Online gaming is going through a real surge in player numbers, as shown by the amount of revenue from play hitting record highs in 2021. With increasing interest, the online casinos in the US have grown into a $3.7 billion industry, according to the Washington Post.

What’s more remarkable is that this is despite the reopening of casinos and gaming venues across the country as it slowly eases out of the grip of the pandemic. It’s proof if ever needed, that gamers enjoy the diverse experience now offered on the latest platforms.

The options are so varied, that it means players can roll the dice on almost any game or theme they want without even having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Developers have now been able to bring things such as live casino dealers to the most modern platforms. Other online experiences that keep people happy are options such as Slingo. Friends Slingo and Slingo Rainbow Riches are just two of the titles offered by Cheeky Bingo which are thematic in nature, appealing to popular trends in modern culture. This trend of having varied themes, which align with things in popular culture, is seen throughout the gaming platforms online. Slots on varied themes are also commonplace, with brands and even individuals in focus. But not only that, thanks to the platform not being static, developers are always bringing something new for the returning player and those new to the platform.

Although online casinos want to keep people engaged, something else that is of the highest importance to all the providers is ensuring you stay safe online. Still, it would help if you also looked to ensure you’re keeping yourself safe. But we’re not just talking about looking after your password; the external threats are far more complex than that.

Therefore here’s a list of our tips and tricks to look out for to help you raise your security game and stay safe online.

Keep yourself secure

The buck starts with you; it’s essential to keep your device safe from malware and such so that fraudsters cannot attack it. You can take some easy precautions to help avoid such an incident, with the most prominent being not to click on any suspicious links from social media or emails. We would also recommend not playing online if you’re connected to public Wi-Fi. Do you know how secure the connection is? Or who’s in control of it, and who’s watching?

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Do your research

The safest options for an online casino are the more prominent and known brands, as they’re the ones that employ some of the most sophisticated and secure safety on their websites. Not only that, they’re properly licensed to operate a casino, and to obtain that license, they are bound by strict federal rules to which they must adhere. A fully licensed site will proudly display its license number, which can be checked and authenticated.

Site security

To be able to play in any online casino, they all require you to provide some private information, which will include your name, address, and payment details so you can deposit funds into your account. You need to make sure those important digits aren’t getting into the wrong hands, and the secure casinos will ensure that your identity is verified before allowing any transactions. They may have things such as two-factor authentication, which adds a layer of security and safety beyond the standard username and password by sending a text message with a code to your phone so you can confirm your identity.

Payment pending

A licensed casino will have a host of secure, reliable, and familiar payment options. Different providers will have different payment methods available, from debit cards to things such as PayPal. An increasing number of online casinos now offer gamers the chance to use cryptocurrencies to fund play. But whatever your preferred method is, choosing the payment options that match your needs will allow you to deposit funds and withdraw your winnings quickly and securely.

Player protection

This might not be something that you think of, but it is something that a growing number of casinos now use to keep players from overspending. Casinos have brought in several ways of doing this, from giving gamers the chance to limit the amount of funds deposited into their account to the frequency of those transactions. An excellent online casino will undoubtedly have these settings in place.


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