8 Best Reasons why you need a VPN to keep your home secure

If you have ever made a connection with public wifi with the worry about how your data is being used by the provider or simply wish to unlock Netflix shows which are not present in the area then you need to consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is the same case when you are in your personal space at home. We have 8 best reasons fully explained that will reassure you of the need for a VPN service at home to help keep you safe from trackers.

For those who do not know this is a service that is used to both encrypt your data and hide IP addresses by bouncing the network via secure chain to another server many miles away. This is then able to obscure your identity online even on public wifi networks so that you can browse the web without any worry safely.


8 Useful Reasons why a VPN is recommended at home for online privacy

The need for VPN at home

Keep your ISP at bay

When you are connected with wifi at home then there are fewer chances of being attacked by strangers than on a public connection but still, your data is vulnerable.

ISP which is your Internet Service Provider be it BT, Sky, Virgin Media, or any other company to whom you pay per month can have access to your data. They are able to see when, where and how you browse the web. A use case would be using a VPN to torrent safely without your ISP knowing.

This data after being collected is sold to advertisers even if a private browsing function is used. If this gets in the wrong hands then it can be dangerous and result in a case of a data breach. Using a VPN can help to obscure ISP addresses from our own ISP.

Your Wifi is more secure

If we talk about public wifi then it is convenient but is at the risk of security. If you are answering an email or commenting on status then someone might be tracking your activity online.

Using this helps to protect your data while being on another network, it hides all the browsing history, banking information, account passcodes and much more from internet strangers with an ill mind.

Bypass censored content and sites

TV streaming services like Netflix might frown upon your use of VPN in order to access the latest blockbuster film or series in a state or country where it is not being offered. Usage of VPN is not illegal to clear it away and is used to provide users with a useful workaround to content restrictions.

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These are able to spoof your location thus making it seem that you are browsing from any other place. All this means that you can fix your boxset even if it is not locally available.

Apps and hardware can’t track you

Disable App Tracking

For those who do not know ISP is not the only potential security weak spot. Most of our favorite social media platforms especially Facebook have been called out to be using data of their users.

VPN is used to prevent applications as well as sites from attributing your behavior towards your system’s IP address. Moreover, this can also be used to limit the collection of your locations along with browsing history.

Bonus Tip: Encrypt Your Email Before Sending to a third party.

Friendly platforms

We all love to add more security into our lives, there are some security devices and processes which seem like more effort than they are worth for those who are all tech adverse. If we talk about virtual private networks then they are quite easy to use.

Today many providers have made intuitive yet user-friendly interfaces that have made the process of installation quite easy and use available to non-techies as well.

Securely work from home

The best thing about having a virtual private network is its data encryption features. With encryption, we can keep our confidential information safe and secure. You can also take it a step further by bringing in IP cameras for surveillance purposes.

If you are someone who wants to invest in getting a VPN then one benefit is that your workers can connect to their office network and look at sensitive materials on their very own devices even by being away from the office. Today due to pandemics working remotely has been normalized therefore it is a helpful investment to keep confidential material safe off-site.

Save on your Netflix or Spotify subscription

If you can do little research then a VPN can be used to save money through its location spoofing capabilities. Different kinds of businesses like subscription services and airlines offer users the same products for various prices in different places.

If you change your locations to someplace where services are cheaper then you can save a lot on the pocket.

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Mobiles are safe

Since many of us might first give try to VPN on a company-loaned laptop, might services provided by VPN are used to protect other devices like mobile smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. They come with their own apps for Android or iOS which you can install and share with your family members.

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Every company might offer different protection plans and carry different capacities in order to provide protection to different devices but many providers also provide plans which help to keep us safe on different devices.

The major downsides of using a VPN

Downsides of a VPN at home

As this is a good tool that is used to separate your location from your data it does not obscure all about you. If you take any quiz or hit like to any post on Instagram then the application connected is still able to use your behavior in order to tailor ads and content in-app.

For those who do not know these are not perfect tools these too are susceptible to malware and online attacks. If it gets infected then its security benefits get nulled.

When we use free VPN services attacks and security breaches increase. To recoup the costs of their businesses these free services might sell user data or even run ads that could be infected with malware. We suggest that you invest in paid VPN if you want to increase data privacy.

These services are banned in certain countries like China and Russia, therefore, you need to know the laws of your country and country you are visiting before using this and make sure to understand whether your usage is being monitored by the government or not thus nullifying privacy benefits.

Slow speeds

Due to the nature of how this technology works as it has to re-route traffic from various countries., similar to how a site-to-site VPN works. This causes a high than normal latency with an average increase of 15-30% resulting in a minimal delay when browsing the web or playing an online game.

Free VPN Services and Clients

  1. HMA Pro
  2. SuperVPN
  3. JustVPN
  4. DroidVPN

The Verdict

VPN’s are a great security tool and help your privacy a ton. They encrypt all the traffic so no one can intercept it. Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) many employees are working from home where employers have limited power on their network and can’t provide protection. This is where virtual private networks come to save the day and help in unsuspected ways from dangerous adversaries.

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