Top 24 PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes 2022 - Skyhack, Recoil, Money Hack

PUBG is one of the most played games today. It is an action game which is very popular among youngsters. In this article, we are going to guide you regarding the PUBG mobile cheat codes. The cheat codes for PUBG is the only best way to unlock for free the in-application purchases, sky hack, speed hack, wallhack, UC hack and many other. With the help of this, you shall be able to unlock unknown cash for free. The best part is that you do not need to download anything on your device; thus, you are safe.


24 Best PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes for Android/iPhone 2022 – Skyhack, Recoil Script and Unlimited Money Hack

We have for you a list that contains cheats and game hacks for various platforms. The cheats available here are all generic meaning they can work on any platform for PUBG mobile. To be safe, you must always use your specific platform to cheat. Whether you are an Ios user or an android user, you must always use the particular platforms. The best starting point is that you begin with unknown cash first.

PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes List (2022 Updated)

PUBG available cheats are as below:

600 Unknown Cash: cheat code: 9LRELXGHYJN6
180 Unknown Cash: cheat code: VLJUSTX5PA0
60 Unknown Cash: cheat code: NT60SY597K
1500 Unknown Cash: cheat code: JJ2SSHPSHA
3000 Unknown Cash: cheat code: QRKLIELDWLNG
6000 Unknown Cash: cheat code: YKYLANZHEP
pan: cheat code: C01YKJHCDQVC
Unknown item: cheat code: LFJOGJGETUR5

Where these cheat codes will work

The cheats that are mentioned above are generic and can work for all the platforms. However, there are specific cheats for specific platforms as well. You must first try the particular cheats, and if something goes wrong or they do not work correctly then you can try the generic ones. For this you need to utilize the android and iOS section thus if your game is available for windows phone then you need to use other devices list of PUBG mobile cheats.

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PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes for PC and Tablets

600 Unknown Cash – cheat code: 13XJSV27SBF
180 Unknown Cash – cheat code: PXBQTYSMYS
60 Unknown Cash – cheat code: 3P99EBE9G450
1500 Unknown Cash – cheat code: EAFUXRTA463O
3000 Unknown Cash – cheat code: WTPGWS4LQM2
6000 Unknown Cash – cheat code: QK45IG908WKR
pan – cheat code: PSNLFU2df3OD
Unknown item – cheat code: U4OvxVSTCKLU

8 New PUBG Cheat Codes for Android for Wallhack, Aimbot and Unlimited Cash (UC)

600 Unknown Cash – cheat code: JDGIVGDZ6YOD
180 Unknown Cash – cheat code: 8T2AEQTGWJ4J
60 Unknown Cash – cheat code: DSE4PAJIFFKB
1500 Unknown Cash – cheat code: 5F0HZFEFG2O
3000 Unknown Cash – cheat code: NIAGXYDVBNPG
6000 Unknown Cash – cheat code: I727SAQI79BE
pan – cheat code: SDVRVFFWUZ7
Unknown item – cheat code: MJYA10DGBPF

Users go for unknown cash most of the time as it is the first in-app purchase and is the most used cheat for PUBG mobile.

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Why these Cheat Codes are the best and Safe to use – Anti Ban

We bring for you the best cheats and aim to make the best online experience for every player. Let us apply the cheats and enjoy PUBG.  To use the cheats as:

  • You do not need to download anything
  • This does not require any human verification
  • The cheats available are completely online
  • You can choose for free any paid PUBG mobile item
  • You are not asked to modify your mobile in any way
  • It is very safe to use
  • It does not have any bans
  • This is the first-ever utterly online cheat engine
  • The guide is straightforward to use.

How to Hack PUBG Mobile (Aimbot, Wallhack, Skyhack, Cheat Codes)

PUBG Mobile Recoil Script Cheat Code

Almost all the PUBG weapons carry some recoil. You must know how to control or reset it by implementing a little delay between the shots. Thus many users go for downloading scripts or macros that are used to manage the recoil automatically.

In this, all they have to do is press the fire button and do not need to adjust their mouse to account for the recoil, and the script shall do it for them, and every short shall go in accordance to exactly where they want it to be.

This is indeed not an aim hack as it does not lock on to a target. Still, it comes in with a lot of benefits in fights. However, these are very difficult to find and detect as this can be anyone who has mastered that certain weapons recoil.

PUBG Mobile Cheat Code for Speed Hack and Skyhack

The PUBG mobile speed hacks are entertaining to witness and are usually considered as a less damaging option. With the help of this, the player can go from one side to the other side of the map very quickly within seconds, thus giving the player a massive speed increase. By this, you can run around and take down any player you see. The actual use of this is more limited than an aim hack. In this the hacker becomes visible, so this is good only for a few games before they get banned. In the later stages, they make them slip into blue and die unintentionally.

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More Cheat Codes are coming

There are some other PUBG mobile cheats as well. One of the most common is looting with the help of which the player can pick up everything on a loot pile and equip items they require automatically within seconds.

However, this is not that useful as everyone sees it to be as many of the qualified players can do this with the help of the drag looting technique. Some players complain regarding the working lag switches which are designed to make other players lag in the game thus giving the hacker an advantage.

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Specific hacks let the players use flying vehicles to travel at a rapid pace. There is also a fantastic cheat that gives the player extendable arms with the body fully covered, in this the player can easily reach up the sky and shoot. Though, this one seems to disappear in recent times.

How to not get banned while Cheating in PUBG Mobile

If you ever come across a cheater in PUBG, then you always have the big old report button there on the death screen that you can go for. The PUBG Corporation is good at banning hackers, and with the help of this any hacker you report for is not going to be there for any longer. This, however, does not ruin the game you’re playing but may save someone else’s. You must always hit the report button if you come across any cheater.

PUBG also has an anti-cheat system that can detect known hacks and automatically ban the player. The PUBG Corporation keeps it updated with all the known hacks.

How to use Cheat Codes in PUBG Mobile?

  • In the first step, launch PUBG as you usually would.
  • Leave all the settings standards do not change any settings, start a battle royale game.
  • Now, once you have jumped out from the plane and landed do not pick up any weapons and enter the cheat codes above.
  • Congratulations the cheat codes are now activated.

Note: The cheat codes above are only for educational and information purposes.

PUBG 2nd Anniversary Update Cheats

PUBG announced its 2nd Anniversary update to its fans quite recently. This update brings new features and changes including:

  • DBS Shotgun
  • Arctic Mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Death Replay
  • Royale Pass Season 12
  • Amusement Parks

Many players have been asking for PUBG 2nd-anniversary cheat codes. We have created some for you just join the game and type the following:

DBS Shotgun without airdrop – Cheat Code: THXGBCMT77BGX

Arctic Mode Unlimited Health – Cheat Code: ARCTHUJBTXSYUNL

Arcade Mode/Amusement Park Unlimited Tokens – Cheat Code: BGXBFGYSUPLKHS

PUBG Monster Truck – Cheat Code: BLXMONTYSJRUNX

Do let me know in the comments if you are having issues in activating these, will be more than happy to help.

More tutorials:

Do you know any more Cheat Codes?

This is the best list of PUBG mobile cheat codes that you will find on the web. Use them according to your specific platforms and enjoy your game. The cheats codes listed above work on Android and iPhone. They will give you different hacks such as Wallhack, sky hack, speed hack and unlimited cash.

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