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This is a site primarily designed for students around the globe to help them in their academic pursuits. It is perfect if you want your grades to be good, have all your questions answered, gain access to the best resources of study. Because of the sheer size of the content, we made it easier with the help of StuDocu Downloader which is a free document downloading tool that works online, locally and uses a browser extension!

Through this students can share their notes and interact with other college students around the globe. The best thing is that it comes in free and provides access to thousands of notes packets, docs and test resources.

StuDocu is still in the phase of development and has 4 members on its executive leadership team. The co-founder is Jaques Huppes who is not involved directly in any active leadership role but is as active as an advisor. The chief executive is Marnix Broher, Lucan Van De Houten the chief technical officer and Reynauld Fasciaux is the chief operating officer.


What is StuDocu Downloader 

Get a better understanding of your respective subject and have a deep understanding. With this learn and absorb class material in a way that benefits you. Like this you won’t only study better but also have exposure to new content and enrich your understanding.

It is also known as the “Freemium Model” plus as a student, you have the ability to upload your very own materials, get access to premium content and also help others. Anytime you’re confused you can get help from other students and seek online help. For now, 20,752 universities are registered on this so just type in your university name and you shall be able to browse different courses special to your university.

StuDocu Downloader Features

StuDocu Downloader Online Features

Student-friendly stack

It was founded by 4 students in Nether lands and its co-founders are Marnix Broer, Jacques Huppes, Lucan van den Houten and Sander Kuijik. Back in 2013, the company was established with the aim to help students studying the same college courses get together online and help one another by sharing notes on the site. All this helped a lot. This is similar to what Freepik offers.

Access to millions of documents online

It started as a free service for college students but its founders graduated from their college they realized they needed some ways to make money to survive so they decided to convert it into a for-profit business. So what they did was made a free and premium version to monetize the website through a subscription fee.

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Using AI and ML to enhance coursework

Today in the time of Zoom and other video classroom sessions taking notes has become obsolete but these things are different as it is leading to returning students to old-fashion ways of learning. It provides students with handwritten notes composed by other students. This is available to all the subscribers. These are seemed to be effective means of studying and reflecting information which is essential.

Earn points with your notes

On this students from throughout the globe can share their notes. The best ones are placed for premium-level access. Founders of the platforms encourage students to only share the best versions of their notes but luckily at the time the low quality gets through as well. Keep in mind that these never make it to the premium section and no one gets affected. The best thing is that it offers incentives for uploading the best version of quality notes and also offers rewards like lottery tickets and much more.

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Unlock free documents

Free StuDocu Downloader

20% of all documents stored on its servers are offered a small fee whereas the remaining resources are available without any charge fee. Like this students from around the globe can use all the resources but those who wish to utilize the best notes will pay the low fee and this works great for all those who are involved.

It has an edge over other Edtech companies offering the very same benefits. For now, it is operating in more than 30 local languages like this student coming from various backgrounds are benefited. Moreover, it has millions of documents through which students have choices for class notes which are also categorized and navigated easily. With the help of this millions of students have exchanged notes and enhanced their knowledge.

Newly updated course catalog 

The first catalog which came out was intended for university students only but it has changed a lot since its inception like UK students in younger age bracket than university level are getting benefit from 14+ age and notes are available which help them to prepare for A-levels and GCSEs. All the notes provided are based upon certain curriculums which are categorized for specific subjects within the set countries to meet required objectives.

Compatibility and Expansion Roadmap

The great news is that it is ready to expand itself into new markets within the educational universe of the world. For now, different opportunities have not been explored and are in the process to explore. They are testing markets to add the most appropriate categories to meet more demands. Today, it is working hard to expand itself into new markets.

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It is one of those companies which have secured high confidence from all its investors in which the two main are Piton Capital and Partech and are joined by Point Nine and Peak Capital. In 2015 its first venture capital fundraising was closed and raised around 1.4 million Euros. This was then followed by Series A round which closed back in 2019 raising 4.2 million Euros and then recently there was Series B funding.

These events are being planned across the globe as well for more raising. All these shall have more categories but for now, no one actually knows what the new expansions and products shall look like. All we need to do is wait and see what current research shows once it gets completed.

How To Download from StuDocu with Extension or Tool

StuDocu Extension

This is a very simple process. Once you have downloaded our tool from below please extract using Winrar or any similar utility. This will give you two options.

1. Use StuDocu Downloader online.

2. Install the Chrome or Mozilla browser extension.

Afterward, you will just have to enter the URL of your document and click on the button below. This will provide you with the requested file that you can save locally.

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Note: As we don’t know the author of the program, please feel free to reach us for recognition. Please use the tool at your own risk as we do not test with live accounts. A paid subscription may be needed for this to work.

StuDocu Downloader Latest Version – Free Document Access Online

StuDocu as a service has been giving a hard time to its alternatives and competitors. It has a much more diverse and active userbase that is more community-driven. This is why the development of a free StuDocu Downloader was started so that in case of no internet connectivity or wireless access. You can also use the browser extension which is included however it is not a requirement to use.

Size20 MB
Operating SystemWindows, Mac, Android and iOS

StuDocu Downloader (Free)

StuDocu Downloader (Online Documents)
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