LinkedIn Data Breach 2022 Download - Biggest Data Leak

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is for all who take their professional life seriously by hunting down new opportunities to grow in their careers and connect with other professionals of the same field. Recently, the whole website was scraped of various data. Now there is a LinkedIn data breach download going around which has been worrying its users causing them to give an official response.

Consider it more like a networking event where we go and meet other professionals face to face, have a chit-chat with them and exchange business cards. In short, this is a big virtual networking event.

On this, you connect with people by adding them as “connections” which is the same as you making a friend request to anyone on Facebook. You talk to them through private messages and carry an organized profile to them of your professional experience and achievements.

It is very similar to Facebook in terms of layout and broad features which it offers but these are much more specialized as they cater to professionals but if you have an understanding of how to use Facebook or any other social media platform then this is somewhat comparable.


About LinkedIn and what it offers

This business network carries the following features:

  • Custom Home Pages

When you log in to your account, the home feed is the news feed that shows all the recent posts from your connections with other company pages and professionals being followed by you.

  • Your Own Profile

It presents your name, picture, locations and occupation there at the top. Below this, you have the option to customize different sections such as short summary, experience in work, education and others on how you may create a traditional CV.

  • Your own professional network

In here you shall see all professionals to whom you are connected currently. This is there on the top menu, if you hover your cursor over it you shall see options to add in contacts, find people and find alumni.

  • Job listings and advertisements

Jobs of all kinds can be seen here which are posted by employers, based on current information, location and optional job preferences which you have provided it shall suggest you specific jobs.

Now as you have connections with your professionals you can follow certain interests on it too. Now, these include company pages, interests and groups according to your location. It has a slide share platform for publishing slideshow as well as a Lynda platform for educational reasons.

  • Search your colleagues and company

It has a powerful search bar through which you can filter results. You just need to click on “advanced” there on side of the search bar to find out particular companies, jobs, professionals and much more.

  • Stay in touch with messages
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If you want to start a conversation with any professional then just send them a private message. Moreover, you can also add attachments, pictures, documents and much more along with the message as well.

  • Keep notified

It carries a notification feature like all other social media platforms through which you get to know when you have been endorsed by someone, invited to join or welcomed back to see a post of interest.

  • Send invitations and connections

On this when other professionals make an invitation to connect, you shall get an invitation to approve.

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Scrapped Data of 500 Million LinkedIn users (Download)

LinkedIn Scraped Data Leak

This made the headlines after a massive Facebook data leak came into the news. Archive having data purportedly scraped from around 500 million of these profiles and then put off sale on popular hacker forum with other 2 million leaked as a sample.

These files had all information about LinkedIn users whose data was scraped. This included their full name, email, numbers, workplace and much more.

As leaked samples that were worth $2 of forum credits can be viewed by the users, threat actors were able to auction 500 million databases for a 4-digit sum probably in Bitcoin.

The author says that all data was taken from LinkedIn plus our investigation team confirmed it as well but it was not clear either fresh or up-to-date profiles or ones that were breach suffered by LinkedIn or other companies were selling.

The statement came on the front of LinkedIn in which it states that the data which was used for selling purposes was not taken from data breach and is thus aggregated from different sites and companies.

“This was not a LinkedIn data breach, and no private member account data from LinkedIn was included in what we’ve been able to review”.

Following dissemination of data like IDs, names, emails, numbers by threat action, watchdog privacy of Italy started an investigation.

Its authority stated that they had the highest subscriber counts among the European states and called the users who have been affected to pay attention to any anomalies in accordance with their numbers and account.

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327M Leaked Records of LinkedIn Profiles appears on Online Site

327 Million LinkedIn Records Database

It was seen that other threat actors were trying to piggyback on the leak.  After this new collection of databases were put on sale on the same forum by some other users for around $7000 worth of Bitcoin.

The new author who made an entry claims to be in possession of both the original 500 million database and size and additional archives which included 327 million profiles that were scraped off from this.

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If all this was true then scraped profiles would be in 827 million counts, exceeding the actual user base of more than 740 million by more than 10%. All this means that some of the new data going to be sold by the actor would either be duplicate out of date.

3 Major Leaked Items

Now, these had all the professional information which included the following:

  1. Links to profiles.
  2. Links to other social media profiles.
  3. Professional titles and other data related to work.

The Impact this data leak has had

Data can be used in different ways by the threat actors:

  • They can carry out targeted phishing attacks.
  • They can spam almost 500 million emails and numbers.
  • They can brute-force passcodes of profiles and emails.

Leaked files only carry information about the profile. We did not see any sensitive data such as credit card details or any other legal docs in the sample posted by the actor. Keep in mind that even an email address is enough for competent cybercriminals to cause any kind of damage. This goes the same for your Facebook account.

Now what happens is that the attackers can combine information from the leaked files with other breaches to make detailed profiles of victims. With this, they can convince more phishing and social engineering attackers plus also commit identity thefts against all those users whose information has been exposed on the forum. This is why it is important to keep your website database encrypted and secure.

Compensation for users

If you were affected by this you can get in touch with their support to see what they can do for you.

Visit LinkedIn Help Page

How To Secure your LinkedIn Profile from appearing in Data Leaks

Secure LinkedIn Account

If something like this happens to do then we suggest that you do the following:

  • Use a personal data leak checker to see if your account data has been leaked.
  • Keep your eye on any suspicious messages and connection requests from strangers.
  • Change passcode of LinkedIn and email accounts.
  • Use a password manager to have strong passwords.
  • Make sure to enable 2-factor authentications on the online account you have.

Please read our comprehensive guide on securing your LinkedIn profile from threats.

Conclusion: LinkedIn Data Leak Download

These sorts of leaks and breaches are happening always. Your main duty is to make sure your account is secure and no one else can get into your account. 2FA and MFA authentication can help prevent such massive blunders. Because when these breaches happen there will be a download of LinkedIn data leak 2021/2022. Stay safe everyone!

Shaheer is the founder of SecuredYou. He is a cybersecurity freak and loves anything related to Computers and Technology. Apart from being a tech geek, he loves listening to music and going to the gym.


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