PIA VPN Usernames and Passwords

PIA or Private Internet Access is a subsidiary of London located in Denver, Colorado. It has more than 3200 servers in almost 34 countries. The number of servers as well their location matter a lot. For some fast internet connection, one needs to be as close as he can to the server. Now you can use any of the PIA VPN free account usernames and passwords to get access to premium features.

All VPNs are used to create a private network where one’s data and IP address are encrypted but keep in mind that they are not equally created. Let’s see if this one is up to the mark or not.

They emphasize one thing; they do not log any kind of data. In short, they will not know when you will be using it, for how much time, what the IP address is, or which sites you have visited. It also carries disconnection protection which makes sure that users’ web activity remains protected even if VPN fails.


Private Internet Access Premium Account Features

PIA VPN Premium Account Features

One can get support from this through:

  • Online knowledge base.
  • Fill a form.
  • Get in contact with someone.

It does not offer users with phone feature or any live chat option which seems that getting support can take some time.

This is also called “network lock feature” or “disconnect protection” which means that connection to the VPN is lost then any site or software will shut down automatically. However, you are protected from the public network. The good thing is that it provides a kill switch.

VPN Tunneling

Now, it comes with a drawback and does not offer split tunneling means you can’t be on a public and private network at the same time. Inspite data shall pass through the same encrypted tunnel using more bandwidth than split tunneling.

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Split Tunneling

It provides users with this and gives more freedom to their online activity. With this users can decide which applications can directly access the internet and which shall pass through the VPN first.

With this users can protect and secure their banking data or also be quite safe while torrenting, as well as streaming or browsing outside an encrypted VPN tunnel on the very same device.

To activate this:

  • Click on the network tab > app exclusions > add programs you wish to bypass the VPN.

Streaming Content

We think that both of these have a big tug of war. At times victory is in the hands of Netflix and at times VPN. The good thing is that PIA does not restrict access to Netflix whereas Netflix does make an attempt to block VPNs when it is possible. Therefore, access is not guaranteed. One would be able to torrent files, which is a good alternative to Netflix.

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End-To-End Encryption

Encryption is used to change text into inscrutable code this is what prevents anyone from having access to your data which is that entire concept of these. Its lets users select their own methods of encryption.

With this users can customize their encryption as well as protocols. With AES 128-bit encryption, default settings protect the connection.

The algorithm is all safe and secure but not like AES 256-bit encryption.

If you want then its settings can be changed as it is very easy. This can be done manually; just select the encryption algorithm and handshake encryption there in the settings interface.

All details can be found on its site.

Its dedicated applications default to the OpenVPN protocol, which comes with the option to select between TCP and UDP connections. The only exception is the iOS application which uses IPsec. Moreover, it also offers users the option to switch towards the latest security protocol known as WireGuard on mobile and desktop applications.

The manual configuration is supported with PPTP, SOCKS5 Proxy, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN.

The best thing is that it has open-sourced all its desktop as well as mobile applications and with this, anyone can review the source code of these apps to make sure that it is delivering all the promises made.

DNS Leak Protection

This is known as Domain Name Server is the URL that we type in when we wish to visit any site. Each of these stands for an IP address. Now, you need to think of this as a description. We need to be sure that ours are not getting leaking from outside of an encrypted tunnel being provided by PIA. On our tests, no leaks were detected.

WebRTC Leak Protection

It lets two browsers communicate with each other directly rather than through a server. It creates fast speeds especially when one is streaming videos, video calling, or even sharing his or her files. But keep in mind that one needs to know others’ IP addresses especially if you are a user of Firefox, Chrome, or even Microsoft Edge. It also resulted in no leaks and passes the test with good marks. This is also provided by ProtonVPN premium accounts.

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Private Internet Access Premium Subscriptions

PIA VPN Premium Subscription

Now let’s talk about pricing and subscriptions.

With this users shall be able to switch in between many servers on many devices. The user shall be able to use 10 devices at the same time. Payment plans range from a little more than two dollars a month to 12 dollars per month which is not that expensive. Keep in mind that the longer-term length the lower shall cost each month. It offers a 7-day money-back guarantee which means you can go back if you don’t like it.

It shall work on Android, iPad, iPhone or iTouch, Ubuntu, Mac as well as Windows.

It supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox as well as Opera which is a browser from windows.

We want such things on our system which if we run in any query comes with good customer support, same is with VPN we want such customer support which is fast and quick.

PIA VPN Account FAQs


Would you recommend PIA VPN?

Yes, it is a good VPN. Since it is not able to log web activity or IP addresses and uses AES-256 encryption, then users who are conscious about privacy might want to stay clear of it.

It is for personal use. It has no family or business subscriptions only those which are able to support 10 connections at the same time.

Alternative: Hotspot Shield VPN Free Accounts List.

It starts with routing the internet connection through one of their servers which then encrypts and replaces its IP address. This means that services providers shall no longer be able to see which sites they visit or their IP addresses. In short, the user is essentially anonymous online.

Do they keep any logs on their servers?

No, it does not log user’s web activity, IP addresses, for how long they have used the VPN, or any other kind of information.

Is there customer support good and helpful?

Unfortunately, we saw no reviews on BBB all due to the fact that PIA is not the page name.

So we turned over to Amazon to get something; surprisingly it came we a rating of 3.6 which is not that bad. We read 7 positive out of 11 which is 60% satisfaction. Some users said that it has fast response rates while others came with different stories. Overall its customer support is inconsistent.

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