permissive mode.

Note: Do mind your steps with SELinux during the installation of Andrax.

Now, to circumvent this you need to connect to adb shell and then disable SELinux (/sys/fs/selinux/enforce):

adb shell
setenforce 0

What you need to know:

  • All is in enforcing mode.
  • Other than init no processor should run in the init domain
  • Any generic denial (block_device, socket_device, default_service) informs that devices require some special domain.
  • =Android 6.x: This one is further hardened, reduced permissiveness in order to include better isolation among users, IOCTL filtering, reduced threat of exposing services, further tightening of SELinux domains and proc access.
  • Android 7.x: Sandbox application is locked down (reducing attack surface), broking the monolithic mediaserver stack into smaller processes.
  • Android 8.x: SELinux is updated in order to work with Treble, separating lower-level vendor code from the System Framework.

ALTERNATIVE: Download Kali NetHunter APK for Android (Without Root).

How to uninstall Andrax (The Quick Way)

Uninstall Andrax

This is a very simple process. All you have to do is run the below command in Termux:

sudo apt-get --purge remove andrax

Alternatively, you can also do it this way:

sudo apt-get remove andrax

Andrax Tutorial PDF

For those of you who wish to read offline, we have also saved this in a .PDF file that you can download and read in your free time. It is the same exact same copy of this webpage.

Andrax Tutorial PDF

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Alternatives to Andrax:


The above guide should now be enough for you to have installed and set up Andrax on a device without root running Termux. NetHunter is your best way to get started and some basic Linux will also help you navigate the terminal. We have also saved this tutorial in a PDF file that you can download.

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