Octave Bot Commands List 2022 (Complete Octave Bot Guide)

With Octave Bot users can easily add songs on the music channel on the Discord server. It offers different functions:

  • Add songs in queue.
  • Add playlists from Youtube, Spotify, and others.

All this with the use of simple commands, has other features including pause, play, resume, next, back, queue, clear, jump, shuffle and much more. All these can be done on the server. We have included a comprehensive list of Octave Bot commands and the reason behind why it was shut down.

If we talk about Octave then this is owned by the same who run the biggest Discord meme which is Dank Member.


Why did Octave Bot go offline (Not Working)

The creator has shut this down after they received a cease and desist letter from Youtube. Since then it is deemed to be offline. The official announcement was made back in 2021. Another alleged reason was that people were using it to download MP3 songs offline.

How To Use Octave Bot on your server [A-to-Z Guide]

Inviting and Adding Octave Music Bot (Full Prefix)

Add Octave Bot to Discord Server

Once you are sure of which bot to add to the channel you shall want to add the bot to. Now you need to keep in your mind that you can only do this for servers where there is access to moderator or admin. We have a comprehensive universal guide for adding Bots to your server we recommend your read.

Once the bot has been uploaded on the server then you can use it immediately with a series of commands. When you wish to remove one all you need to do is click right on it on the server member list and then hit on kick or ban.

  • You need to click on “invite bot”.
  • Choose the server on which you wish to add it.
  • Authorize all permissions required.
  • Once done, fill up the captcha.
  • Go back to the discord server where the bot has been added, you shall be able to see its message in the general text channel.

You have added it on the discord server successfully.

  • Head towards “how to play songs with Octave Bot” where we have mentioned in detail how you can play songs with help of commands.

We also suggest that you join the support community group of octave bots if you face any issue with a bot you can ask for help in the community.

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How To Play Music using Octave

Octave Bot Playing Music

For this, you need to be sure that you have added a discord bot to the necessary server and have also connected to any voice channel in it.

  • Join “voice channel”, for this click on channels with a speaker icon on them.
  • Join it, it shall show voice connected there in the bottom right sidebar.
  • After this, you need to summon active on the voice channel. For this, simply type in “_join” command so that it joins the same channels in which you currently are.
  • To play music simply use “_play” command which is followed by song name or link from Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and much more.
“_play never say never”

_play [Insert URL Here]

Octave Bot Commands Full List [Updated Table]

Latest Octave Bot Commands

On the official site you can find all of its commands. It had many before but for now, has been reduced by the team to keep them related to music only.

Download Octave Bot Commands List (PDF)

Why use Octave Bot

These are seemed to be beneficial features of the communication platform. These in actuality are AIs that owners of businesses and marketers use to perform big automated tasks on the server.

It is not and never easy to build a community but if done on discord then it is a good way to provide users with an exclusive feeling. Such a strategy shall benefit you if you have an audience already.

You shall be able to offer tips, host lives, record videos as well as teach others all you know in a safe and closed community environment. When all get the feeling that they are receiving something that they cannot get from anywhere else then it makes them more inclined to share it with others and as a return pays for more information.

If you wish to make an engaged community then it makes it easier to create. Moreover, they can also be used to welcome in new members to the servers, moderate communication among members as well as ban those who refuse to follow the rules.

These can also be used to add memes, music, games and other entertaining content to the server so that it becomes more enjoyable for the members.

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Knowing what it adds is the key. There are few bots that are able to enhance the server and provide a community that is better in all good ways thus making users want to stick around and engage. If there are wrong ones then they are able to turn people away as well as create a poor environment.

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4 Best Octave Bot Alternatives

Octave Bot Alternatives


With this play content from Youtube directly, share videos with members in order to provide content or additional information on anything you want to know.

Set up automatic commands which provide videos for FAQs.

If you have a Youtube channel then use this to spread your channel, get more views. Keep in mind not to spam your channel with Youtube videos in which users show no interest.


This allows users to use commands for memes, games as well as music. It makes a good yet enjoyable environment along with a niche community.

In this, you market with your audience without making them realize. In short, it is a simple form of effortless marketing.

Check on how people use these as some memes and commands are a bit obscure.


With this we can search 50 thousand plus funny sound clips from their network. The platform is being updated with new sound effects and members and even you can use the commands to have an enjoyable experience and entertaining environment.

MEE6 Bot

This is a comprehensive bot with which we can create custom commands to use roles and send messages automatically in the main channel or via DMs based on particular actions.

With few commands welcoming in new members on the server, assign them with roles as well as explain server rules without the need to do anything manually.

The best thing is a customization that can be applied. Kick all those out who promote ads, unwanted links, or even spam automatically. This results in a tight-knit community where all can enjoy.


Octave Bot was fun while it was around and since the Cease and Desist order it has disappeared. However, if you are still using it we have listed the full Octave Bot Commands List for you. We have also shared the prefix values for you for the context and briefly explained why it was shut down.

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