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As ethical hackers, we mostly prefer PocketCHIP or a Raspberry Pi that too with a screen rather than a mobile device or tablet when it comes to ultra-mobile computing. All the solutions provided an environment that is purely Linux which is as open source as the hardware allows and make no assumptions on how we expect to work. This article holds the important Termux commands list that you can also save as a PDF if you wish to.

Most of the time all we have with us is our mobile phone. While there are some great android applications out there in the market, many feel such as overkill for very simple tasks, especially having in mind how much can be done in a simple terminal on a Linux desktop. We feel like this and this is the reason why the Termux project came into being.


About Termux and command-line interface

Termux is a terminal emulator and Linux environment application for android. With this, you do not need to root your device.

It automatically installs a minimal base system plus more packages are there using package manager just like you do with Debian, Fedora and many others.

Once it has been installed on your phone, you have a minimal Linux system running as an app on your android device. You can use most of the usual terminal apps which you are familiar with or you can become familiar as now you have them installed on your phone device. Above all, it provides software Ctrl, Alt, Esc and arrow keys, so important keystroke shortcuts are quite easy to type even on the virtual keyboard. Prefer using a Bluetooth keyboard with yourself to use it as easy as a terminal on a desktop or laptop.

It runs Bash by default:

$ echo $0

Most commands shall work as expected whether they are built-in bash commands or usual Linux commands and utils. Others include Zsh and tcsh.

For this, you can either use Google Playstore or open-source application repository F-Droid.

Moreover, you can also download the source compile it all by yourself.

Why Termux is ideal for hacking

Termux Hack Commands

Installing Commands

If you are used to this even HomeBrew on Mac or Chocolatey on Windows then you know how to install more commands for this. Apt from Debian Linux is its backend package but it uses pkg command as a simplified frontend interface. The result approximates the consistent simplicity of the DNF experience of Fedora plus we would love to see pkg as an abstraction layer on some more platforms (imagine using the same package management on commands such as RHEL, Slackware and Debian).

We installed a simple text editor as our first package:

$ pkg search jed
jed/stable 5.7-5 aarch66
Lightweight text editor
$ pkg install jed

Jed running was as same as running it on RHEL desktop. Both of these run in the terminal and also use the same keyboard shortcuts.

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Remote Control

A text editor is one thing, but it reveals its true potential the very first time we SSH into a system. Through this we can log into a simple system on any network we have access to, if you carry with yourself a portable console then you can use it either as a host or as a terminal for any amount of computing power that is available.

Now all this does not end with SSH to be clear, there exists a Termux package for KubectI, therefore, by using the “use-context” option in this then you can maintain the Kubernetes cluster from anywhere.

A very helpful community

The best thing about this which we personally like is that removes a significant barrier that contributes to a mobile project, the current platforms of open source mobile are Android or Android-based which require a special toolchain and good knowledge of Java.

By nature, it shields a potential new contributor from much of that as you could write packages or this without even knowing anything regarding android. You can also create a package definition for this as long you know how to write a script shell as you are writing one for Termux subsystems.

Put Terminal in pocket

This is a good way to learn about the Linux terminal and yes it is quite easy to install as well. Just put it on your phone or tablet and then check out some terminal basics as well as a bash cheat sheet and then transform the way you love using your mobile phone.

Termux Commands List For 2022 (WiFi Password Hacking, Facebook Cloning)

Termux Commands List PDF File

Clear Screen (Clears all the clutter)

For this, you need to run the clear command:


Show your current directory

This one tells regarding the directory which is working for the moment:


Changing Directory

The cd command is used for this, just type in cd and name of the directory, we are moving in /hacks directory

cd /hacks

Move back directory

You can back one directory if you want by using cd, if you want to back 2 you can use cd../../ command:

cd ..

cd ../../

Create a new file of any type

Use touch command to create a file:


Creating new directory

MKdir stands for creating a new one, for this:


Deleting a directory or any file

Type in Rmdir <delete directory-name> and hit enter. To delete a directory and its contents recursively rm –rf:

rm –rf 

Delete a single file

For this use the following command and press enter


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Renaming any file and moving it

Mv is a Linux command-line utility used for this purpose. For this use:


mv –r 

File and directory copy

For this use cp –r copy directories and their contents:


cp –r  

Nano and Vim in Termux

The most useful editor out of all the command line editors it has is vi and nano. If already you have a file then run the vi <filename>, enter edit mode by pressing “i” after editing the file hit the escape button and type in “:wq” write and quiet.

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For nano type in nano <filename>, edit and save it by using “Ctrl+x”, type y for y, press enter.


Read the content of any file

For this, you need to use the following command:


All running background processes using top or htop

Use the top command for this



Changing file/directory or group permissions

This can be done easily. To execute permission to run the command “Chmod +x <file-name>” if you wish to change the owner, run “(chown yournewuser:yournewgroup <filename>:

chmod (permission-mode) 

chown (newuser:newgroup) 

Clone source code from Github – FB Clone Hack

Termux FB Cloning Command

For this use command

git clone 

Download anything using wget or curl

To get file via terminal then there are many tools but mostly we use these tools


curl  -o 

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History all previous run command

To check all the bash or history run:


See what Installed Packages you have

The following is used to display a list of installed packages

dpkg –list

Install new WiFi password hack

Wifi Hacking Command for Termux

Now if you want to install python3 then run <pkg install python3>, you shall see a promote type y for yes and it shall be installed. You can also use to install tools such as Kali NetHunter, Wifite and RouterSploit.

pkg install 

Guide: Hack WiFi Passwords on Termux with the PMKID Vulnerability.

Remove installed hacks

For this use following command

apt update && apt upgrade –y

Update package mirrors

If you add the new repository in source.list file, before installing a new package just run the following:

apt update

This is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment android application that works both with and without root. The terminal base is automatically installed plus more packages are available by using the APT package manager.

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Conclusion: Which Termux hack commands are you using?

These were all the best Termux commands list in PDF that you can download for hacking. The most popular ones are linked to password cracking and WiFi hacking which is great if you are using this emulator. It is a full-blown Linux in the palm of your hand. Do let me know which one of these terminal commands have you ever used or if you have any better alternatives! Cheers.

Shaheer is the founder of SecuredYou. He is a cybersecurity freak and loves anything related to Computers and Technology. Apart from being a tech geek, he loves listening to music and going to the gym.


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