Rapidgator Premium Account Usernames and Passwords (2021)

This is an online storage website that also hosts files like movies, videos, courses, forms, and much more. With this host anything or store any kind and amount of data. All of this is not free, when you sign up you only get limited space. Follow through to receive Rapidgator premium accounts and passwords 2021 and get a lot of space from them. So, are you ready?

Today we share a lot of data with friends and family. Do you share using Pendrive? What if you want to share with millions of people? For this, you need to host that specific file on your server which is very costly.

Many file-hosting files are there on the internet through which you can host files and that too for free. Rapidgator is one of the sites, with this share almost anything.

About Rapidgator Free Premium Accounts

Rapidgator Free Premium Account

Now, what is special about this?

  • It does not ask you to complete a survey or other tasks.
  • Comes with fast bandwidth, good to download or upload files all for free.
  • You just need to have an account to upload files.
  • Sign-up for free.

The free version carries:

  • Ads and pop-ups can be annoying while downloading files.
  • One cannot download too many files at the same time using the same free account.
  • Upload files with a max size of 500 MB.

You are good to go with this version if you are an occasional user.

But, if you are a hardcore user with many downloads and hates ads then get your hands on the premium version. It is best to upload files of more than 500 MB.

Premium Account vs Free (The Differences)

For Premium users:

  1. Get unlimited files.
  2. Download at a faster rate.
  3. Download multiple files at the same time.
  4. Free from annoying ads.

For Free users:

  1. No unlimited files.
  2. Limited speeds on slower servers.
  3. Only a single file to be downloaded at the same time.
  4. Support with advertisements.
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How to get Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts (2 Tested Methods)

If you use this already then you know it does not need any registration for download or upload until the file size is less than 500 MB.

You need to sign-up and require premium plans to download or upload files of more than 500 MB.

Freely provided accounts by SecuredYou

We provide you with the following account usernames and passcodes. If you get your hands on any account do not change the passcode as many users cannot be able to use these.

[email protected]MoresChampMonday3
[email protected]QAHs925K
[email protected]dY9d9uEZ
[email protected]CapaJJr3
[email protected]gznM3qCC
[email protected]DetectLagoonAinu

Rapidgator Premium Account Cookies

Cookies are data that can be used to store current data for every site visited on the browser. Have you ever accidentally logged in to Facebook and closed the tab? Now, what happens if you open it again? You shall be redirected to it without entering login requirements. How does this happen? Well, once you log in, a session is stored in the browser cookie which carries access tokens.

We are going to exploit this cookie and get a premium account for free. For this:

  • Open browser.
  • Visit EditThisCookie, install edit this from chrome extension.
  • Restart browser to complete installation.
  • Open its homepage, click on the cookie icon there on the top right and go to the import option.
  • Copy any one of the above credentials and paste it into the import box and hit the tick button.

Premium Account Cookies

  • Refresh your page, and you logged into the premium account for free. Make sure not to log out from your account at you won’t be able to use it again.

RECOMMENDED: CyberGhost VPN Premium Subscription Account.

Rapidgator Premium Link Generator – Does it work?

Rapidgator Premium Account Link Generator

This is a program through which users can get data files from file hosting servers (like Uploaded.net, Turbobit, Rapidgator, and others) with premium privileges which most of the time eliminates various limitations which have a lot of impact on the speed of download and wait times between others and file-sharing.

This makes a new URL to start and change a typical one, this enables its users to get files with no boundaries just like premium users.

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A good quality link turbine is a web-based company that works as a bridge between the user and file hosting services, when you give the site a link to any file then it makes another link if you are a high-quality user.

With this get from many file hosting providers with benefits same as premium account but without contracting any premium accounts. In general, they provide a multi-host platform.

  • Paste URL of any program.
  • The file shall make an immediate link with functions similar to the premium account; letting downloads happen in a quick way.

From such sites, download like premium and make use of bandwidth with simultaneous sharing at the same time, a very handy feature indeed. High-quality users get the most widely used servers without waiting which are less crowded.

Alternative Accounts for you

  1. Grammarly Free Accounts List for Students.
  2. Netflix Premium HD and 4K accounts.
  3. Free Chegg Usernames (Fully Working).


Cloud storage services are the next big thing in Cloud and have been for the past decade. There are already popular services like Google Drive or Dropbox but security is always a question, Isn’t it?. The above provided free premium Rapidgator accounts should give you all the top-level access you always wanted for your data storage needs. You can also look at other alternatives and host your own services such as NextCloud or OwnCloud.

Shaheer is the founder of SecuredYou. He is a cybersecurity freak and loves anything related to Computers and Technology. Apart from being a tech geek, he loves listening to music and going to the gym.


  1. Hi, could you please help me out with these 2 steps?
    -Open its homepage, click on the cookie icon there on the top right and go to the import option.
    -Copy any one of the above credentials and paste it into the import box and hit the tick button.

    so like I have opened the homepage of Rapidgator and clicked on cookie icon. Then clicked on import and entered the creds in JSON format.
    {“[email protected]”:”DetectLagoonAinu”}
    but nothing is happening on pressing the green tick and refreshing the webpage.


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