Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps - Non-Rooted/Rooted Phones (2022 Edition)
Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools Download – No Root Needed!

As Android phones are one of the most popular devices on earth right now, it makes them most vulnerable too. Any platform which is more popular among users will definitely draw hackers’ attention. This raises the probability of being hacked by users. In the upcoming lines of this article, we would be discussing the top 10 best android hacking apps and tools. You can also download their APK free of charge. Remember below information is provided for the only educational purpose, using such apps for any malicious attack is illegal.

We have tried our best to rate these apps based on their popularity, but you are welcome to disagree with us. At the end of this article, we will tell you, how you can protect yourself from malicious attacks. Below is the app which is widely used across the globe by security professionals. These apps will work on rooted and non-rooted Android devices as well. The means that no root access will be required.

Let’s show you my top android hacking apps for 2022!


10 Best Free Android Hacking Apps APK and Tools  (Free Download Links)

Disclaimer: These apps are shared for educational purposes only. We have shared these apps so that they can be used to improve the security of vulnerable smartphones and networks.


This is one of the top android hacking apps. It was developed to gain access to mobile OS (android) and different device sources. The name is derived from the OS name that is “android” and the second part rat stands for “Remote Administrative Tools”. This app serves as both a client-side application and as well a server-side application. When installed on a mobile, this app can be activated by sending an SMS or by making a call and it acts and runs as a service on the mobile. There are many tutorials for AndroRAT out there that you can watch to learn more about how keyloggers work on Android.

When active this apps allows the intruder to monitor the state of the phone. AndroRat can be used to gain access to highly sensitive user data such as the location of the device and sent/received messages. It can also gain access to the camera, call logs, messages, device location and gallery. Such lethal features have earned this app a top rank in our list.

AndroRAT Full Version APK Download


This app is used to simulate an attack in a real-world situation. Using this tool you can easily discover the vulnerabilities of the network as it offers several tools for penetration testers. With one click of network Metasploit, administrators can test threat levels for the given network.

It is a complete set of different hacking tools which enables ethical hackers to simulate different types of attacks to identify vulnerabilities of a corporate-level network. It has different levels of intensity to scan a network for possible loopholes. It can carry out different types of penetration attacks such as men in the middle and Metasploit. For professional hackers it offers cloud-based reporting, such reports contain the details of the threats and required actions.

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zANTI – Download APK


Though this app is much more advanced as compared to the above tools, we have ranked it on at number 3 in our list. The reason for Hackode being ranked third is that it is not easy to use as compared to other apps. Other apps offer a simple and easy interface and straightforward features which can be used to gain access to the required info. Whereas Hackode offers the next level of features that are hard for a common user to understand. You can say it is more likely to be used by hacking professionals.

It offers a combination of several apps for industry professionals, white hat hackers and other IT experts. If we look more closely this app offers 3 types of tools, firstly scanning of traffic data, secondly security feed and lastly reconnaissance. It has the ability to attack the MySQL server, SQL injection, RSS Feed, DNS lookup, and many other attacks. Most importantly it does not ask for any private info from the user.

Hackode APK Download (Free)

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This is another tool that helps you to monitor the wifi networks, you can capture wifi traffic and analyze the data to obtain useful information. Using these apps hackers can look into social media accounts of the users by simply capturing the network traffic. It is important to mention here that though the traffic over wifi is encrypted hackers can decrypt that data.

FaceNiff Download (No Root)


This application was built by a group of security experts who were so enthusiastic about exploring wireless networks (wifi). When in action this app acts as a router and lets you gain access to the active web sessions over any wifi network. It enables hackers to hijack active web sessions and hence a hacker can obtain useful information related to the social media accounts of any user. Later that info can be used to gain access to such accounts.

Droidsheep APK Download


This one is targeted towards reverse engineering enthusiasts. It offers a complete analysis of the given APK file. It analyses APK packages and provides detailed reports over APK hashes. It enables developers to understand and reverse engineer Android apps. It can also obtain data related to SMS, call logs and network traffic by decoding hashes.

Droidbox APK Download

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This one is a complete security kit, which offers a different combination of tools. Unlike other apps which offer IT experts access to user data and networks, this one offers tools to attack local hosts and wireless network passwords. Using this tool one can also install backdoors and monitor the device. This tool doesn’t require a high level of IT knowledge or expertise, even someone with basic know-how can use this tool to carry out different types of attacks.

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Link: cSploit APK Free Download for Android Latest Version.

Shark for Root

This app is ranked among the top tools when it comes to android hacking, it is a complete toolkit for whitehat hackers and industry IT experts. It enables experts to sniff network data or traffic over a wifi network. Website traffic for a given device can easily be seen using this tool.

Shark for Root APK Free Download


This is another app in our list which enables developers to reverse engineer APK packages. It provides a complete analysis of the app using graphical data. Using this tool android developers can easily access the source code of any application (Android only). It allows the user to access app data and enables him to delete important info like licenses and credits.

APK Inspector APK Download

Nmap For Android

Unlike other hacking apps, this one works flawlessly with rooted and un-rooted devices. This app is pretty useful when it comes to beginners who have just started to explore the world of hacking. It offers easy to use interface for network scanning. This is a very basic hacking app and it can be configured with any version of Android OS.

There are many other android hacking apps available and this list doesn’t explain each one of them. Though these apps were mainly developed for ethical hacking, they have the potential to be used by script kiddies and malicious hackers. Using these apps anyone can gain access to user data.

Download NMAP (Rooted/Not-Rooted) APK

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Compatibility: These apps are currently working for all the latest versions of Android including Nougat, Oreo, Pie and hopefully we will see developers adding support for Android Q.

Update: Download links have been updated.

Which Android Hacking App Is your Favorite?

Since anyone can free download and install these types of best Android Hacking apps apk, so it is important for a common man to know about safeguarding himself from malicious attacks. These apps will require root access and some will not require root access. Also If you want to secure yourself. The first thing first does install an antivirus in your android device. Secondly never install any app from an unknown source. When installing an app do review the permissions section before hitting that “I Agree” button.

Remember never to hand over your device to somebody you don’t trust enough. Keep your settings locked by using the build-in security feature or by using a third-party lock app. Always keep that “installation from unknown sources” option disabled so that no one can install an app without your permission. Avoid using public networks without a VPN. Have a look at our list of 6 Best Free VPN services of 2022.

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