If you are looking for password recovery and auditing application, then L0phtCrack Download is the best application for you. This application has been produced by the “Peter C. Zatko” who is also known as “Mudge” who works as a network security expert in L0pht Heavy Industries. This application is used to test any password strength and consistently used for recovering the lost Microsoft Windows password.

L0phtCrack Free Download - Password Auditing/Cracking Tool

It finds the Microsoft Windows passwords using the Brute-force, dictionary, rainbow tables and hybrid attacks. It is one of the best password cracking tools of choice and, it is the most used software within its older versions because of its high availability and the low price.


Brief History about L0phtCrack Password Cracker

The producer of this application was @stake later the L0pht merged with the @stake in 2000. In 2004 the @stake was then acquired by the company named Symantec. Then the US Government export regulations put a law due to which Symantec stopped selling this tool to the new customers, and its support was also canceled in December 2006.

Then in January 2009, the L0phtcrack was owned by the Zatko, Rioux, and Wysopal who were the original authors from Symantec. Then the newest version of the L0phtcrack 7 was introduced and announced by its owner at the SOURCE Boston Conference on the date of 11 March 2009.

The 64-bit Platforms of Windows also support this version of the L0phtcrack and it also contains the upgraded rainbow table’s support. Then on 30 August 2016, the L0phtcrack7 was released, which was launched after seven years of the previous version of the L0phtcrack. Now, this updated version of the L0phtcrack contains an increasing performance which is approximately up to 500 times than the older version of L0phtcrack, and it also supports the cracking of the GPU which wasn’t available for the older versions of the L0phtcrack.

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How L0phtCrack Audits and Cracks Passwords

L0phtCrack is software that pursuits to crack any Windows passwords with the help of the hashes due to which it can obtain (gain total access) from the servers of the network, stand-alone Windows workstations, Active Dictionary or Primary Domain Controllers. In some of the other cases, it can also detect the hashes even if they are off the wire.L0phtCrack Download Full Version

This particular software has diverse methods or ways of generating password guesses and all the related password assumptions including the Brute Force or Dictionary etc. Symantec itself canceled the fifth version of the L0phtcrack (L0phtcrack 5) in the year 2006, then it was initially re-seized by the original creators of this particular software the L0pht creators. Then it was recreated by the L0pht creators in the year 2009 and was named as L0phtCrack 7.

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L0phtCrack Important Features

The latest version of L0phtcrack consists of very efficient and powerful functions or features. These features are the hash execution from the 64-bit version of Windows, scheduling, network monitoring or decoding and multiprocessor algorithms. And till now it is still the best and easy-to-use password recovery and auditing software available over the internet.

A dimension of the Target System

This software can run on all of the versions of Microsoft Windows and all of its higher versions. It can also be operated over the networks by the use of the Windows XP, 2000, NT, Server 2008 R1/R2, Server 2006 R1/R2, the operating system can work on both types of environments 320-bit or 64-bit. There is also another version of this software available for the Linux variants and BSD with another SSH Daemon.

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Scoring of the Password

The sixth version of the L0phtcrack (L0phtcrack 7) also provides you with the scoring metric which can be used to appraise the password quality quickly. Passwords can be measured against any of the current best practices of the industry, and they are also further rated as the Fail, weak, medium, or firm.

Support of Windows and Unix Password

The seventh version of the L0phtcrack (L0phtcrack 7) also can import and import any the UNIX password files. Due to which it can perform network audits with the help of a single interface.

Support of Dictionary Attack and Lists

There are also some of the Pre-Computed password files which are the primary features in every password cracking and auditing software. The L0phtcrack 7 also supports those files and as well as the pre-computed password hashes. Now, these types of password cracking and auditing only require a few minutes to complete their specific tasks rather than taking days or hours.

Scheduled Scans in L0phtcrack

With the help of the newer version of the L0phtcrack, you are required to perform various scans at different times. There is another option of this software which is the scheduled scans. It conducts the scan on the different types of the expected time which you decide according to your ease.

An option of Remediation

The newest version of the L0phtcrack attempts the possibility of providing remediation assistance to required system administrators and it also assists in how to take severe action against the poor passwords which can be applied on several different accounts. These types of reports passwords can expire from within the L0phtcrack interface, and they can also be disabled.

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Updated Interface

L0pht Crack Windows and Linux Download

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of this particular software is very user-friendly and can easily be understood by any new user. This updated version of the L0phtcrack has several options which are displayed on the main window of the software, and they can be easily accessed and used by the user, it does not require any special education to use this software.

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Reporting level of L0phtCrack

The updated version of the L0phtcrack has been programmed to generate different types of Reporting which are displayed in a separate and in the form interface with tabs. The auditing results of this software can also show the auditing methods of the password character and the risk severity.

The Password Risk Status in L0phtcrack

The newest updated version of the L0phtcrack also gives you risk status about the password. These types of password risk status are categorized into four different types: Low risk, medium risk, high risk and empty.

The Character Sets of Password

This feature of the L0phtcrack 7 will report you with the completion of the different characters which are being Including Alphanumeric, Numeric, Symbols, and International.

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Update: This tool has now been made fully open source by its author.

Download L0phtCrack Free Full Version (Trial)

In this particular guide, we discussed password cracking and the auditing software named L0phtcrack Free Download. We further examined the creators of this software and how this software was owned by the different companies, and we also discussed the History of this software and all of the updating that occurred in different periods. Then we explained the working of this software then, in the end, we discussed all of the features of the new updated full version of L0phtCrack.

Below is a 15-day official trial from the company that will be more than enough to convince you to buy it.

Download L0phtCrack Free

L0phtCrack Download (Password Auditing Tool)
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