Top 4 Best Free IP Address Grabbers - Using Links to Grab IP Addresses
Top 4 Best IP Address Grabbers and Trackers – Free IP Loggers

IP logger is a web service. It is used for logging and collecting statistics for your blog, forum or website. You can collect information on any internet IP address out there that visits your link by using an IP logger. Today we will be sharing the 4 best IP grabbers/loggers to log IP addresses using just a link. We also share how to use an IP grabber and know someone’s IP address.

The traffic IP logging monitors the following things:

  • It is used to monitor the weblogs
  • It is used to monitor the IP address to your network
  • The batch files that are designed by the user can be used to log IP addresses and traffic to and from your network
  • The network monitor is also used to monitor internet traffic coming from the internet

IP logger is a handy and straightforward web service used for IP address logging and for collecting statistics for your forum, website, blog and much more. By using an IP logger you are able to collect information of any users IPv4 address that visits a link generated by using the IP logger code

Now you have to keep one thing in your mind and that such a methodology must not be used for unlawful reasons. You must never any illegal or wrong activity using information that might have been collected by using an IP logger without the written consent from the user under question.


Top 4 Best IP Address Grabbers/Loggers that are FREE and Work

We have listed for you the best websites to grab IP addresses using a short link to some other website. By using these websites the user is able to get information like GPA location data and IP address. You must always filter out the internet boots just like the Facebook bots when you are grabbing the IP address and Location Data.

The internet bot is also known as the web robot performs tasks that are very simple yet are structurally repetitive at a much higher rate that would not be possible for a human alone. When you filter the internet bots, you are able to get a more accurate profile of the real IP addresses that you are grabbing. Some are listed below:

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IP Grabber and URL Shortener

The IP logger URL shortener is used to track the following things:

  • The IP address
  • The GPS location

The IP logger URL shortener is used to provide an IP lookup grabber. It is used to check what are the IP services, informers and counters.

For this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you have to open the link
  • Now choose an option that is the location tracker, URL shortener and invisible image
  • For this guide, we shall use the URL shortener.
  • Now enter a URL and click to get an IP logger code
  • Now copy your IP logger link for collecting statistics (no BB codes)
  • You are asked to remember the IP LOGGER ID. The IP logger is required for accessing logger statistics. You shall need this later to retrieve logged IP addresses.
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Grabify IP Logger

The Grabify is another IP logger that allows you to keep track on who has clicked on your links. You are able to find IPs from the following social media platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Friend on other sites as well

For this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you need to open the link
  • Then you need to enter a link to a webpage into Grabify website
  • Now click on the “Create URL” button
  • Now you can use the button below to change the domain of the link to another domain that is less recognized, or you can even use a custom domain
  • You need to save the tracking code or access the link.
  • This will help you to retrieve IP addresses that have clicked on your Grabify link.

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WhatsThierIP – The best one

You need to follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you need to open the link:
  • Then you need to enter your email address
  • Now click on the “get link” button
  • Then copy one of the URL that is provided by the link.
  • As your friend clicks on anyone the URL’s, you shall receive an email along with their IP address.

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Blasze IP Logger

You need to follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you need to open the link
  • Now you need to enter a new URL or tracking code
  • Then click on the submit button
  • Now you need to copy the tracking link
  • You also need to copy the access code as you shall need to retrieve later logged IP addresses
  • Now enter the access code into the relationship to retrieve the logged IP addresses.

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How to Get Someone’s IP Address using IP Grabber/Logger

Anyone can get your IP address in the following ways:

  • People can get your IP address by borrowing your smart device or computer system. like this, they can find out your IP address by simple to, and it shall pop up there
  • People can get your IP address by clicking into your wireless network if your home network is not secured.
  • Moreover, if you allow any guest to use your system by giving in the password, then he will also know your IP address
  • People can get your IP address through your email; thus today, most of the email providers do not include the IP address of anyone sending the email. However, the small internet service provider who indeed set up their email server might reveal the IP addresses
  • People can get your IP address from web server logs as well. Every time you open a website, you leave your IP address there as it is your digital pass to connect online. Therefore the website can scour their web server computers if they wish to review all the IP addresses. They do this to see the reach of their message or see who is a regular visitor
  • People can also get your IP address from internet forums. Today joining forums and sharing new ideas is becoming very famous and popular, especially in online education. Your handle can identify your voice and opinions; likewise, your IP address can recognize your computer system to the administrator. This is probably how they can ban you on breaking any rules
  • People can get an IP address from blog comments as well. Bloggers write mostly to get the opinion from different followers they tend to have. The blog administrator is not only able to read comments but is also able to uncover our IP address with some necessary keystrokes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can IP grabbers cause damage to a system?

The answer is, no. They are simply used to gather network information and do not alter or cause any harm.

Can the IP reveal the identity of someone who is using the PC?

There is a chance where they may reveal where it is and who may own the service or be paying for it.

How would I know if my IP address is being grabbed?

There are no obvious systems. However, if you keep a log of events you may be able to track down if you ever revealed your information.

Keep an eye out for IP Grabbers!

On this page, we have shared the best IP grabbers to log someone’s IP address and how you can use this to collect information from a PC, forums, and much more. They are online IP grabbers and are entirely free to make your technical world easy.

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