Download Remcos RAT Full Version v2.2.0

Remcos Professional Remote Administration Tool is an extensive yet powerful remote control software through which you can control your computer system remotely anywhere in the world. Moreover, it can also be used to administrate one or many other PCs fully. You can now download Remcos RAT full version for Windows 10, 8, and 7.


What is Remcos Remote Control?

It is merely a RAT tool that you can use to monitor, control, and keep an eye on your targets or machines for security purposes. It comes with a bundle of features that are all free.

  • Is it used to control your computer system there from a remote location like from a different room and even from the other side of the planet?
  • It is also used to manage different machines from a single PC.

This is the only tool you will ever need for surveillance as it has all the features. It can be used to monitor your infrastructure or devices remotely with ease.

Remcos Professional RAT Features

Download Remcos Professional Free Full Version

Remote Support

It is used to perform easily remote support sessions, all thanks to the integrated remote desktop and chat facilities.

Remote Surveillance                                         

This is a powerful solution to monitor your business, terminals, and house remotely. It also informs you when someone gains unauthorized access or performs unwanted actions on your computer system.

Moreover, it can also be used for surveillance of the surrounding room as well as the area. The best part is that you just need to use one of your computers and you would not need to buy cameras or microphones.

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Remote Anti-Theft

Have you lost your laptop? Well, you can now use Remcos to track down the location of your computer, take clicks from the camera, retrieve the files to a safe place very quickly as well as prevent files from falling into the wrong hands by deleting stored cookies, sensitive data and password remotely.

Remote Proxy

Users can use this as a reliable proxy by using the SOCKS5 protocol. Users can now route their internet traffic through their remote machine, bypass Internet censorships, restrictions, and blocks.

It is also used to support SOCKS5 in both the direct and reverse modes.

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Security Audits

It can be used as a reliable tool to be used in remote access security checks as well as in penetration tests.

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High Performance, Low Impact

It has been designed with performance, speed as well as lightweight as top development priorities. It is written skillfully in C++ and Delphi programming language that is used to produce high performance and native code.

It is swift, and lightweight plus comes with a low disk, memory, and processor usage. This allows for managing different remote machines from any part of the world.

Fast and lightweight

Allows skilful coding in C++ and Delphi to give excellent performance code. It comes with a 100kb agent size.

Runs on all the windows

It can run from WinXP to Win10, both 32-64 bit, and also includes the server editions as well. For this, no .net framework or extra dependencies are required.

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Robust Connection

It KeepAlive system and is used to backup connection addresses to ensure user connection with the remote hosts shall never get lost.

Encrypted Connection

It comes with a 100% encrypted connection through custom TCP-based protocol. Moreover, not even a single byte is sent unencrypted.

Customized extensively

Various options are there to tweak Remcos to suit your needs.


Users can now control from one to many of their machines at the same time, plus all the functions can be operated simultaneously.

Remote Screen

With control through mouse or keyboard. Just like you would connect to a remote desktop.

File Manager

Users can now browse files as well as directories, upload or download files as well as delete or remove files, and much more.

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File Search

If you wish to look for a file on any of your desired machines, then you can perform a fast file search on one, multiple hosts, or even the entire network and that too at the same time.

How to Use Remcos RAT (Tutorial)

Remcos is NOT hard to use at all. It is pretty simple and straightforward. All the knowledge you need is basic networking and social engineering techniques. You can use the following tools easily:

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This is the video version for people who like to watch:

How to Use Remcos RAT Tutorial

Tutorial credit: HackerSploit.

System managers

Service manager, process manager, registry editor, and much more.

Power options

It comes with the switch off, restarts, hibernates, and sleep mode power options.

Commandline and scripting

This includes remote shell as well as remote scripting functions. Users can execute scripts as well as console commands quickly, such as Java, Visual Basic, and Batch scripts.

A wide array of functions in just a tiny package

Despite many functions available, the Remcos agent written in C++ is only 100 Kb of the total size. For this development, priorities have also been functionality, performance, and low resource usage.

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Remote screen

Download Remcos RAT for Windows 10/8/7

Able to view as well as control multiple hosts at the same time. It is completely multi-threaded.

Remote chat

It is used to communicate easily with all the users in front of the remote system. It is perfect for remote assistance sessions and remote support.

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Disclaimer: Please use this tool on systems you have the permission to do so. It is posted here for educational and informational purposes only.

Download Remcos Professional (2022 Latest) – #1 Remote Control RAT Tool

I hope you will enjoy having a better remote control RAT tool like Remcos Professional download installed. One of the best examples of remote administration tools that is available for the public.

NOTE: The button below will take you to the official website where you will get the FREE version. To get all the surveillance features, you will need to order the full version.

Version: 2.5.1.

Author: Breaking Security now known as Software Security.

Update: Link updated to point to the official author site.

Remcos Professional Full Version Free Download

Download Remcos Professional Free Full Version
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