Top 13 Best Windows 8 Themes Free Download (2022 Edition)
Top 13 Best Windows 8 Themes Free Download (2022 Edition)

Are you bored with the default Windows 8 themes and Skins? Don’t need to worry as we bring for you 13 best super cool Windows 8 themes in 2022 with free download links to help you transform your desktop. It is a fact that Microsoft offers a lot of customization options. In Windows 8, you can apply wallpapers and themes, change icons, gadgets, widgets and much more.

In Windows 8, Microsoft has changed color options and appearance tweaks as many users don’t seem to be happy regarding the windows eight default appearance. Let’s change the look of your Windows!


How to Change/Apply Themes in Windows 8?

The first thing is first before knowing regarding the windows 8 themes you must know how to install them. The windows 8 installation process is a bit different than windows 7. For this, you are asked to modify system files to install a third-party windows 8 theme. You can use the UltraUXThemePatcher to modify the system files. It is one of the best and carries the following features:

  • It comes with an easy installation process
  • It has a backup feature
  • It comes in free
  • It is fast and easy to use

Now the ultra UX theme patcher is a lightweight program with the size 156kb. It takes less than a minute to install. Once installed it asks for a system reboot.  After rebooting the system files will be modified and will be ready to accept third-party Windows 8 theme files.

Download UltraUXThemePatcher (Latest) Free

13 Best Windows 8 Themes and Skins (Free Download)

The following are the themes that you can use to make your windows 8 desktop look all funky and super cool.

Elune by neiio theme

Elune Windows 8 Theme Download

Such a theme comes with a host of changes towards the traditional look of windows. The theme was made by neiio. The theme is used to style up the process bar and other sections of the windows including a few icons but does keep one thing in your mind that you are not going to see a lot of changes apart from the vast selection of wallpapers that are accompanied with theme and different way of particular icons and process bars.

Moreover, the Elune theme carries the same color of the theme that comes with Windows XP as olive. In this theme, the mouse pointer remains the same.

Download Elune Theme for Windows 8

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Base Theme for Windows 8 and 8.1

Base in an excellent theme for windows 8 and 8.1. This is made by the link 6155. With this theme, you can get a different experience. Once the theme is applied, you shall observe windows frames and taskbars becoming black. You will see a vast selection of wallpapers that are available in the theme which you can apply as per your interest and need. The theme comes in free and is around 51.5 MB in size.

Download Base Theme for Windows 8/8.1

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Window 8 Thrives Theme

Windows 8 Thrives Theme Free Download

This theme is also made by neiio. The theme is supported both by Windows 8 and 8.1. A number of icons are supported by the theme. You can get an elegant look by applying this theme. In these colours are changed to grey, white and black which a great combination to see. You can get exciting wallpapers in this as well that have quotes written upon them. The quotes change every day you have a new quote daily.

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Download Thrives Theme for Windows 8 Free

Gray8 New Red Theme

Gray 8 New Red Theme for Windows 8

The Gray8 new red offers a dark theme to windows 8 along with some new features. The black theme is complimented with a red theme that has red accents at different places. Once installed the theme gets the CPU and RAM utilization pointer on the taskbar along with the temperature indicator at the side of these.

The theme comes with assorted wallpapers that compliment it. The theme has its selection of icons with a few missing as well, which makes the window to display a black icon instead.

Download Gray8 New Red Theme Free

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Vanilla Theme

Vanilla Theme for Windows 8 Download

The vanilla theme is going to best suit you if you want to give your computer system an overhaul. The vanilla theme has its motivation from MacOS with many icons copying MacOS theme. In this, the taskbar, menu bar and status bar are changed by the theme. Such a theme with the best combination of wallpapers is best for you.

When you apply this theme, you will feel as you are using a Mac, even the dock placed at the bottom replicates MacOS, but this does not mean you have the same stability as it. Moreover, the entire theme is set upon a white base.

