Mac OS Big Sur/High Sierra/Catalina Theme for Windows 10/11 Free Download
Mac OS Theme For Windows 10/11

Many users prefer to have the sleek look and feel of Apple MacBook or iMac. It comes with:

  • Docks on the bottom.
  • Finder bar on the top.
  • White design with coloured button making it quite easy on the eye.

We are sharing Mac OS Theme Pack For Windows 10/11 free download. In such, you would apply the ultimate visual style that shall transform the explorer looks as shown below and then move on to getting finder bar and icon dock.

This is a complete Mac Transformation Pack which includes styles and skins for High Sierra, Big Sur and Catalina. This includes Wallpapers, Sounds and Icons! This is the real deal.

On it, everything is designed according to the expectations of the user.

  • Simple OS.
  • Intuitive gestures.
  • We are asking Siri to find you a file.
  • We are asking Siri to update apps automatically.

There is much more that you can do.


Mac OS Theme Pack Features

Mac OS Theme Free Download for Windows 10

  • Appleā€™s design language.
  • Border-less design.
  • Two themes with and without command bar.

A little about Apple Mac, you need to know:

It is an operating system powering every Apple device. With this do things that cannot be done on other methods as it is designed especially for the hardware it runs on and vice versa. It carries applications that are designed beautifully.

It works with iCloud to keep documents, photos and other things up to date on all devices. Moreover, it makes MAC work all like magic with the iPhone and other Apple devices. The best part is that it has been built up with security and privacy in mind.

How to Install Mac OS Theme in Windows 10/11

How to Install Mac OS Theme on Windows PC

  • Extract OldNewExplorer.rar file that has been downloaded to a new folder, run OldNewExplorercfg program. Set settings, as shown below. Click on install to complete the installation.
  • After this patch, third-party themes can be installed.
  • Then extract contents of the theme to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder of the system.
  • Run the theme file that you have pasted, for now, your theme shall be active.

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How to Make Windows 10/11 Look like a Mac

Note: Check to see if you are getting the mac theme pack for PC. Make sure to look for a pack that has compatibility with the version of windows and also one which is either a 32-bit system or 64-bit system.

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Note: Create a system restore point before downloading if in case anything goes wrong.

  • Press and hold the windows and X button and left-click from that menu on the system, to create a restore point.
  • On the left-side panel, in the find setting search box, type in restore and select create a restore point.
  • You would now have a window with system properties. Click left on the create button and give a name to the restore session that you shall create.
  • Continue with system restore.
  • Go ahead with the installation of the skin.

Note: During the installation process, you would be asked what features you would want from the particular interface, choose them as they fit.

  • Once skin pack finishes the installation, restart PC.

Note: If any issues are after that the restart, do a safe mode boot and disable features that are causing problems.

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Install the latest Mac OS Transformation Pack

Mac OS Skin Pack for Windows 10

The pack carries:

  • A significant number of changes.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Easy to use.
  • Brings in colorful and HD Mac themes, wallpapers and new OS X features to your windows system.

As you have now your skin running on PC, start testing it to see if it fits your needs.

Download Mac OS Transformation Pack For Windows 10/11

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Finderbar and Launcher integration:

Mac OS Transformation Pack for Windows 10

For a complete transformation, the finder bar and launcher can be added optionally.

The software is used:

  • To repair common errors related to computers.
  • Protect from file loss.
  • Protect from malware.
  • Protect from hardware failure.
  • Optimize PC for maximum performance.

Fix the issues and remove viruses by following the steps below:

  1. Select start scan to find issues causing problems in windows.
  2. Hit repair all to fix them with patented technologies.

If you are a fan of the Mac interface or have used it before but would like to stick with Windows OS, then you have the chance to make it look like it. All this can be done with the help of a few applications.

Like this, your system shall look like with some clicks and a MAC theme for Windows 10/11.

All this would take a couple of minutes of your time.

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Alternative Themes:

  1. Ultimate Star Wars Theme Pack with Wallpapers, Sounds and Icons.
  2. Hacking Anonymous Theme with Matrix Wallpapers and Sounds.

Download Mac OS Big Sur, Sierra and Catalina Theme Pack For Windows 10/11 (2022 Updated)

Another highly requested skin pack is now available! Mac OS Theme for Windows 10/11 download is now out with various improvements and additions. This is the complete package because it has details from Big Sur, Catalina and High Sierra too! Not enough, you say? It also comes with system sounds, icons and cursors. Brilliant.

Mac OS Theme For Windows 10/11 Free Download

Mac OS Theme Pack For Windows 10/11
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