Kismet Wireless Free Download Network Sniffing Tool

Kismet Free Download is a wireless network that is also known for being used as a device detector, sniffer, wardriving tool as well as wireless intrusion detection (WIDS) framework. It can work along with the WiFi interfaces, Bluetooth interfaces, specialized capture hardware as well as some SDR (software-defined radio) hardware like the RTLSDR.

It can work ok OSX, Linux and to some degree with Windows 10 under the WSL framework. Now with Linux, it can work with most of the WiFi cards, Bluetooth interfaces as well other hardware devices whereas on OSX it can work out with the built-in WiFi interfaces and on windows 10 it can able with the remote captures.


What is Kismet Wireless?

Kismet is an 802.11 layer two wireless network detector that is being used as a sniffer and an intrusion detection system as well. The best part about karma is that it can work on any wireless card out there that can support raw monitoring (rfmon) mode and can sniff 802.11b, 802.11a, and 802.11g traffic. There is a high chance for Kismet to be updated to allow for sniffing on WPA3 networks.

Download Kismet Wireless Latest Version

It is different from the other wireless network detectors as it works more passively. It can detect the presence of both the wireless clients and wireless access points plus associate them with one another as well without even sending any loggable packets.

It includes many basic IDS features like detecting active wireless sniffing programs that include Net Stumbler along with many other wireless network attacks and sports a plugin architecture for more non-802.11 protocol so that it can be decoded.

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Kismet Wireless Features

Kismet carries the following unique yet best features:

  • It can perform 02.11 sniffing
  • Come with a standard PCAP logging that is compatible with Wireshark, Tcpdump and many more
  • Comes with client or server modular architecture
  • Carries in plugin architecture to expand core features
  • Comes with multiple capture source support
  • It can perform live export of packets to other tools via tun or tap virtual interfaces
  • It can distribute remote sniffing through the light-weight remote capture
  • Comes with XML output for integration with other tools

If you want to find many different networks, then don’t worry as it supports channel hoping as well, which means that is changes regularly from one channel to another non-sequentially, in a user-defined sequence with a default value that leaves behind large holes between the channels like 1-6-11-2-7-12-3-8-13-4-9-14-5-10. One of the significant advantages of this method is that it can capture more and more jackets as the channels that are adjacent they overlap.

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New changes and version upgrades

Kismet version 2019-12-R2 is nowhere, and it includes different things like bug fixes, focuses on fixing the TICC2540 BTLE capture, can accommodate the broken RTL8812BU drivers, an interface by the name of race condition there in Linux under some reason and the stability to bring up massive numbers of data sources quickly.

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Contribute and help improve the community

There are different ways in which you can help and provide support to the kismet development financially if you wish to; support is something that is always appreciated but never required. Kismet is, therefore, an open-source tool.

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Help Kismet on Github

Kismet can now be sponsored through the Github sponsorship program plus for the first year Github is used to match donations that are made by the sponsors.

IRC and Discord – Help when you need it

If you wish to chat or come in contact with destiny, then you can find them at:

  • On discord at the discord kismet server
  • On IRC there on the #kismet channel on

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Kismet Cases

Kismet Wireless Cases

If you want help support kismet dev and carry a Raspberry Pi Ow, Ubertooth One or any Yardstick one that requires some kismet love, then you can always get the acrylic cut cases there at the kismet Tindie support.

Want to test beta and development builds?

Kismet is under continuous development. If somehow you are interested in the latest cutting edge coke then you can check out the kismet Git repository at one of the following:

$ git clone

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New Features of 2019 R2

The bugfix release for Kismet version 2019-12-R2 can solve several quirks that are very annoying:

  • It can solve a race condition that is there is Linux with the interface naming. Due to the reason how the n|80211 layer can handle the interface naming, combined with how the systemd can name interfaces on specific systems, it was indeed applicable to have a race condition when kismet defaulted to kismonX interface names that resulted in one of the two; errors or kismet ignoring one of the interfaces.
  • It can solve an unused pointed there in n|80211 vif creation. The new code of the vif creation does not use the n|80211 flag sub-message when no flags are there to add but tried to free it. This can create a crash the first time you try to open an open-source, but the second time it would succeed.
  • It can fix the TICC2540 USB devices. Some of the systems were a bit unhappy with this order in which the USB device was somehow initialized, but now it should fine.
  • It can work around the broken RTL8812BU driver. We do not recommend such a driver or card due to a large number of issues. Kismet shall now work at its best to open one and then get into the monitor mode.
  • Smooth operation with a large number of resources. The side effect of the vif naming fix, interfaces are initialized and can be opened one at a time. As it takes more time to open dozens of interfaces; thus it is more reliable and much less to cause any kernel or kismet problems during the initial bring-up and firmware load of interfaces.
  • It can perform minor output text fixes. Moreover, the capture interface, as well as the base interface, were swapped in individual messages to the user.
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Download Kismet Free 2022 – Wireless Network Sniffing/Monitoring Tool

If you don’t know, Kismet Wireless download is free for life, and it is open-source. Enjoy using it and as always make sure access is authorized to stay out of trouble. People have been wardriving by having Kismet plugins installed.

Kismet Wireless Free Download

Kismet Free Download Latest Version
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