Mild 8 Theme

Mild 8 is another theme that will provide your computer system with an elegant yet exciting look. It gives an overall cute gesture. The theme is able to make changes to icons, some menus where they look different.

Applying a theme does not mean that the entire look is going to change; change is seen around windows explorer, the start menu, the right-click menu that gives your computer system a complete overhaul. Do keep one thing in your mind that once the mild 8 themes have been downloaded and applied it will change a few icons thus at the start you will get confused in finding them but with time you will get used to it.

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Work Theme

Download Work Theme for Windows 8

The theme work was again introduced by neiio. Such a theme will help you increase your productivity along with having a useful yet better workflow. Work gives your computer system an overhaul with dark grey, white and grey theme.

Different tweaks come to the start menu, close, minimize and other buttons. Window icons are more or less the same with a little customization towards the figures. By using the work theme, your window’s small screen will become more prominent. It also offers a simple selection of wallpapers.

Download Work Theme for Windows 8

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Snowy Theme

The snowy theme gives us the feel of old windows seven by the aero style of the theme. The theme comes in with transparent features. It provides a whole new look to windows 8 and 8 but is not unique for the windows history. In this, the wallpapers and icons are not much changed, so do not expect to get any assorted wallpapers in the work theme. Moreover, in this, the processing bar color is changed to yellow, so when you are copying anything do not get confused with the process being paused.

Download Snow/Winter Theme for Windows 8

WhiteDior Visual Style Theme

WhiteDior Windows 8 Theme

White Dior is yet another theme that is going to give your computer system a white and black contrast. A new set of icons are seen in this that makes the look very unique. A few changes are seen in the taskbar giving an eye-catching look.

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The wallpapers offered by the white Dior theme are in contrast with the white look that makes many components of the theme stand out. Once applied the browser will come with a black border there on the bottom that will give your computer system a plush look overall.

Download WhiteDior Visual Style Theme

Minimalistic Theme

Minimal will provide you with the same theme as the name suggests. Before this, there was another theme, so this is the minimal 2.0 theme. The minimal theme makes your computer system look all white even the windows explorer, start menu and other essential components get a white overhaul.

The theme shrinks down the menus and some other components. It hits it a new set of icons that are exclusive to the theme. The theme also offers various wallpapers that give the computer system an overall great yet elegant look.

Download Minimalistic Theme for Windows 8

White Update

White Update Theme for Windows 8 Download

As you have noticed the most of the themes are offering your computer system with a white overhaul, same is the case here the white update theme will again provide you with a white look complemented with blue ascents that makes the theme appear to be more standout and bright.

A white background is seen with the taskbar, and the icons are showcased with a blue layout. Icons come in customized and usually carry their own set of the theme. The icons are embedded in blue along with white space to display the icon. The menus are almost the same and many elements have the same original windows feel even after the theme is applied.

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8 Look Theme

The best designer Carborunda designed the 8 look theme. He is considered as the best theme designer for windows 8 themes. UX style core and Ultra UX theme patcher are supported by eight looks thus making this a widely supported theme. On Windows eight there are different aero-style visuals. The windows have good caption buttons; it even includes a new navigation button and scroll bar. The eight look theme is made up of Gimp 2.8 and PE explorer. The icons in the theme are a bit customized.

Download 8 Look Theme Free

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Ambient Theme

The ambient theme takes all the features of Windows XP and to make it up to date uses the windows 8 charm. In this, the taskbar has the theme of windows XP but in the style of windows 8. It has the same start menu like Windows XP thus making it classic.

Download Ambient Theme Free

Did you know: You can change your Windows theme to a light one by just changing the contrast to “light” and it will remove all the dark elements of the theme.

Which Windows 8 Theme is your favorite?

Today we have shared with you a pretty great and unique collection of the 13 best Windows 8 themes to free download. These themes were handpicked for you, they include HD wallpapers, Icons, and Skin packs. Also, to make life easier, we have added a tutorial on how to change your Windows 8 theme.

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